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Oceanic Hera BC Reviews

Oceanic Hera BC Reviews    Hera BC

Reviewer: Abigail G. on 6/26/2007

Oceanic Hera BC - Great BC! Looks great and well fitted for a small woman. Im really glad that the BC has the little loop for the top of the tank in addition to the big tank band because my tank ended up falling out twice by my 4th and 5th dive, but there was no pull on my regulator and it was quickly fixed by my buddy.

Zeagle Zena BC Reviews

Zeagle Zena BC Reviews    Zena BC

Reviewer: Denise P. on 12/10/2013

Love this BC! - Pros: two tank straps, two dump valves, trim pockets, beautiful fit that can be customized by changing shoulder straps and/or breast panels, zip-up style feels much more stable and comfortable than cummerbund style when walking long distances for shore dives, light weight compared to many other integrated weight BCs, has terry-type material on front panels so no chafing when diving without wetsuit Cons: only one small pocket This BC runs very large. I am a 511" 250lb woman so ordered an XL. Had to change shoulder straps to a medium and most likely could fit well into a Medium. Overall, this BC is well-built, feels great on (like a second skin), and functions beautifully...View Full Review

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Pearl Womens BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Pearl Womens BC Reviews    SeaQuest Pearl Womens BC

Reviewer: Gary W. on 7/19/2013

Perfect fit! - my wife struggled to find the right bcd for quite some time. after trying several recommended styles and brands, she ed the seaquest pearl because of its "made-for-a-woman" design. the integrated chest support offered a comfort level that all others simply dont have yet. this bcd is made for a woman. the integrated weights and high quality full vest features are well worth the bargain price of this device. were off to roatan and the caymans this year and shell be diving with the assurance that shes got the right bc for her. no more cumbersome weight belts and "tourist" bcs that dont quite fit right. recommend.

Sherwood Luna Women`s BC Reviews

Sherwood Luna Women`s BC Reviews    Luna Women`s BC

Reviewer: James Conn on 8/20/2014

Sherwood Luna Women`s BC Review - $500.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This bc is a good buy for women. After trying on my bc my wife tried on her new Luna and she really likes it. It does not have as many stainless d rings as the mens but it does extra padding where it sits on the back of the neck. Her only complaint: you should be able to pick your color!

TUSA Selene II BCJ-9300C BC Reviews

TUSA Selene II BCJ-9300C BC Reviews    Selene II BCJ-9300C BC

Reviewer: Hannah Park on 10/24/2011

Nice But Bulky - If I dived locally, I would keep this. It had LOTS of pocket space, and felt very sturdy and comfortable to wear with good back support and good amount of padding. Theres a single tank strap. It seemed to be of good quality but bulky. But I only dive when traveling and this thing took up most of the space in my large suitcase! Its also relatively heavy. So, I exchanged it for a lighter BC.

Mares Hybrid She Dives BC Reviews

Mares Hybrid She Dives BC Reviews    Hybrid She Dives BC

Reviewer: Jeremy C. on 12/10/2011

Works as it is designed to work - I bought this for my 14 year old dughter and once I had worked out how all thr traps and adjustments works since it arrives folded you can see how well it has been designed for ladies. You can fit it well to the user. I understand it is comprtable to wear and good under water. Good number of D rings and clips in the right places plus a useful top handle. The tank hight strap moves a bit to much but otherwise up to the usual high Mares design

Genesis Sirene Womens BC Reviews

Genesis Sirene Womens BC Reviews    Sirene Womens BC

Reviewer: Vernon M. on 5/27/2012

Great product! - My daughter received this BCD and used it for her first dive. All west well and she lives it.

Zeagle LaZer BC for Women Reviews

Zeagle LaZer BC for Women Reviews    LaZer BC for Women

Reviewer: Norman B. on 8/16/2010

Great BC - purchased for my daughter. she loved it, just used it for multiple dives at little cayman no issues, simple and good fit. recommend.

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