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Liquid Image HD Wide Angle Video Mask with 12.0MP / 1080P Digital Underwater Camera Reviews

Liquid Image HD Wide Angle Video Mask with 12.0MP / 1080P Digital Underwater Camera Reviews   HD Wide Angle Video Mask with 12.0MP / 1080P Digital Underwater Camera

Reviewer: Wendell Sharp on 4/13/2012

Liquid Image 1080 video/ 12 megapixel mask - I purchased a Liquid Image mask that takes 12MP pictures and 1080 video, to take on vacation. I made 3 different saltwater dives at 30-40 feet using it. It is pretty impressive! There is a toggle switch at the top right for switching between video and still pictures. There are 2 choices of video quality. Lights appear in your peripheral vision, red for still pictures, green for moderate quality video, and blue for 1080 video. After each dive, just remove the micro SD card, put it into an SD adapter, and pop it into a computer. Ive received numerous comments about how clear the images and video are. There was no water leakage through the seals. The lens is tinted glass, and the surrounding... View Full Review

Sea View Seamaster 600 Underwater Camera System Reviews

Sea View Seamaster 600 Underwater Camera System Reviews   Seamaster 600 Underwater Camera System

Reviewer: Richard Adam Kudlak on 11/1/2013

Seamaster 600 camera - A good versatile camera. Like the automatic lighting system for low light. Image quality is decent. Like the fact it can be run with dc and ac power. Looking forward to exploring the Arctic Ocean with the camera. Con: older wire jacks, no dvr.

Trident Water resistant Camcorder Case Reviews

Trident Water resistant Camcorder Case Reviews   Water resistant Camcorder Case

Reviewer: John Sutherland on 9/20/2006

Used on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. - before going in the water to snorkel using the trident waterproof case for my sony trv-350 camcorder, one of the crew hands told me she was concerned since she had seen other expensive cases leak and damage the camcorders. the trident waterproof case worked perfect, the picture was clear, the sounds picked up through the case were great and not a of water entered the bag.

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