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Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle Reviews

Innovative Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle Reviews Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap And Whistle

Reviewer: Holly M.

Vest recommended! - first of all a few things about me: i like good equipment, i research to find the best of quality and cost (without skimping), i am in my 40s, in good shape but could loose a few ), and im a water baby. so.... i went to several dive shops and looked extensively online for a snorkeling vest. this vest is one of the best i was able to find in craftsmanship, material, and cost. the material is soft and very sturdy with durable stitching and sealing. the neck area is open and comfortable. i found the shape of the neck opening much more comfortable than other snorkeling vests ive worn. nothing rubbed by body or arms. the vest is light weight so if youre packing for a plane ride its all...View Full Review

Zeagle Zip Mount Adaptor Reviews

Zeagle Zip Mount Adaptor Reviews Zip Mount Adaptor

Reviewer: Robert Riddle

Great mounting system! - I only recently discovered the Zip-Mount system. For some reason it is rarely publicized. The salesmen at our local Zeagle dealer had never even heard of it. Ive bought a pair of 3cf SpareAirs for my buddy and myself and wed never found a satisfactory way of mounting them. Putting them on the front of the BC leaves them constantly in the way. And putting mounts on the BC tank band causes problems with the tank mounts on most dive boats. Dry runs showed us that getting the SpareAirs out of and back into mounts on the tank straps was extremely difficult. The ZipMount SpareAir sleeve puts the unit more on the side. It is out of the way but does not interfere with boat tank...View Full Review

XS Scuba Airwave Plus Inline Octo Reviews

XS Scuba Airwave Plus Inline Octo Reviews Airwave Plus Inline Octo

Reviewer: Dan G.

good buy - great item to add your list. it reduces a lot of clutter because your octo stays right with your inflater hose instead of dragging on the bottom and it is one less hose to worry about. you figure with the amount of equipment you have to dive with anything you can eliminate is a plus.

Scuba Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap Reviews Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap

Reviewer: Mary Whitten

Review of Snorkel Vest - Works great. I am a great swimmer, however threading water and swimming around to look at fish etc. consumes energy when snorkeling. Just a little air in this vest makes all of the difference. More relaxing and enjoyable when snorkeling for sure. If you want to stay on the surface mostly this is the gear. If you want to dive down then you would need to let the air out.

Innovative Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest Reviews

Innovative Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest Reviews Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest

Reviewer: Michael S.

Snorkelling Confidence Restored - We just came back from Roatan where I tried this vest for the first time. Im extremely happy with it! ! I love snorkeling but Im not a strong swimmer and had a bad experience snorkeling in choppy waters a couple of years ago. This vest allowed me to stand up in deeper water when I needed to make adjustments to my mask and snorkel. Also,when snorkeling I feel more confident with the extra buoyancy the blow up feature gives. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does ride up a bit, but its a small price to pay for the benefits. My husband got an extra large, and I got a large. Sizing is fine for us. Jean S. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

XS Scuba BC Washout Hose Reviews

XS Scuba BC Washout Hose Reviews BC Washout Hose

Reviewer: Ron D.

Very handy, time saving, tool to have - I travel for almost all of my diving and Im fairly OCD about rinsing my gear after each dive. But when I get home I give everything one last good rinsing & dry before storing it until my next trip. I tend to spend extra time making sure I have all the salt and other contaminants rinsed out of my BCDs bladder. The washout hose from XS Scuba saves me a lot of time doing this. Its simple to attach to a garden hose and goes right on the inflator of my BCD. Be sure to have the water turned off until youve attached the house to your BCD or water will spray out of the washout hose. My perferred method is to attach the washout hose to my BCD, put a 1/2 cap full of BCD wash in the house,...View Full Review

Zeagle Sport Utility Pocket Reviews

Zeagle Sport Utility Pocket Reviews Sport Utility Pocket

Reviewer: Patrick J.

A good pocket for a pocketless b.c. - If you have a BC without a pocket but need one for a camera, light or other equipment. this one works. I use it on my lite hawk waist strap. It is big enough and has a clip inside of it for attaching a line. The downside to it is that the two zippers on top of it need a pull string for easier access. All in all it is a good pocket.

