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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone Reviews

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone Reviews Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone

Reviewer: Eric R.

No more saltwater taste - i recently bought oceanic ultra dry snorkels for my wife and myself. just gave them their first test on a trip to the caribbean, and loved them. i must say i was skepticalthe claims seemed almost too unbelievable. we have always used higher quality equipment (the worst harm to the sport of snorkeling is done by giving novice swimmers a simple j-tube, welcoming a mouthful of sea, and hearing them swear off the reefs forever!), so i wasnt expecting a vast improvement. but the unique valve certainly did make a great difference. after submerging and re-surfacing your first action can actually be inhalation! i found myself still blowing to purge the snorkel- out of habit, but didnt even need to!...View Full Review

Oceanic Pocket Snorkel Keeper Reviews

Oceanic Pocket Snorkel Keeper Reviews Pocket Snorkel Keeper

Reviewer: Rodney Wallace

Acceptable - I broke the keeper on my old Oceanic Ultra Dry and have installed this. Two problems. The Ultra Dry has a channel on one side of the snorkel for the original keeper. While the pocket keeper can be snapped over this its not stable. I fixed it by drilling two small holes under the round Velcro section, threaded a small wire tie thru and around the keeper and snorkel and pulled it tight. The second problem relates to the position of the snorkel on my head. I want the snorkel directed toward the back of my head so when Im face down the snorkel is vertical. In your hand there is no indication of where to fix the snorkel to the mask to get the correct position. By trial and error I placed marks...View Full Review

Genesis Surf Snorkel Reviews

Genesis Surf Snorkel Reviews Surf Snorkel

Reviewer: Billy Stewart

Nice!! - This a very nice snorkel. Just did a beach entry today. Had to wade across rocks. When we got to an area where it was deep enough, we swam on the surface another 100 yards through a moderate surge on snorkel to save air until the water was deep enough to actually dive. With the swell I kept expecting to get a mouth full of water... never happened. The shape of the top of the snorkel I think had a lot to do with that. I did get a little trickle once. A quick blow and it was gone. Purge valve in the bottom. Again... nice snorkel and worked well in less than ideal conditions.

XS Scuba Goby Dry Kids Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Goby Dry Kids Snorkel Reviews Goby Dry Kids Snorkel

Reviewer: Lynne M.

8 year old LOVED this SNORKEL - These dry snorkels really are great for kids and adults as well. My daughter tried using a regular snorkel when she was 6 and again at 7 and just had a hard time remembering to save some air to blow the water out of it after surfacing. This dry snorkel really allows children to go under the water and coming up effortlessly to get another breath. We bought one for our daughter last year, but wanted another one to match her mask with purge that we bought this year. All of Scuba.coms products are great and their customer service is exceptional!

Innovative Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest Reviews

Innovative Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest Reviews Jacket Style Snorkeling Vest

Reviewer: Michael S.

Snorkelling Confidence Restored - We just came back from Roatan where I tried this vest for the first time. Im extremely happy with it! ! I love snorkeling but Im not a strong swimmer and had a bad experience snorkeling in choppy waters a couple of years ago. This vest allowed me to stand up in deeper water when I needed to make adjustments to my mask and snorkel. Also,when snorkeling I feel more confident with the extra buoyancy the blow up feature gives. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does ride up a bit, but its a small price to pay for the benefits. My husband got an extra large, and I got a large. Sizing is fine for us. Jean S. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel Reviews

Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel Reviews Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel

Reviewer: Robert L.

Bottom Line: "I would buy it again" - My son and I went to Roatan and dove with the standard snorkel hanging off of our heads all of the time. A friend recommended switching to a foldable snorkel and simply keeping it in a pocket on the BC. This model from Oceanic is well engineered and works like a charm. In advance you simply place a very small mating disk (similar to rebust velcro) to the strap of your mask (less than the size of a quarter) and when you want your snorkel on the surface BAM! you whip it out of its BC pocket and attach to your mask strap and you are in business. Super quick and ends the presence of a useless underwater snorkel.

