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Pinnacle Inferno V-skin Trilaminate Merino Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle Inferno V-skin Trilaminate Merino Wetsuit Reviews Inferno V-skin Trilaminate Merino Wetsuit

Reviewer: zong-guang s h.

Great active sport suit. - Similar in function to the Lavacore Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm I also tried out, but this has wool in it in. Makes a difference? I cant really tell, but its in there. The biggest difference is that theres no zipper in the front or back. The only zipper is behind the neck for attaching the optional hood or neck collar. (Mine came with the neck collar) This suit is like a giant balloon, and you climb in though the neck! This is a much stretchy than the Lavacore and fits better. After you stick your legs in, the arms go in and finally, the suit wraps around the shoulders for a complete burrito wrap feeling. Very inventive. Works well and at 75+F can probably last for hours in the...View Full Review

Waterproof 3.5mm W3 Wetsuit Reviews

Waterproof 3.5mm W3 Wetsuit Reviews 3.5mm W3 Wetsuit

Reviewer: Michael Lindsey

Waterproof is Quality!!!!!!! - im a first time purchaser of the waterproof brand, i own many other very good brands of wetsuits for different conditions. i shopped for this wetsuit while planning a march trip to cayman brac where temperatures are generally warm, high 70s to low 80s. after the winter here in the us it seemed cold everywhere!!!! so, im shopping for a better quality 3+ mil suit, so i found the 3.5 mil waterproof w3 suit. i had a tough time with the sizing, do a ggod job with their size chart and get some help to do your measurements!!! i am 61, 215 weight, i ed the xl got it here and it was too short in the inseam and very tight in the forearm area, so i returned to original vendor, tried to reorder the...View Full Review

Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Philipp .

Pinnacle 3mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Basically Im happy with the suit. I should have a large tall which was not available on the net to order so I ordered a normal tall which is a tick to short. But because it is so stretchy I didnt have problems to fit. Getting in however, especially on legs and arms is the hard part. Having underwear like rash guard or similar (panty hose if you fancy) certainly helps. On the legs, the rubber was grabbing on my foot so firmly that eventually a glued edge/seam burst/teared open. Thats why I give a 4. I sewed and glued it and now it is fine. Once in the water, there was no obstacle and the fact that it is very tight on ankle, wrist and neck keeps you warm. I would buy it again,...View Full Review

LavaCore by Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm Front-Zip Dive Wetsuit Reviews

LavaCore by Oceanic Trilaminate Polytherm Front-Zip Dive Wetsuit Reviews Trilaminate Polytherm Front-Zip Dive Wetsuit

Reviewer: R P.

Lavacore Experience - I recently purchased a LavaCore wetsuit, based solely on what I had read, for my trip to Thailand. I was not disappointed! It performed very well under the demanding conditions of a live-aboard. It kept me warm and dried quickly in between dives on a wet dive deck with only a sea breeze. We were doing 4 dives per day including night dives and dawn dives. It was lightweight to pack and cushioned my other gear during the 30+ hours of transit through 5 different airports and 3 different countries on 4 different airplanes. My only "negative comment" was that it fit so well, I had some difficulty taking it off in between dives without assistance, on the front zip model. I am looking...View Full Review

ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer Wetsuit Reviews

ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer Wetsuit Reviews 0.5mm Profile Steamer Wetsuit

Reviewer: michelle oflynn

ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer Wetsuit for 2014 Review - $131.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The ScubaPro 0.5 mm Profile Steamer wetsuit is a perfect addition for divers in warm water climates. It weighs little in that precious baggage limit and take little space. I prefer this to a rashie or a shortie wetsuit for protection from marine stings and the odd bump or scrape in tight swim throughs when there is a bit of current. It fits like a glove but for me there is a weirdness with the seam that runs around the upper arm that is not evident anywhere else on the suit. However, once wet it presented no restriction to movement or comfort. I am 56" tall so did not use the thumb stirrups at all but I did use the stirrups under the feet before donning my booties. I am not sure if...View Full Review

Bare 3mm Velocity Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews

Bare 3mm Velocity Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews 3mm Velocity Super-Stretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Allen D.

