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XS Scuba Pony Bottle Gauge Reviews

XS Scuba Pony Bottle Gauge Reviews   Pony Bottle Gauge

Reviewer: Barry S. on 11/4/2013

used as a back-up gauge for my hoseless computer - Recently my hoseless computer went awry during a shallow (under 60 foot) dive and my dive partner and I didnt want to abort the dive at that time. We stayed close to one another and we monitored his pressure gauge for when it was time to surface. I decided that I wanted a "very tiny" pressure gauge to be used as a backup gauge to my hoseless system. We all I can say is that this gauge is tiny and works exactly as I wanted. I tied off this hp hose with the gauge screwed right onto the end to my lp hose used for my airsource 3 combo inflater/octo system. Now - in case my hoseless ever goes awry on me again, I have a backup pressure gauge that is so discrete you wouldnt even know it... View Full Review

Oceanic SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator Reviews

Oceanic SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator Reviews   SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator

Reviewer: Guillermo Roehrs on 8/18/2007

The best but not perfect. - Love the product, great looks, very slender. Needs more protection for the glass (or plexiglass) from being scratched like a mini wall around the glass, also in the event that any of the three info devices gets scratched how do I fix it? Once it gets a small scratch it will be very unfortunate. Picture a beautiful Ferrari in sunny California with a big dent on it! Ouch. How about a strong protector for the compass? I have the other gauges against me so they should be OK. Thanks for asking.

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews   Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge

Reviewer: Burton Pittler on 3/6/2012

A quality pony bottle pressure guage that wont fit my needs - I am delighted with my SpareAir & after dive jacket that I purchased from you. However when I opened the pony bottle pressure guage, I found out that it will need an special adapter to work on my pony bottle regulator, which was made by Healthhways, but still works well. The problem is, that the pony bottle quage has a new standard high pressure port fitting & the Healthways 1st stage regulator has a high pressure port, but the size of the port is for a low pressur hose. I wanted to replace the Scubapro pressure guage, with a low pressure fitting that is attached to the high pressure port, but I am precluded from doing that with the new guage, unless I can find an adapter with a low... View Full Review

Sherwood 3 Gauge Navcon with Compass and Max Depth Indicator Reviews

Sherwood 3 Gauge Navcon with Compass and Max Depth Indicator Reviews   3 Gauge Navcon with Compass and Max Depth Indicator

Reviewer: Abigail G. on 6/26/2007

Sherwood 3 Gauge - Works great! Got a few compliments on it during my recent dive trip. Easy to manipulate underwater.

TUSA Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console Reviews

TUSA Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console Reviews   Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console

Reviewer: Al V. on 1/31/2014

Good Quality in an inexpensive package - I was a little surprised by the quality of the console. At this price I was ready to accept a little flimsiness or corners cut to keep the cost down. The gauges are easy to read (Im nearsighted) and the console seems pretty bulletproof. Its really slim and easy to keep tucked away and streamlined. Looks good, too, if you care about that sort of thing.

Highland Gauge Adaptor for Spare Air Reviews

Highland Gauge Adaptor for Spare Air Reviews   Gauge Adaptor for Spare Air

Reviewer: Michael K. on 8/2/2013

not the best fit - I bought 2 of these for the Spare Air. They fit alright, but they are lose and I had to install tape on the threads (which isnt the best solution) to make it work. This defeats the purpose of the installed Oring that comes with it. The fitting will leak excessively unless you install tape to make up for the looseness of it (even though I tightened it down as much as possible).

XS Scuba Tank Pressure Checker Reviews

XS Scuba Tank Pressure Checker Reviews   Tank Pressure Checker

Reviewer: Alice D. on 7/14/2007

Tank Pressure gauge - This is a great item to own if you have your own tanks. It lets you check the pressure without having to hook up the regulator. Wish I had had this last season.

Mares Mission 3 Gauge Reviews

Mares Mission 3 Gauge Reviews   Mission 3 Gauge

Reviewer: Martial G. on 6/23/2012

Mission 3 Gauges - When I initially took the guages out of the box I thought the dials where a little small but once in the water no problems. I dive in fresh water lakes and they tend to be darker and have very loose bottoms. The Mares Mission 3 gauges where very easy to read even in these conditions and being compact they tend to not get in the way. Also this is a great features when packing them in your gear bag. Great job Mares. I would recommend these guages any day of the week.

Sherwood Depth Gauge with Max Depth Indicator. Reviews

Sherwood Depth Gauge with Max Depth Indicator. Reviews   Depth Gauge with Max Depth Indicator.

Reviewer: Eric F. on 9/14/2013

Great depth assurance - This is a great depth gauge. My wife, son, and I all wear them for ease of reading depth and for a double check for our computer readings. Having been a diver before computers were commonplace, I enjoy the comfort of having a trustworthy depth gauge with me.

Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air Reviews

Submersible Systems Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air Reviews   Mini Pressure Gauge For Spare Air

Reviewer: william s. on 7/11/2013

spare aire mini pressure gauge - The pressure gauge is a great addition to the spare air unit.It lets you know precisely know how much air is in the unit and makes filling easier. If your gonna use a Spare Air this is a must!

Oceanic 3 Gauge SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator and Compass Reviews

Oceanic 3 Gauge SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator and Compass Reviews   3 Gauge SWIV Console with Max Depth Indicator and Compass

Reviewer: Thomas B. on 3/19/2012

Good, but not great - I had thought this would be a good backup to my wireless pressure gauge, and I also needed a compass for a certification course. The price was excellent, but I could have been happier with the console. The pressure gauge was somewhat difficult for my 50-yr-old eyes to easily read, the compass had a large gap between numbering on the dial and the red line, and the depth gauge read 5 ft too deep (as compared with my dive computer and three other divers gauges). However my spouse does not trust her wireless gauge, and she is happy to have this instead.

Oceanic Depth Gauge Module Reviews

Oceanic Depth Gauge Module Reviews   Depth Gauge Module

Reviewer: John Cantwell on 6/14/2013

gage - Works great, a good back up after your oceanic veo 180 NX floods. Fixs easily into swiv boot, must take out computer ring first.

XS Scuba Pressure Gauge Reviews

XS Scuba Pressure Gauge Reviews   Pressure Gauge

Reviewer: Erik H. on 11/5/2013

Nice pressure gauge - Works fine. Seems a little flimsy but all these new ones do.

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