XS Scuba Bypass Elite Semi-Dry Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Bypass Elite Semi-Dry Snorkel Reviews Bypass Elite Semi-Dry Snorkel

Reviewer: Jeffrey M.

Great Snorkel - I got this snorkel for my girlfriend, but I gave it a try. I like it as much as my oceanic ultra dry, maybe even better becuase of the lack of pressure felt when underwater. The xs worked well for short dives and the purge was flawless.

Scuba Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap Reviews Deluxe Snorkel Vest with Crotch Strap

Reviewer: Wendy O.

Good vest but some adjustment problems - im a novice snorkeler so it may be my lack of experience that caused adjustment problems with this vest. it performed well and did the jobim not a strong swimmer and need the added buoyancy to feel safe in the water and it provided it well. however, i had trouble keeping the vest from shifting side to side when it was inflated. ive only used it once so i plan on fussing with the straps next time. it may need to be tighter than i had it. it seems to be a high-quality vesti hope i can get it to stay put a little better next time.

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel Black Silicone Reviews

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel Black Silicone Reviews Ultra Dry Snorkel Black Silicone

Reviewer: Rodney Wallace

The best - The best snorkel bar none. This is a replacement for the Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel Ive used for the last 4 years. (over 1200 hours). I broke the keeper and decided it was time for a replacement. The only maintenance ever required was to carefully clean the silicone valve seals at the top and bottom with a cue tip and Dove dish washing hand soap. I think that perhaps over time, despite fresh water flushing after every use, mucus and algae growth builds up and the seals leak. The old snorkel is now retired as a back up.

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel Reviews

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel Reviews Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel

Reviewer: Amber M.

Excellent Snorkel - I love this snorkel. I have a hard time clearing the water in a traditional snorkel, and sometimes forget to clear it (or not have enough air left in my lungs to clear it) and get water in my mouth, For snorkeling (starting with the snorkel in my mouth) This snorkel allowed me to dive completely under the water, come up, and start breathing without getting any water in my mouth. For scuba diving, if you go under without the snorkel in your mouth, you have to clear it once to use, and then it will stay dry if you go under with it in your mouth. The water only comes in through the mouthpiece.

H2O Snorkel Keeper Silicone Reviews

H2O Snorkel Keeper Silicone Reviews Snorkel Keeper Silicone

Reviewer: Paul Selden

Essential Backup Gear - The hard plastic snorkel keepers that come with my expensive snorkel broke. This inexpensive, flexible snorkel keeper put it back in commission. I got an extra for my save-a-dive kit. Its light weight and very compact, so it wont add to extra baggage charges. I discovered another advantage to this once I got it: since you can slide it anywhere on your snorkel (not just within a short channel), you may find that you can place it in a position that works better than the original.

XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel Reviews Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel

Reviewer: David Howard

Good Trade Off - My instructor in OW stated snorkel needs to be good, but realize you will not use it except only a few minutes each dive, unless you are going to snorkel routinely. He was right. This snorkel meets the basic needs at a value. Breaths fairly dry and is satisfactory. Easy to clear. I didnt like the retainer to the mask, so bought another one with velco so that while off the surface I could put the snorkel in a pocket out of the way. Of course, due to size sticks out of the pocket. If I had it to do again, I would buy a snorkel designed to be stored in a pocket during diving. But if value to performance is what you are looking for, you will be satisfied. I gave 4 stars because the...View Full Review

XS Scuba Cargo Stowable Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Cargo Stowable Snorkel Reviews Cargo Stowable Snorkel

Reviewer: Dennis L.

snorkel option - Best thing since sliced bread! I have never liked the snorkel hanging from my mask strap during the dive, but then again I never wanted to be without a snorkel for emergencies. Now I have the best of both worlds. This snorkel rolls up VERY EASILY and stows away in a BC pocket. When needed its right there. I was afraid it would be too flimsy and not have enough stiffness to work efficiently. That is not the case, it works fine. Just unroll it, snap it on to the strap clip (included) and youre good to go.

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