Bare 3mm Velocity Super-Stretch Wetsuit Review - $249.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Recently decided to go diving at the Devils Den and Blue Grotto is Florida again. Given that most of my diving is in the warmer waters of the Caribbean I needed a new wetsuit. Im 245 lbs. / 58" go I needed to find a suit that was big in the waist but not to long. I found that with the Bare 3mm Velocity super stretch suit. The fit and feel of the suit is very comfortable. With the 2XL / short I had the room for my middle without the excess length in the legs. After 2 days of diving in the springs, Ive got to say this was a great buy. Comfort, warmth, and durable. Scuba pro did great with with an out of the box item, had I not ordered it myself I would never have know it.

Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews 3mm Thermoprene Wetsuit

Reviewer: Vincent Y.

Henderson 3mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Review - $217.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Bought this wetsuit after doing much research on the web & local dive & surf shops. Most 3mm wetsuits on the market are 3/2mm with only panels in the torso being 3mm. This suit is solid 3mm construction, and with the Thermoprene stretch factor, it fits like a glove without being restrictive. Im now enjoying the chilly Florida winter water as if it was the summer. Ive wakeboarded, tubed, & dived in this suit, and it keeps me toasty warm. Im sure that Ill have it for many years. Definitely worth the additional cost as compared to the cheaper suits.

Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest Reviews

Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest Reviews 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest

Reviewer: Gloria Bacina

Body Glove 3mm Barrier Front Zip Wetsuit Vest Review - $43.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This vest is just what I needed. I really dont like cold water but love to swim and need the exercise. I have been using this vest and it is great. Keeping the core body warm improves the entire experience and I can stay in the water longer. The fit of the jacket is very tight, but it stretches a little when wet and I have full body movement. I used the size chart and ordered the XL, even though a medium or large or a 12 is my normal size. It is unfortunate that this is the largest ladies size. There really should be larger sizes available for women. I look forward to testing my vest in the Caribbean in December :)

Pinnacle 3mm Venture Titanium Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 3mm Venture Titanium Wetsuit Reviews 3mm Venture Titanium Wetsuit

Reviewer: Todd Jones

Nice product, good quality for price, but sizing runs small (order a size larger for women). - double check sizing. i ordered the mlarge (9-10) for my wife (men should always beware of ordering clothes for their wife and ask another women first if it is a surprise gift). i was cautioned by a female friend to side with the bust size on the chart rather than height measurements. very good advice. so, even though my wife is only 5 2" w/36" bust i went with the mlarge, which says it will fit someone 57" - 510". the suit size i selected was right on and fit just rightnot too tight or too loose. i have no clue how someone 5 10" could fit in this suit, as the sizing chart says. btw: my wife loves the wine color highlights.

Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Reviews

Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Reviews 3mm Kids Wetsuit

Reviewer: Jacqueline Langham

Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Review - $59.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The wetsuits work perfectly for my grand kids. Awesome protection from sun, sand and while surfing. Ages 8,9,10 had an enjoyable time at the beach. The wetsuits helped keep them warm and they spent hours in the water. The service was excellent. I had to order another one for the youngest grandson and the representative at Scuba.com personally put the additional wetsuit in Fed ex. overnight. I called at 1:30 P.M. and received it at 3:30 P.M. the next day. We left for our beach trip the following morning. Thank you for your excellent service and wonderfully products. You folks are the best!! Thank you! - Grandma Jackie Langham

Neosport by Henderson 2.5mm Sport Wetsuit Vest Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 2.5mm Sport Wetsuit Vest Reviews 2.5mm Sport Wetsuit Vest

Reviewer: joseph Brentar

Size up Two! - Im 510" 170# and wear a medium almost everything. I ordered the Large and it STILL wasnt big enough. I know its supposed to fit snug but I dont think Im supposed to pull it hard to zipper it and when on have it cut off my circulation. I sent it back at a cost of $7.00 (from Ohio) and am waiting for the X Large.

Deep See 3mm Long Sleeve Step-In Jacket Reviews

Deep See 3mm Long Sleeve Step-In Jacket Reviews 3mm Long Sleeve Step-In Jacket

Reviewer: james w s.

Deep See 3mm Long Sleeve Step-In Jacket Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I recently used this shortie on trip to southern Italy. it was a great suit easy to get on for scuba n freediving in the surf . try one youll like it, great all around shortie ! I give it a solid 5 stars

Neosport by Henderson Neoskin 1mm Wetsuit Reviews

Neosport by Henderson Neoskin 1mm Wetsuit Reviews Neoskin 1mm Wetsuit

Reviewer: Charles E.

