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ScubaPro MK11 / R195 Regulator Reviews

ScubaPro MK11 / R195 Regulator Reviews MK11 / R195 Regulator

Reviewer: Peter Herzog

ScubaPro MK11 / R195 Regulator Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The staff answered my questions and expedited the order in time for my sons graduation. I very much appreciate their expertise and their service. The price was great, too. I will be a repeat customer. Definitely 5 stars!

Oceanic Delta 4.2 /FDX-10 Regulator with Maxflex Hose Reviews

Oceanic Delta 4.2 /FDX-10 Regulator with Maxflex Hose Reviews Delta 4.2 /FDX-10 Regulator with Maxflex Hose

Reviewer: Robert S.

Oceanic Delta 4.2 /FDX-10 Regulator Maxflex with Dry Valve Technology Review - $499.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I have a Delta 4.1, and needed another reg, so bought this one with DVT and Maxflex hose. Along with having a swivel connect at the second stage, this combo is super comfortable and works as good as the 4.1. The Maxflex hose and swivel ELIMINATES any pull or tug from the older hoses, and looks like it will stay flexible for life. Youre jaw will thank you after diving 4 tanks a day for a week. Older style hoses have a tendency to stiffen up over time. I highly recommend this combo for advanced recreational diving.

Sherwood Oasis Regulator Reviews

Sherwood Oasis Regulator Reviews Oasis Regulator

Reviewer: Jeff M.

Great Regulator - After a long time out of the water and a refresher class I bought this to get back into diving. It works great. Just what I need. Although I did have to change out the mouthpiece to fit me better. Great product.

Sherwood Blizzard Regulator Reviews

Sherwood Blizzard Regulator Reviews Blizzard Regulator

Reviewer: MICHAEL K.

Another solid Sherwood regulator - Very solid 1st and 2nd stage. Ive owned many Sherwood regulators over the years and their quality and durability have kept me coming back. The Blizzard has not disappointed me thus far. I dont do extreme cold water diving so I cannot comment on its functionality there, but it has performed very well in moderately cold water (62F-68F). The second stage is a bit heaver than others Ive used, but underwater its unnoticeable.

Sherwood Brut Regulator Reviews

Sherwood Brut Regulator Reviews Brut Regulator

Reviewer: Michael N.

makoman. - Great price. Immediate service. Thanks for assembly.

Sherwood Magnum Regulator Reviews

Sherwood Magnum Regulator Reviews Magnum Regulator

Reviewer: Carlos P.

Good Value - I first used an old Sherwood Magnum when I started diving back in the 70s, it was a reliable work horse which I depended on for many years. Subsequently I moved on to more sophisticated designs but they were finicky and maintenance was a pain. So when it came time to buy a new regulator I was pleasantly surprised to get a recommendation by one of the staff at for the new Magnum. Although I had my mind on a more expensive top brand, I decided to go for it - it did not disappoint. The unit is easy to breath with regardless of the depth, position or remaining air in the tank. The mouth piece was comfortable and the first stage has adequate ports to tap in high and low pressure...View Full Review

Oceanic Alpha 9 / CDX-5 Maxflex Sport Regulator Reviews

Oceanic Alpha 9 / CDX-5 Maxflex Sport Regulator Reviews Alpha 9 / CDX-5 Maxflex Sport Regulator

Reviewer: Wayne G.

Breathing easy.... - Love the reg. Works very well for me and havent had to adjust anything at this point.

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