Genesis Sidekick Octo Reviews

Genesis Sidekick Octo Reviews Sidekick Octo

Reviewer: John P.

Great, but..... - I love having one less hose, but because my bcd is an extra large the hose is no where long enough. I have replaced it with a longer, yellow one. It would be nice to be given hose length choices, as well as the option for yellow hose.

Mares Alt Air Control Integrated Octo Reviews

Mares Alt Air Control Integrated Octo Reviews Alt Air Control Integrated Octo

Reviewer: William H. Lawler

Air Control streamlines my setup - I bought my wife and myself Air Controls for out new Mares BCs a few years ago to streamline our setup. The inflator function failed on mine in Bonaire last Christmas after four years, so I bought an open box model here to put on my new BC and keep my old Air Control for parts if necessary. Taking it to Nassau new week to see how it works out.

Zeagle Stiletto Bladder Reviews

Zeagle Stiletto Bladder Reviews Stiletto Bladder

Reviewer: Erik G.

Zeagle Stiletto Bladder Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Wanted a bladder for my Zeagle Tech BC that was better suited/more manageable for single tank diving. This fit my harness perfectly and performed great, which is what Ive come to expect from Zeagle products. A lot less drag from the big 65 lb lift wing that came standard. Highly recommended if your looking to make your kit more modular based on dive needs!

Atomic SS1 Octo Reviews

Atomic SS1 Octo Reviews SS1 Octo

Reviewer: Donald Dutcher

Atomic SS1 Titanium Octo - Outstanding Reg - I bought this because I needed an alternate air source for my travel rig. What I liked most was the fact that the regulator was removeable and using attachments you can change it to a different BC without having to cut the bands off every time. Also that you can remove it for travel. I did 7 dives in the Caymans with this reg as my octo. At times during the dives, I intentionally switched over to it and it performed flowlessly. It breaths as good as the name brand regs I have used and it cleared easily, even at 105 feet. Although I have not yet tried it in cold water, I have no dought it will work fine. BOTTOM LINE - this is the best alternate reg ive used. This is my first...View Full Review

IST Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews

IST Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews Double Hose Retainer Clip

Reviewer: Billy M.

These clips are great. - when we boat dive, its far easier to clip our bcs off to a floating line in the water, put on our drysuits, mask, and fins on deck, and then finish suiting up in the water. one problem that arises sometimes is that regulator hoses, computer hoses, or drysuit inflator hoses can end up tucked in behind your back or under your cumberbund. i put one clip on a d-ring on the lower part of each of my bc straps (two clips total), and clip all of the hoses to the d-rings before i begin donning the bc. inflator hose and computer hose on left, main regulator and safe-second regulator hoses on the right. now all of the hoses are kept in line with the bc straps while i fasten the cumberbund and the...View Full Review

Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2 Reviews

Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2 Reviews Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2

Reviewer: Rastam H.

Loud! and Clear! - Bought the Type I to be used with my Apeks WTX-D18. The Apeks inflator hose is a bit big so the horn fits a bit snug. However, its still easy to use. Just unlock and press. Works the same both underwater and above. Be careful where you point this, as it is really loud above water. Definitely lift your inflator hose above your head before you press it.

XS Scuba Mesh Pocket with Zipper Reviews

XS Scuba Mesh Pocket with Zipper Reviews Mesh Pocket with Zipper

Reviewer: Ryan R.

XS Scuba Mesh Pocket with Zipper Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - There is no "Interior D-ring" for securing items, its just a plain mesh bag for putting your stuff in.

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews Trim Weight Tank Pouch

Reviewer: Keven Acosta

Nice - Heres the deal. if you dive alot and in differant waters (warm to cold) this is a cool product. when going from a 3mm to a 7mm this can be a big help. add your wt. to the trim pouch and keep it in your dive bag, when you switch to 7mm add your trim pouch and after your bouancy check, your off. Also good for divers that need just a little help keeping their upper body down

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