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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews

Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease

Reviewer: Marc StClair

Perfect Lube...a must for a save-a-dive kit! - Small 2 ounce tube size container of the recommended MCG111 part number lube for equipment being used with higher mixtures of oxygen (Nitrox) or technical diving air mixtures. A very small amount goes a long way for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals. This stuff is 100 times better than regular silicone because it lasts longer and does not break down with heat or the climate. Plus, silicone is NOT recommended on diving equipment that uses higher percentage of oxygen mixtures. Silicone and higher mixtures of oxygen when combined can present real hazards. I purchased this product when I had to replace O-rings in my regulator hoses, dive computer quick disconnects, and other...View Full Review

XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose Reviews

XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose Reviews MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose

Reviewer: Richard H.

XS Scuba MIFLEX Braided Regulator Hose Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The fabric outer covering and increased flexibility of this hose combines for a much more durable hose. The flexibility also reduces work on the neck muscles as you look around. I like being able to choose specific lengths of hose so I can reduce the amount of hose that sticks out from the rig reducing both drag and risk of getting hung up on obstructions in a wreck. Even on new regulator sets, I replace the standard hoses with this hose.

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews Save A Dive Kit

Reviewer: Forest Rothchild

Save a dive (and a head ache) - This little box has already be a dive saver for a couple of my buddies. I am Mr. gadget and in my scuba tool box has just about every thing one would need to save a dive. This has mask strap, fin strap, buckles, etc... You cant go wrong, because sooner than later you will need something in this little box. Definitely worth the purchase.

Innovative Divers Wrench Set Reviews

Innovative Divers Wrench Set Reviews Divers Wrench Set

Reviewer: Jose Costa

Handy tools - I decided to buy this wrench set because I tried two different tools from a local hardware store and they are too thick to fit in the space left on the 1st stage once hoses are attached to it, normal tools or wrenches are too thick. Another good thing is their weight, where I dive is a couple of hours away from my place, and then I have to take a boat, just bringing the diving equipment represents a heavy load, the less tools I have to carry the better in terms of weight.

Ocean Quest Silicone Regulator Mouthpiece - Small Reviews

Ocean Quest Silicone Regulator Mouthpiece - Small Reviews Silicone Regulator Mouthpiece - Small

Reviewer: Jeremy S.

Perfect fit, easy to change. - Ocean Quest uses this smaller mouthpiece to change their full-size "dry" snorkel into a so-called "mini" snorkel for kids. The mouthpiece fit my 48 pound daughter perfectly and (a bit to my surprise) the rather large Ocean Quest snorkel was NOT too big for her. (Without much trouble, I also swapped on the full-size mouthpiece so that I could try the snorkel.) Good stuff from good people! :)

Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit Reviews

Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit Reviews Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit

Reviewer: Tanya Parsons

Very handy - Use it all the time

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag

Reviewer: John V.

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Fits my rig reasonably well. I wish the zipper opened more, to make it easier to load.

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews T2 Toolpack

Reviewer: David C.

In the middle - Kind of in the middle of this item..... It is an interesting tool and I am sure it would come in handy should the need.

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Ryan Yuen

A Bag that depends on the User. - first off: i have a sherwood magnum reg with 3 hoses, the primary reg, bc power-inflate hose for an integrated air, and a sherwood insight compact console. moving onto the bag: - back-outside pocket very tight (for papers only) - console sleeve/protector inside bag, stitched to the backside, one way opening oriented to bottom corner of bag - heavy duty-easy slide zipper (will not slide open) - thick protective outside material - dries easily when wet depending on how your reg is set up may make or break this bag. i had to reconfigure my hose placement to get the reg to fit. before, the first stage was oriented at too much of an angle and the hoses looked stressed. the console...View Full Review

XS Scuba Miflex Braided BC Power Inflator Hose Reviews

XS Scuba Miflex Braided BC Power Inflator Hose Reviews Miflex Braided BC Power Inflator Hose

Reviewer: william malpass

XS Scuba Miflex Braided BC Power Inflator Hose Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - it went on easy and works fine .Happy with purchase.