Henderson Neosport 1mm Wetsuit Meets Whalesharks - I bought this suit for the full coverage it offered while photographing whales sharks north of Isla Mujeres. The whale sharks didnt disappoint and neither did the wetsuit. It kept me warm in water in the mid eighties for hours at a time, it protected me from the sun, it allowed me to dive to 25-30 feet with no extra weight to capture silouettes, it reduced worries about sea lice and jelly fish, and it stood up well. It will become a staple of my tropical diving.

Neosport by Henderson 1.5mm XSPAN Super-Stretch Wetsuit Pants Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 1.5mm XSPAN Super-Stretch Wetsuit Pants Reviews 1.5mm XSPAN Super-Stretch Wetsuit Pants

Reviewer: Luisito A.

Streeechy and light - Im an avid surf fisherman and this Neosport super-stretch wetsuit pants is just what Ive been looking for to protect me from the elements out in the surf. Its very super stretchy as stated and very light. It is very comfortable and also dry quick. I can wear it all day in the beach and not get cold from the water of SoCal. Its the best investment Ive done in my fishing gear equipment. The material is yet to be seen how long will it stand all the elements such as sun exposure, wear and tear etc.etc.

Body Glove 0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit Reviews

Body Glove 0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit Reviews 0.5mm Insotherm Titanium Wetsuit

Reviewer: Jafar D.

High Quality Suit - Body Glove is known for reliable and quality products. This .5mm suit is no exception. Ir runs true to size and fits like a "Body Glove." Only reason it did not receive 5 stars is because the delivered suit is not the same as the pictured suit on Scuba.com web site. The front logo cosmetics has large "DIVE" lettering with the Body Glove hand/dive flag logo. The pictured suit on the web site only says "Body Glove" which is what I wanted and expected. This suit serves me well here in Bali,Indonesia. It is all I usually need or can be layered with a shortie or dive skin if deep diving or for longer dives.

ONeill 3/2mm Explore Ultraflex DS Dive Wetsuit Reviews

ONeill 3/2mm Explore Ultraflex DS Dive Wetsuit Reviews 3/2mm Explore Ultraflex DS Dive Wetsuit

Reviewer: James Middleton

ONeill Explore 3 mm Wetsuit - Scuba.com has these excellent suits available in sizes that most other outlets do not. In addition, after owing over a dozen wetsuits over the past 40 years, I have never had one that fit as well or was as soft and pliable as this ONeill. The only negative is that this suit is advertised on the Scuba.com web site as a 3/2mm suit. It is not. It is 3 mm all over, including arms and legs and that is a plus for comfort and warmth. The extra 1 mm in the limbs is not a problem because the material is so soft and pliable. Great value for the money. Jim Middleton, Panama City, FL

Neosport by Henderson 3/2mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 3/2mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit Reviews 3/2mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Barry G.

Fit well, except for neck a bit tight - Delivered on time and it fit my wife well, except its a little tight around the neck. However, out of two separate wetsuits from two separate companies, this is the one we kept. Wont use it until March, but think its going to be great.

Akona 1mm Wetsuit Reviews

Akona 1mm Wetsuit Reviews 1mm Wetsuit

Reviewer: gerald h.

Love it. - I own two Akona 1mm and wear them in the Florida Keys and other warm water locales. It offers the perfect amount of coverage and protection. I prefer it to a shorty. The neoprene in this suit has very little odor. I am very sensitive to smells and a strong neoprene odor will give me a headache. I dont experience that with this wetsuit. It stretches and gives so much that you almost forget youre wearing it. I love it. Highly recommend.

Pinnacle 1.5mm Shadow 2 Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 1.5mm Shadow 2 Wetsuit Reviews 1.5mm Shadow 2 Wetsuit

Reviewer: Marcus Barnes

Pinnacle 1.5mm Shadow 2 Wetsuit Review - $119.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I love this wet suit for diving summer/fall on Bonaire. This is the second one Ive owned. It fits true to size and is a true neoprene suit. I can wear it in the shore diving truck to and from the dive site without over heating. I highly recommend for warm water (83 - 85 degrees) diving.

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