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Aqua Lung 5mm AquaFlex Super-Stretch Wetsuit 2013 Model Reviews

Aqua Lung 5mm AquaFlex Super-Stretch Wetsuit 2013 Model Reviews   5mm AquaFlex Super-Stretch Wetsuit 2013 Model

Reviewer: Ken H. on 9/23/2013

AquaFlex Flexes - Yes, this suit is truly "super-stretch"! Seriously, its like no wetsuit I have used over the past 30 years. Here are the benefits of the stretchiness: First, no more struggle to get into the suit. Dont worry about the lack of ankle/wrist zippers, they are unnecessary with this material. Second, it conforms to your individual body contours, keeping you warm. Third, and fairly obvious, the freedom of movement in and out of the water is excellent. This is my second AquaFlex. I have a 7mm that I use for cool water (I go to a drysuit in cold water). I bought the 5mm for use in Cozumel, where I find my 3mm suit leaves me a bit chilled on the second dive (I chill easily). As to size,... View Full Review

Henderson 5mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 5mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Aqua Lock Hyperstretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Joan L. on 9/15/2013

comfortable warm wet suit - I love my new wetsuit. I just used this wet suit to dive in a range of water temperatures 80 degress F to 72 degrees and i was never cold. The " lock" feature at the wrists and ankles worked great and the soft inside was so very comfortable. Even when putting it on for the 4th dive of the day, 10 days in a row I looked forward to wearing it. The ankle and wrist area do keep damp with repeated dives but even when putting on damp it was super comfortable and you warmed up immediately after zipping in. It made my trip to Indosesia unforgettable! I am so glad I purchased it. I have worn 4 other 5-7 mm wetsuits even the one that is made just for your body and this by far has been the best warm... View Full Review

Neosport by Henderson 5mm Wetsuit Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 5mm Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Wetsuit

Reviewer: cory keeler on 8/9/2013

Henderson 5mm Mens wetsuit - Ok Ive been looking for a good summer suit for awhile now, Im a hull cleaner(and NO WETSUITS are made with us in mind as we deal with ALOT of barnacle/shell growth in our job, plus sharp metal/such as prop blades) but this suit has been working AMAZING for me this summer. Ive been using it since the beginning of july, and there arent any cuts, tears, wear, etc aside from 1 that was due too a snag getting on the dock(my fault completely). Id also like to make it known that I only got the free shipping and was told it would take about 2 weeks to arrive, but received it 4 days later(would have been 3 if not for the 4th of July holiday)....AWESOME PRODUCT! EVEN MORE AWESOME SIGHT!!! Thank you... View Full Review

Pinnacle 5mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 5mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Heidi Fickinger on 4/6/2014

High Quality, Well-Fitting Wetsuit - I stumbled upon this brand of suit when I bought a 3 mil at a local dive shop. When I needed a 5 mil suit for up-coming dive trip to South Africa, this is the suit I bought. Love the soft seal on the neck and the spine pad make these suits toasty warm. The flexibility makes them super comfortable to wear. They are well-made inside and out, including individual seals where multiple seams meet to avoid splitting. I dive a lot and my 3 mil has held up well after 3 years of use. Will replace it with another Pinnacle when it finally gives up the ghost. Worth every penny.

Pinnacle 5mm Escape 5 Front Zip Shorty Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 5mm Escape 5 Front Zip Shorty Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Escape 5 Front Zip Shorty Wetsuit

Reviewer: R Timothy Fitzner on 3/5/2014

Warm and comfortable - Bought this for extra warmth while on a live aboard in Bahamas. 4-5 dives a day can sap me. Bought my regular size but too small over top of my insulated dive skin and 3 ML suit. Extra large perfect, but likely too big to be worn alone. Really easy slipping over my 3 ml suit. Short arms, legs, and full length zipper made doffing and doning a breeze. Warm, comfortable, well made, and not restricting in the least. 22 dives it looks still brand new. Thrilled with it. Would suggest one size bigger if using over top of another suit.