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews

H2O Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge Reviews Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge

Reviewer: Burton Pittler

A quality pony bottle pressure guage that wont fit my needs - I am delighted with my SpareAir & after dive jacket that I purchased from you. However when I opened the pony bottle pressure guage, I found out that it will need an special adapter to work on my pony bottle regulator, which was made by Healthhways, but still works well. The problem is, that the pony bottle quage has a new standard high pressure port fitting & the Healthways 1st stage regulator has a high pressure port, but the size of the port is for a low pressur hose. I wanted to replace the Scubapro pressure guage, with a low pressure fitting that is attached to the high pressure port, but I am precluded from doing that with the new guage, unless I can find an adapter with a low...View Full Review

Innovative Tool Master Reviews

Innovative Tool Master Reviews Tool Master

Reviewer: Al V.

Compact and Works - Its not pretty and can be frustrating, as the wrenches can fold back into the tool if it isnt oriented correctly but has most of the tools needed to do site work on your gear and makes it difficult to over-tighten things (which I have a tendency to do). It gets passed around a lot at dive sites. Theres always something that can use an adjustment and Im amazed how many people bring no tools at all on a dive. Well see how well it holds up to the marine environment but it seems well made of good materials and even if it corrodes after a while, its an inexpensive bit of save-the-dive insurance.

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain

Reviewer: Robert M. Partridge.

Spare O-ring container - The spare O-rings no big deal, because usually some one else has one to give you. But the O-ring pick in it, is the real dive saver.

Highland Regulator Necklace Reviews

Highland Regulator Necklace Reviews Regulator Necklace

Reviewer: Steven P.

Something so simple, yet so great - Just returned from a diving trip to the BVI so finally got a chance to try this regulator necklace for the first time (had never used one before). Now when I am getting ready, my regulator is not loose and flopping around. Also, when in the water, it is not unusual for my buddy and I to snorkel to to our dive spot at the beginning of the dive and back to the boat at the end of the dive. When we did this, I knew exactly where my regulator was. Very comfortable to wear. So simple and a great way to keep your regulator location under control.

Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel Reviews

Omni Swivel Regulator Omniswivel Reviews Regulator Omniswivel

Reviewer: Scott Michael

Great for streamlining and reducing jaw fatigue - I got this idea from a friend of mine whom had a Sherwood Maximus Regulator. It has a 120 angle that allowed him to loop the LP hose from his 2nd stage to his 1st stage under his right arm. I hooked up the Omniswivel in a similar fashion to my S600 The Omniswivel is even better than a fixed bend like my friends Maximus, as the hose is free too move in any direction, thus decreasing strain on my jaw. Since the hose runs under my right arm, it is harder for my hose to snag. Since I have an alternate Inflator/Regulator instead of a separate Octo, the swivel lets me spin my primary regulator around so that the recipient can use it w/o kinking or putting a bend in the regulator...View Full Review

Omni Swivel Low Pressure Regulator Elbow for AGA Full Face Mask Reviews

Omni Swivel Low Pressure Regulator Elbow for AGA Full Face Mask Reviews Low Pressure Regulator Elbow for AGA Full Face Mask

Reviewer: Scott K.

Just What I Ordered - The delivery was super quick without any issues...would definitely use the site again.

Apollo 3/8 Inch Bio-Filter Moisture System Reviews

Apollo 3/8 Inch Bio-Filter Moisture System Reviews 3/8 Inch Bio-Filter Moisture System

Reviewer: robert dixon

I always had a problem withdry mouth while diving - This product is excellent - unlike many, I prefer a "wet" regulator - always have - now, with the emphasis on "dry" a product like this is excellent. The company has done a poor job of getting the word out - as Im constantly asked "What is that" - but I love it - have used it for almost 10 years - my previous one had a slight crack, so I had to replace it.

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews Deluxe Regulator Bag

Reviewer: John B.

Octopus bag - Work great at protecting my computer and equipment

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