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Atomic Ultra Clear Frameless 2 Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Frameless 2 Mask Reviews Ultra Clear Frameless 2 Mask

Reviewer: Lanny M.

Atomic Ultra Clear Frameless 2 Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is absolutely the best mask I have ever owned/used. I think Ive gone thru about 5 masks over 30 years of diving. Im always looking for more horizontal field (remember flat masks reduce about 30 degrees of horizontal field away from your vision under water. You can test this out if you want to by measuring your field above water and then sinking into water and seeing how much you have to bring your arms in, in order to now see your finger tips. I love the feel and seal of this mask, the low volume getting it closer to the plane of the eye and then (because I want light), the clear silicone skirt helps with this. So, this is the last mask I will ever need. It is comfortable and less...View Full Review

H2O Tri-View Frameless Mask Reviews

H2O Tri-View Frameless Mask Reviews Tri-View Frameless Mask

Reviewer: Barry Smith

H2O Tri-View Frameless Mask Review - $49.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I purchased this mask as I was looking for something which had a larger FOV (field of view) and this mask does provide it. The Tri-View provides one of the best all around viewing masks that i have come across. This mask is also slightly larger than the standard sizes, which was the reason for my purchase. Im a big guy and most other masks cut close to my nose and the corners of my eyes. The closer the frame to your eyes restricts the side view. Hence my purchase of the mask. When trying it on, it seemed to fit real well. However upon diving with this mask i found myself on a constant mask clearing exercise. I could not get the mask to stay water-tight. every 3-5 mins i would have to clear...View Full Review

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask Reviews

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask Reviews Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask

Reviewer: Jeremy S.

Great mask for all size faces. - When I found the "kids" mask I had purchased for my 48 pound daughter inadequate, just for fun, we tried one of these Ocean Quests on her, even though I had actually purchased it for my wife. Amazingly, it fit my daughter too, so I bought a second one! Besides the fact that it is comfortable and very clear, the purge valve has proven more helpful than I ever imagined. When my daughter smiles, her "smile lines" cause EVERY mask we have ever tried on her to leak. Well, even at 7 years old, she has learned to recognize the leak calmly, she relaxes her face, and (with the Ocean Quest Purge Mask) blows a bit of air out of her nose to send the water back out into the ocean. So, Ive got adult...View Full Review

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Panoramic Purge Mask Reviews

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Panoramic Purge Mask Reviews Arctic Clear High Definition Panoramic Purge Mask

Reviewer: Erik Sandstrom

Clear view! - Love this mask! The Ocean Quest Arctic Clear is great. I really prefer a purge mask, I do exhale a bit through my nose and this mask is great. Have used it in warm water (Caribbean) and cold water (Monterey, CA) - cleaned it well the first time (toothpaste), add a dab of no-fog before the dives, and it seals well and never a problem. Comfortable, no mask ring around the face even after a 55+ minute dive. Strap and all is well made.

Atomic Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask Reviews

Atomic Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask Reviews Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask

Reviewer: Peter W.

Upgrading to Ultraclear glass - Is the ultra clear worth the price? Having used the mask for both snorkel and dives earlier this month the answer is yes. Objects appear sharper and a bit brighter (I dive wearing contacts). The skirt of my older atomic mask was beginning to wear and it was time for a change. This mask is easy to adjust and very comfortable. Range of view is excellent. The red refraction that you see in side view photos is not visible when wearing the mask. I ordered on a Friday and the mask arrived on Tuesday with the standard free shipping. The case is easy to use but a bit bulkier than necessary. Summary: Pricey, but worth it.

Genesis Tri-View Panoramic Mask Reviews

Genesis Tri-View Panoramic Mask Reviews Tri-View Panoramic Mask

Reviewer: Janice M.

I highly recommend this mask ! - On the advice of one of the instructors at scuba.com I ordered this mask for myself. When it arrived, both of my sons were very impressed with the fit and visibility level, so I ordered one for each of them. We were all very happy with how the masks performed during a trip last month. Im a little embarrassed to say on one dive I jumped into the water without properly securing the strap. However, the seal is so good, I didnt notice but my mask didnt come off! (Our observant dive master got my attention and I pulled the strap on properly.) Absolutely no fogging issues after prepping the mask.

Mares X-VISION LiquidSkin Mask Reviews

Mares X-VISION LiquidSkin Mask Reviews X-VISION LiquidSkin Mask

Reviewer: Robert M. Partridge.

Mares X vision mask. - Last spring on a dive vacation, I broke my mask. So as is common in the field, I borrowed my wifes mask. ( Unhappy experience. ). So to correct the situation, I told the wife that if I got a new mask she also disserved to have a new mask, every bit as good as the one I got. So I bought her the same mask as I got. Two Mares X Vision masks in the same color. The mask is great, as long as you have the right mask strap tension and put it on correctly and the price is right. PS, If the wife questions you as to why, The two masks are the same color Tell her its in style now for couples to have the same mask.

