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Trident Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks Reviews

Trident Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks Reviews Stick-On Optical Lens for Masks

Reviewer: Rene C. on 12/8/2014

Tricky Sticky - The problem with the Trident Stick-On Optical Lens is that if you dont get it right the first time, the "sticking" power of the material decreases exponentially. Warm up the mask glass face plate under hot water (as hot as you can tolerate), then flick off the excess water (as much as you can flick off, leaving only the surface of the glass humid). Place the lens and set it in place. Don’t play around with it. Leave it to set. Leave it alone. This has worked for me. Don’t expect to get the equivalent of a prescription lens. The “stick-on” is not permanent and will eventually get loose, much sooner than later than you expect. This product should be placed in your “save a dive” Kit...View Full Review

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews Ultra Clear Subframe Mask

Reviewer: Laura H. on 2/8/2015

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Review - $114.50 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I have purchased a lot of masks, hoping for the ultimate snorkeling experience without the frustration practically drowning while I fix the fit, fog, hair, etc. For my small oval head the size small is an excellent mask. Great quality, super clear glass, good visibility. The material that creates the seal in the face is ample, flexible, and soft. It appears that it will stand the test of time. I just wish the the snorkel that comes with it would also have a small mouth piece. Something about the sun, salt water, and seafood diet while vacationing does a number in my lips and it would be better if my lips didnt need to stretch so far over the mouthpiece to snorkel.

TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews

TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews Liberator One Mask

Reviewer: Michael E. on 9/23/2014

Good Mask - I am a professional scientific diver and I purchased this prescription mask because of the +1 optics for each eye. I have about 12 hours dive time on it so far and I am able to view my gauges and compass and can read and write well underwater with it. It fits me very well and seems to be of fair quality. This is a low volume mask and many of these seem to have a tendency to hurt at that point on your forehead (between the eyes) where the mask pushes against at depth. I have not yet experienced this with the Tusa Liberator One, though my depths have been less than 60 so far. Overall a good purchase and a mask I would recommend for those seeking a prescription mask. I give it four stars as I...View Full Review

OctoMask Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews

OctoMask Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras

Reviewer: michael l. on 6/4/2014

OctoMask Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras Review - $79.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Mask fits great. I end up waring this mask instead of my regular mask because its really comfortable and doesnt leak. I dont even notice when the camera is attached. fix it on and forget it. ***Camera tip*** if youre filming and not moving you will be filming bubbles... if you tilt your face slightly down they go by the side of the camera. ALSO, when you mount the camera, keep it level with the glass. avoid the temptation to tilt it down. you will get nothing but bottom pictures.

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews Alpha 2 Mask

Reviewer: Christine O´Byrne on 11/11/2012

Great mask for a guy with glasses and a moustache! - I wanted to find the perfect mask for my husband, who has a strong lens prescription and also has a moustache. It took a while, but after reading the other reviews about this mask, it was the one I decided to try. I ordered the purge valve version, which only comes with the clear mask, because thats what the guys with moustaches were liking. My husband had never snorkeled before and I wanted him to have a positive experience. This mask did the job perfect! My husband even commented that he could see better with the masks prescription lenses than with his glasses, and joked that he would wear the mask to do his computer work. No leaking to speak of, and if there is a little then the...View Full Review

H2O Alpha 2 Purge Mask Reviews

H2O Alpha 2 Purge Mask Reviews Alpha 2 Purge Mask

Reviewer: Marcus Barnes on 10/11/2014

H2O Alpha 2 Purge Mask Review - $59.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Ive been diving for over 20 years. Ive gone through probably 25 masks or so and always end up going back to the H20 Alpha 2 Purge Mask. This mask fits the best and leaks the least of any mask Ive every tried. I prefer the purge version. I find the purge handy during dive classes as I am able to easily and quickly clear the mask while task loaded. After 20 years of trying, Ive given up on other masks and now exclusively dive the H20 Alpha 2 Purge. It gets my top recommendation.

XS Scuba Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask Reviews

XS Scuba Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask Reviews Bifocal Gauge Reader 2 Mask

Reviewer: Scott Thrasher on 5/23/2014

Great mask at a great price - I considered using the glue-in readers but after hearing issues other divers have had I decided to go with this mask. The mask fits great, the readers are larger than the glue-in kind and the angled bottom makes checking gauges or camera settings a breeze. Another advantage is the price. I was due for a new mask and this was similar or even less expensive than some of my other choices without the readers.

Sherwood Oracle+ Optical Diving Mask Reviews

Sherwood Oracle+ Optical Diving Mask Reviews Oracle+ Optical Diving Mask

Reviewer: Terry Forrey on 11/10/2014

Sherwood Oracle+ Optical Diving Mask Review - $90.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The mask fits well and is comfortable…. However, the optical lenses are to far apart and to low to see out of. If you close one eye, lift your head up and look down you can use one of the lenses. Kind of pointless!

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