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Diving and Snorkeling Mask Reviews - Diving Mask Accessories

Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Diving and Snorkeling Masks, Diving Mask Accessories. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for diving and snorkeling masks below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: 500psi, Akona, Atomic, Dive Optics, Divegear, Gator, Innovative, Mares, McNett, Ocean Reef, Pinnacle, Poseidon, Scuba., Trident, XS Scuba and more...

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews   Save A Dive Kit

Reviewer: Forest Rothchild on 9/16/2007

Save a dive (and a head ache) - This little box has already be a dive saver for a couple of my buddies. I am Mr. gadget and in my scuba tool box has just about every thing one would need to save a dive. This has mask strap, fin strap, buckles, etc... You cant go wrong, because sooner than later you will need something in this little box. Definitely worth the purchase.

Dive Optics Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks Reviews

Dive Optics Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks Reviews   Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks

Reviewer: Carl C Ibsen on 11/15/2008

Great For Reading Gauges - trident dive optx lenses are just what is needed for accurate reading of submersible gauges, underwater compass, small numbers and settings on our underwater cameras and anything else that one might choose to read, underwater. they are easy to apply and use. i have sets in each of my masks. these lenses are especially helpful for those of us who are a bit older and living with the inevitable changes in vision. i have sets of +1.75 and +2.00, which i interchange depending on what i am doing. how do you the correct strength? the primary issue to consider is the distance that you will be reading the gauge at. the higher the diopter number, the closer you will need to hold the viewed... View Full Review

Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper Reviews

Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper Reviews   Mask Strap Wrapper

Reviewer: George H. on 6/2/2008

No more hair pulling - as a diver with closely cropped hair, ive struggled repeatedly with having my hair caught in the scuba straps! luckily for me, the scuba strap wrapper was included as a free item with my mask, fin, snorkel set. with the scuba strap wrapper, ive since experienced the joys of diving without having to worry about the hair-pulling that follows a dive. but seriously, as a guy w/short hair, the strap has worked wellbut that would not qualify me to speak to the effectiveness of the strap for a person with long hair.

XS Scuba X5 Accessory Hanger Reviews

XS Scuba X5 Accessory Hanger Reviews   X5 Accessory Hanger

Reviewer: Richard Markle on 1/17/2010

Exceptional Product - As a new diver or a veteran diver money is tight and we all want the best bang for the buck, Myself being a new diver I want to spend my money on the right type diving products. I like this product, appears to be of high quality at an unexpensive price. I like the way this hanger is made big and sturdy, you have a place to hang all your equipment for drying, it has a small U shaped additional hanging piece that snaps in place on the upper part of the hanger that faces the opposite direction of the hanger arms for hanging your mask and other small equipment. The only small down fall I see because the hanger is big and sturdy would be difficult to pack away for traveling, but it could be done.

XS Scuba Plastic Protective Mask Box Reviews

XS Scuba Plastic Protective Mask Box Reviews   Plastic Protective Mask Box

Reviewer: Greg S. on 3/20/2013

Great Product - For the price you cant beat this mask box! It fits most mid-sized masks and offers great protection for your mask from all of the other equipment in your gear bag. Also works great for storing other miscellaneous dive gear such as replacement straps, lanyards, etc. The lid is fully removable and offers a good seal from water and the elements. It only comes with a red lid, but I find that this makes it easier to find when you are digging through your gear bag for your mask. I find that when it comes to diving "simple is better" and this is a great simple product at an awesome price. If you are thinking of buying one my suggestion is to get a couple of them as you wont have any problems... View Full Review

Trident Wide-I Magnetic Fog Wiper Reviews

Trident Wide-I Magnetic Fog Wiper Reviews   Wide-I Magnetic Fog Wiper

Reviewer: Namita S. on 9/8/2012

awesome! - I have been having a lot of fogging problems when I dive/snorkel - I bought a defogging solution that works pretty well, but I liked the idea of these magnets! They really do work! I had a few moments when they separated and I was afraid I would lose them, but it worked out fine. Really really nice product if you have fogging issues. I got used to the little dots in the corners and didnt really feel like they affected my visibility. The only this is that I had to buy two pairs since my mask is divided into two windows - but thats an issue with my mask, not the wipers. A little on the pricey side so I might wait to buy any backups (I accept that if I keep using them, I will eventually... View Full Review

500psi 2oz Sport Bottle Mask Defog with Carabiner Reviews

500psi 2oz Sport Bottle Mask Defog with Carabiner Reviews   2oz Sport Bottle Mask Defog with Carabiner

Reviewer: SGM R. on 3/21/2014

Mask Defog-Not bad - I bought this with my order and used it as well as another brand in Guam. This worked well but you have to be careful not to use too much or it just goops up. Pretty much less is better. The other brand was thinner but I didnt see much difference between them. Overall this works pretty well for the price. The size is pretty large so it will last a long time.

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews   Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: Steven P. on 2/26/2014

Great mask bag - This is a generously sized mask bag so I am sure even the biggest mask will fit. The velcro closure was very well made and rugged. Never once did it come open unintentionally. Everyone aboard our boat loved the side pocket because everyone knew that is where they could find the defog solution. (No more looking around !)

500psi Mask Defog Reviews

500psi Mask Defog Reviews   Mask Defog

Reviewer: George H. on 6/2/2008

great stuffso worth it! - Ive had problems with my mask fogging in the past, but each time I applied the defogger before a dive, its worked perfectly. The defogger definitely works better than the stuff they use on some dive boats (watered-down baby shampoo), which only manage to hold off the fog briefly. For anyone who has problems with his mask fogging during a dive, I highly recommend the 500psi Mask Defog.

Innovative Save-A-Dive Kit with Quick Release Fin Strap Reviews

Innovative Save-A-Dive Kit with Quick Release Fin Strap Reviews   Save-A-Dive Kit with Quick Release Fin Strap

Reviewer: Nicholas D. on 8/5/2013

Save a dive kit - This kit is amazing! A couple weeks after I bought it I took my advanced open water corse and just before the underwater nav dive I lost my fin strap buckle. I was able to grab this kits fin strap and put it on and get back into the water in less than 5 minutes. On the next day of my advanced open water I needed to secure something to my BCD so I grabbed one of the zip ties and put it on. Great save a dive kit and highly recommended.

Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews   Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: Nancy H. on 12/25/2012

Perfect for my mask! - My mask is getting older and Ive been lucky that it hasnt shattered or gotten scratched. But I saw this deal and grabbed this case while I could for the extra protection. It has some padding, but not a lot. NOTE: It will protect it more from scratches than shattering. But the added plus in this case was it came with a small bottle of lens clear... and the case has a little pocket on the side that fits the bottle perfectly. The price was great for the product, and well worth it. even if I ever stop diving, itll be great to toss the snow goggles in too. So you can use it for more than your scuba gear.

Trident Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks Reviews

Trident Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks Reviews   Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks

Reviewer: Elizabeth A P. on 4/7/2014

Pleasant surprise - I ordered the lenses for a recent dive trip and following suggestions in others comments followed the directions for applying them meticulously. They worked just fine. Had 14 dives and never had to readjust the lenses.

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