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Shark Shield Freedom 7 Reviews

Shark Shield Freedom 7 Reviews Freedom 7

Reviewer: Patrick W.

Shark Shield Freedom 7 Review - $649.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I was surprised at the size of the freedom 7 when I unpackaged it and was concerned about how the meter long tail would perform in the kelp beds of Southern California. However, I was pleasantly surprised after my first spearfishing session with it. It didnt get wrapped up in the kelp one bit. The tail has some rigidity to it. It wrapped up in my float line once or twice but it was not a huge deal. The ankle strap is very comfortable over a wetsuit and I barely noticed the main unit. Im sure it may be more noticeable when skinning it in warmer water. Occasionally, the tail of the unit touched my leg or back and would send a jolt of electricity to that muscle group. Its not painful, just...View Full Review

Scuba Remote Controlled Flying Shark Reviews

Scuba Remote Controlled Flying Shark Reviews Remote Controlled Flying Shark

Reviewer: David Seligsohn

Flying Shark - the hit of the show! - We brought the Flying Shark to a trade show and flew it in the Expo hall during key times throughout the two day event. We were the hit of the event, drawing people to our booth from all over the huge hotel ballroom to see what the flying shark was all about! Our company name - Bluewater - fit well as did our ocean/beach-themed booth design - it was easy to control, fun and engaging. AND brought us business! So we bought 5 more for the next conferences and we wont travel without it!

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain

Reviewer: Al V.

Fun way to store your O-Rings - Its cute and always gets a laugh at the dive site. Probably because the red tank matches the colour of my multi-tool. Im not exactly fashion-conscious - none of my gear matches in colour or brand. It would be good if the kit included a hose o-ring or two as well as the tank rings, but it doesnt. Not as if they cost a whole lot to add. Theres plenty of room for a lifetime of O-rings. Havent used it as a key chain - it lives in my save-the-dive box but I know at least one diver who has used hers for her car keys for a long time.

Trident TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Reviews

Trident TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Reviews TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Reviewer: Vance A. B.

Trident TankH20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review - $24.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - A fun and trendy little water bottle. Colleagues all ask what it is sitting on my desk at work. Ive embellished it a little to make it Nitrox ready and have my EAN percentage and MOD shown. Ive also affixed viz inspection stickers! Fun!

H2O Torid Pulse Reviews

H2O Torid Pulse Reviews Torid Pulse

Reviewer: Rachel Shidler

H2O Torid Pulse, The Most fun youll have diving!!! - I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was by far the BEST gift Ive given him yet. We took it out for a spin for the first time this month and absolutely LOVE IT!!! It is the most fun youll have on your dive. It doesnt use much air at all so we played with it througout the dive. The best was on our safety stop. I cant wait to get one for myself so we can battle it out :-) You wont regret this purchase.

Innovative Silverdescent Necklace Reviews

Innovative Silverdescent Necklace Reviews Silverdescent Necklace

Reviewer: pat m.

Innovative Silverdescent Necklace Review - $29.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The quality of the scuba figure was offset by the cheapness of the chain. The chain had the appearance of the one my navy dog tags were on but of lesser quality.

Trident Shell Waterproof Case  Fits Samsung Galaxy Note II Reviews

Trident Shell Waterproof Case Fits Samsung Galaxy Note II Reviews Shell Waterproof Case  Fits Samsung Galaxy Note II

Reviewer: Kenneth E.

Phone Case - At first glance the case fits my phone well. It was indeed waterproof...at least to the bottom of the pool. My only complaint is that you cannot see the screen in sunlight due to the thickness of the rubbery material of the case on the phone screen. My reason for getting the case was to protect my phone around the pool, but you just cannot read it.

Trident Lithium Long Lasting 9 Volt Battery Reviews

Trident Lithium Long Lasting 9 Volt Battery Reviews Lithium Long Lasting 9 Volt Battery

Reviewer: James Moore

Lithium Rules! - The manufacturer is Ultralife Batteries Inc. The part with the "10 year" life was delivered as "best used before 2015" but new in original sealed bag. Voltage upon opening the bag was 9.925v as measured by a Fluke 189 multimeter. Life testing has not begun yet but the $9 price is competitive with other lithium batteries Ive seen. The package shows discharge curves comparing the Ultralife to an alkaline battery at 30 ma drain to 7.5 volts, 31 hrs vs. 7 for the alkaline. There is furious development going on in lithium cells, including rechargeable technologies (THIS BATTERY IS NOT RECHARGEABLE). Energy density is far superior to NiCd and NiMH and there is said to be no "training effect" as...View Full Review

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem

Reviewer: tracy m.

Chrome Scuba Flag - great product - durable, looks great. much better than a decali have a nice new car, and the chrome dive flag looks like it could have been installed by the factory! a nice way to display your passion without looking cheap.

IST 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet Reviews

IST 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet Reviews 18´´ Brass Hard Hat / Dive Helmet

Reviewer: Dale Edwards

Exactly what I expected - This product was exactly as I had expected. It is a quality piece and the shipping was prompt. Ive ordered a few thousand dollars worth of products from scuba.com and have yet to be dissappointed. You are a great and very convenient source of supply.

Scuba Polar Fleece Blanket Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece Blanket Reviews Polar Fleece Blanket

Reviewer: Donnie Gatling

Donnie G - I like this blanket it is nice I use it to take the chill off when I am relaxing in my chair at home, dont want to get it dirty.

Scubamax Dive Flag Reviews

Scubamax Dive Flag Reviews Dive Flag

Reviewer: Jonathan K.

Scubamax Dive Flag Review - $4.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Great flag for your float.

IST Diver´s Holster Reviews

IST Diver´s Holster Reviews Diver´s Holster

Reviewer: James W.

Extra "Pockets"! - This product works GREAT! Its easy to put on, easy to take off and the two thigh pockets are big, enough and easy enought to use, to hold a spare mask, reel, slate, light or just about any other relatively small piece of gear that there just doesnt seem to be a place for. Ive shown it to several dive buddies and we basically all just go "Why didnt I think of this??". Great product at a decent price. The only question is longivity but that will be answered this dive season!

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