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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews Spare Air Pack

Reviewer: Amyas Van Order

Is it worth the money? - Spare air is worth the money indeed! Your life could depend on this instrument. Ive practiced many times with spare air and will always keep it near me in an emergency. Money well spent. Thanks

Oceanic Air XS II Reviews

Oceanic Air XS II Reviews Air XS II

Reviewer: Jung K.

One less hose, but could be better - The Oceanic Air XS II works just as advertised. It was relatively easy for me to replace the inflator on my BC. My BC must have come with a slightly different hose than the Air XS was meant for. The Air XS came with a clip thats supposed to cover the hose connector, but it wont fit on my hose. The inflator and the purge valve are easy to find. But the dump button is kind of small and will take some time for me to locate without looking. I am happy with the Air XS II and very happy to get rid of one hose. Im sorry I waited so long to make the change.

Zeagle Pony Bottle System Reviews

Zeagle Pony Bottle System Reviews Pony Bottle System

Reviewer: Brian McHugh

Nice set up - Works well, reg breaths very well, probably better than my primary Aqua Lung regulator. I wish the bottle holder could attach a bit more firmly, it tends to bounce around prior to getting in the water. Once in the water it is fine.

XS Scuba Airwave Plus Inline Octo Reviews

XS Scuba Airwave Plus Inline Octo Reviews Airwave Plus Inline Octo

Reviewer: Dan G.

good buy - great item to add your list. it reduces a lot of clutter because your octo stays right with your inflater hose instead of dragging on the bottom and it is one less hose to worry about. you figure with the amount of equipment you have to dive with anything you can eliminate is a plus.

Genesis Sidekick Octo Reviews

Genesis Sidekick Octo Reviews Sidekick Octo

Reviewer: John P.

Great, but..... - I love having one less hose, but because my bcd is an extra large the hose is no where long enough. I have replaced it with a longer, yellow one. It would be nice to be given hose length choices, as well as the option for yellow hose.

Mares Alt Air Control Integrated Octo Reviews

Mares Alt Air Control Integrated Octo Reviews Alt Air Control Integrated Octo

Reviewer: William H. Lawler

Air Control streamlines my setup - I bought my wife and myself Air Controls for out new Mares BCs a few years ago to streamline our setup. The inflator function failed on mine in Bonaire last Christmas after four years, so I bought an open box model here to put on my new BC and keep my old Air Control for parts if necessary. Taking it to Nassau new week to see how it works out.

XS Scuba Airwave Octo Reviews

XS Scuba Airwave Octo Reviews Airwave Octo

Reviewer: dave wall

Works Good - Works good, lasts long time, dont cost much.

Innovative Contour Mouthpiece Cover with 2 3/8 inch Carabiner Clip Reviews

Innovative Contour Mouthpiece Cover with 2 3/8 inch Carabiner Clip Reviews Contour Mouthpiece Cover with 2 3/8 inch Carabiner Clip

Reviewer: JIM R.

Innovative Contour Mouthpiece Cover with 2 3/8 inch Carabiner Clip Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Small but perfect size to fit my mouthpiece.

Sherwood Brut Octo Reviews

Sherwood Brut Octo Reviews Brut Octo

Reviewer: Dwight Daigle

Sherwood Brut Octo Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Great price, and great piece of equipment. I would recommend it to anyone who needs one!

Atomic SS1 Octo Reviews

Atomic SS1 Octo Reviews SS1 Octo

Reviewer: Donald Dutcher

Atomic SS1 Titanium Octo - Outstanding Reg - I bought this because I needed an alternate air source for my travel rig. What I liked most was the fact that the regulator was removeable and using attachments you can change it to a different BC without having to cut the bands off every time. Also that you can remove it for travel. I did 7 dives in the Caymans with this reg as my octo. At times during the dives, I intentionally switched over to it and it performed flowlessly. It breaths as good as the name brand regs I have used and it cleared easily, even at 105 feet. Although I have not yet tried it in cold water, I have no dought it will work fine. BOTTOM LINE - this is the best alternate reg ive used. This is my first...View Full Review

Oceanic Slimline 2 Octo Reviews

Oceanic Slimline 2 Octo Reviews Slimline 2 Octo

Reviewer: David Ray

Awesome octo. - Its an octo... hopefully it wont be needed anytime soon, but since every smart diver shold have one, its a slimline and stays out of the way. Great price too. No free flowing problem at all since I have been using it.

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