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Trident TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Reviews

Trident TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Reviews TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Reviewer: Paula Dannels

So Cool - I bought this bottle for my husband. He has been my dive buddy for 7 years now, so he is still collecting the toys. He loved it. It was spot on! It really does look like a pony bottle, and it keeps his water cool for a long time. its also a conversation piece that draws other divers to him when he is on dry land far from the water.

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem

Reviewer: tracy m.

Chrome Scuba Flag - great product - durable, looks great. much better than a decali have a nice new car, and the chrome dive flag looks like it could have been installed by the factory! a nice way to display your passion without looking cheap.

IST 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet Reviews

IST 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet Reviews 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet

Reviewer: Dale Edwards

Exactly what I expected - This product was exactly as I had expected. It is a quality piece and the shipping was prompt. Ive ordered a few thousand dollars worth of products from scuba.com and have yet to be dissappointed. You are a great and very convenient source of supply.

Trident Shower Curtain Reviews

Trident Shower Curtain Reviews Shower Curtain

Reviewer: David C.

Shower Curtain - Thin. Thats about all I can say. Very thin. Good looking print. Very thin. Using it as a outer curtin.

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