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XS Scuba Goby Dry Kids Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Goby Dry Kids Snorkel Reviews   Goby Dry Kids Snorkel

Reviewer: Lynne M. on 8/20/2008

8 year old LOVED this SNORKEL - These dry snorkels really are great for kids and adults as well. My daughter tried using a regular snorkel when she was 6 and again at 7 and just had a hard time remembering to save some air to blow the water out of it after surfacing. This dry snorkel really allows children to go under the water and coming up effortlessly to get another breath. We bought one for our daughter last year, but wanted another one to match her mask with purge that we bought this year. All of Scuba.coms products are great and their customer service is exceptional!

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews   Fusion Scuba Jr

Reviewer: Irven K. on 7/30/2007

Fits small faces! - Was having problems finding masks that fit the small faces of my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter. Bought this mask and another, problem solved. They use them to swim in our backyard pool so can vouch for how well they work for actual scuba diving but for our purposes they are great.

IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins Reviews

IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins Reviews   Sea Diver Snorkel Fins

Reviewer: myreen a. on 6/28/2007

the best fins ever!! - These light weight fins are flexible and glide you through the water. I have used this type of rubber foot fin since I discovered the joys of snorkelling 20 years ago and keep trying other types to allow me to wear swim shoes under (these are good for barefoot only) and always come back to this type of fin as my main fin to use in summer when I dont need a bootie or swim shoe or sock to keep my feet warm. this pair was for my daughter who is 10. I highly recommend this fin for anyone who swims in water that is warm enough to allow you to not have to wear a bootie or swim shoe under and conditions that dont require walking on shore to cut across barriers etc. !!!

Finis Kids Finz Reviews

Finis Kids Finz Reviews   Kids Finz

Reviewer: Tab Bonidy on 8/24/2009

Good fin for little ones - These fins worked alright for the smaller grandchildren, up to age 8. They were too small on the 10 year old. The Velcro is okay, but not the best for holding a fit. Our granddaughter lost one, so if they floated slightly, it would be better. They are inexpensive, so you get what you pay for and they certainly did the job for their first experience.

Finis Mermaids Swim Fin Reviews

Finis Mermaids Swim Fin Reviews   Mermaids Swim Fin

Reviewer: Sue H. on 10/1/2008

Mermaid Fins - They measured up to my expectations. My grandchildren are having fun with them. They live in Arizona so they will get to use them at least from May to October. sue

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