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews Ultra Clear Subframe Mask

Reviewer: Laura H.

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Review - $114.50 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I have purchased a lot of masks, hoping for the ultimate snorkeling experience without the frustration practically drowning while I fix the fit, fog, hair, etc. For my small oval head the size small is an excellent mask. Great quality, super clear glass, good visibility. The material that creates the seal in the face is ample, flexible, and soft. It appears that it will stand the test of time. I just wish the the snorkel that comes with it would also have a small mouth piece. Something about the sun, salt water, and seafood diet while vacationing does a number in my lips and it would be better if my lips didnt need to stretch so far over the mouthpiece to snorkel.

Scubamax Spider Eye Mask Reviews

Scubamax Spider Eye Mask Reviews Spider Eye Mask

Reviewer: David A.

Scubamax Spider Eye Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This masks is excellent. It fits my face, doesnt leak, are high quality and the price is very reasonable. I have used the Scubamax Black Silicone mask as my primary mask for years, have two as back ups and recently purchased them for my adult children when they couldnt find a mask that sealed well for less than $100 at our local dive shop. I would highly recommend this mask.

Mares X-Vu Liquidskin Mask Reviews

Mares X-Vu Liquidskin Mask Reviews X-Vu Liquidskin Mask

Reviewer: Randy C.

Most comfortable ask I have ever owned! - In my 26 years as a diver I have owned many, many masks. This is by far the most comfortable mask I have ever used or owned!! Even with a mustache, I had no problems with this mask creating a good seal. My wife, who is new to diving, also owns this mask and recently had optical lenses (bifocals made to her eyeglass prescription) put in and she cant quit raving about how well it works!! I highly recommend this mask to both new and experienced divers...you wont be disappointed!!

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews Fusion Scuba Jr

Reviewer: Daniel S.

Serious mask - My son needed a better mask than what you find any a basic store because he was having problems with the one he had. We got this one at great price and now he will able to improve his skills. It also comes with the Tupperware style storage box that the general kits do not offer which protects the mask.

TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews

TUSA Liberator One Mask Reviews Liberator One Mask

Reviewer: Michael E.

Good Mask - I am a professional scientific diver and I purchased this prescription mask because of the +1 optics for each eye. I have about 12 hours dive time on it so far and I am able to view my gauges and compass and can read and write well underwater with it. It fits me very well and seems to be of fair quality. This is a low volume mask and many of these seem to have a tendency to hurt at that point on your forehead (between the eyes) where the mask pushes against at depth. I have not yet experienced this with the Tusa Liberator One, though my depths have been less than 60 so far. Overall a good purchase and a mask I would recommend for those seeking a prescription mask. I give it four stars as I...View Full Review

XS Scuba Fusion Mask Reviews

XS Scuba Fusion Mask Reviews Fusion Mask

Reviewer: Kristopher M.

XS Scuba Fusion Mask Review - $51.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This mask fits my large nose. I have tried several others and they made my nose sore after using for a while. It has very good sealing and never leaks. I have about 20 dives and countless hours sorkeling with it and am very happy with my purchase. The side view glass is nice to have but it takes some getting used to. The view through the side is refracted at a different angle than the front view and can be disorienting at first. Think of it as a side view mirror. You can be looking straight but still see your dive buddy along side of you. My son has the same mask with black silicon. I think the visibility is better than mine that has clear silicone. If I purchased again, i...View Full Review

Sherwood Onyx Mask Reviews

Sherwood Onyx Mask Reviews Onyx Mask

Reviewer: Maxim .

Sherwood Onyx Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The mask was delivered very fast, the price is cheapest on the market. The mask is low volume and light, no leaks, very soft, good visibility. Fits well on my irregular small narrow face. Like the product.

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Reviews

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Reviews Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge

Reviewer: Julie W.

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I ordered this as my first mask and I am VERY pleased with it. It seals on my small face well and easily and the purge valve makes clearing water a piece of cake!

Aqua Lung Micro Mask Reviews

Aqua Lung Micro Mask Reviews Micro Mask

Reviewer: Heather .

Love the smaller faceplate and the pink! - I love the size of this mask it fits my face perfectly. I have a general issue with masks period where they pull up on my nose and this one did the same thing. This is just something I deal with I have tried moving the mask strap lower and it helps but the mask continues to slip up my face till it is pulling at my nose so I readjust often and live with my little trial. If you have a smaller face I highly recommend this mask!

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Twin Lens Mask Reviews

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Twin Lens Mask Reviews Synergy 2 Twin Lens Mask

Reviewer: Micheal T.

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Twin Lens Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I have a hard to fit face . and this mask fits and seals great. it feels very comfortable ans is very easy to clear due to the low volume of masks design

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Reviews

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Reviews Venom Ultra Clear Mask

Reviewer: Derek Y.

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Very Comfortable to wear. I have a narrow face so finding a mask that seals well without having to crank down the straps is great. Very happy with this mask.

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