Waterproof 5mm W2 Wetsuit Reviews

Waterproof 5mm W2 Wetsuit Reviews   5mm W2 Wetsuit

Reviewer: John S. on 6/15/2013

Excellent, quality wetsuit - Waterproof wetsuits are some of the best on the market. Difficult to find in your local dive shop (in the midwest US) to try on. The measurement guidelines are quite accurate however the W2s run a little big. Consider buying a size smaller than your fitted measurements. I bought the 5 mm an it has allowed comfortable diving in water temps from 60-80 degree water. The wrist, ankle, and neck seals minimize those bone chilling trickles that you get in other wetsuits. The W2 is also very constructed to resist abrasions. Overall, this is definitely worth the expense!

Neosport by Henderson 5mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 5mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit Reviews   5mm XSPAN Super Stretch Wetsuit

Reviewer: Amanda L. on 12/5/2013

Great! - The wetsuit seems to be a bit small at first but once you get into the water it fits perfectly! I feel cold easily under the water after long periods of time without a wetsuit but not anymore after I started wearing this. The material seems to be very promising as well. Although Scuba.com didnt have the wetsuit in stock when I first ordered it, they promptly emailed me back and gave me a delivery date. I would give 5/5 for this product and their service.

Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Farmer John Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Farmer John Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Thermoprene Farmer John Wetsuit

Reviewer: Robin Domm on 9/6/2013

Love the Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Farmer John Wetsuit - I bought this suit for my husband to replace a similar one that he had worn for years. He absolutely loves it. The best features are the zip front and the material is nice and stretchy to get into. In addition, it is part of a 2 piece suit, so depending on the dive, you dont always have to wear the whole suit. I dont understand what is so popular about the back zip one piece suits that I see everyone struggle to get into and then they choke you around the neck. Highly recommend this suit!!

Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit Reviews

Ocean Quest 5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit

Reviewer: Stephen M. on 1/4/2014

Ocean Quest 5mm Wetsuit - This wetsuit is a great product for the money. I do not like the velcro at the top of the wetsuit, it grabs ahold of the neoprene a lot and starts ripping the suit. I can feel the quality difference in the material between Ocean Quest and Aqualung wetsuits, but then again Aqualung is significantly more expensive. Overall this is an excellent economical wetsuit with semi-good quality.

Pinnacle 5mm Cruiser Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 5mm Cruiser Wetsuit Reviews   5mm Cruiser Wetsuit

Reviewer: Timothy Seipp on 2/9/2014

Great suit - I needed a new wetsuit for moderate water temeperatures. The sizing was great for my build 5"10 200 lbs. The larges are often too tight, and XLs are too big and long. Easy to put on and off. I like the zippered ankles, and the neck seal really limits water entering the suit. Just what I wanted.

Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Jacket Reviews

Henderson 5mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Jacket Reviews   5mm Thermoprene Wetsuit Jacket

Reviewer: Adriane T. on 10/9/2009

quality product not for me - Product appeared to be a quality product, and Scuba.com service was excellent, as usual. Im not heavy (sz 4-6) but curvy. Definitely not the lanky or athletic type. The cut on this suit just not right for me. Too narrow in the arms, too lare in the torso, just right in the hips. Back it went. Thanks to the awesome service form Scuba.com, I was able to try a different brand wetsuit in the comfort and convenience of my own home. When it wasnt the right cut for me, the return was a piece of cake!

ScubaPro 5/4mm Chest Zip EverFlex Super-Stretch Steamer Wetsuit Reviews

ScubaPro 5/4mm Chest Zip EverFlex Super-Stretch Steamer Wetsuit Reviews   5/4mm Chest Zip EverFlex Super-Stretch Steamer Wetsuit

Reviewer: Warren T. on 8/4/2013

Excellent Choice - I purchased this wet suit for my daughter for swimming in Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondack Mountains during July and August. The ice only melts here during late April or early May. It is the first wet suit that she is comfortable in. The fit is great. The style is great.

Waterproof 5mm W2 Hooded Shorty Wetsuit Reviews

Waterproof 5mm W2 Hooded Shorty Wetsuit Reviews   5mm W2 Hooded Shorty Wetsuit

Reviewer: Huw K. on 9/27/2013

Versatile Addition - Worn in combination with the W3 3.5mm suit this over vest allows me to dive comfortably throughout winter. Easy to get on and off even with the front zip. hood is excellent, no problems with any trapped air or water.

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