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Oceanic DataMask HUD (Heads Up Display) Air/Nitrox Hoseless Computer Mask Reviews

Oceanic DataMask HUD (Heads Up Display) Air/Nitrox Hoseless Computer Mask Reviews    DataMask HUD (Heads Up Display) Air/Nitrox Hoseless Computer Mask

Reviewer: GRANT J on 9/4/2007

awesome Datamask HUD - At first I was a little skeptical as it is big and you can definitely feel the weight when it is on your face above water. That all goes away once you drop, it is really awesome to have all the information right below your line of sight. It does not interfere with your vision and it is not obtrusive or too bright. I found it nice when my buddies would signal “check your SPG” and all I had to do was roll my eyes down. All in all I think it is a great concept and they executed the design very well. I can honestly say I love it and I look forward to many more dives to check out all of its features. But boy is it nice to not have to keep reaching down to look for a set of gauges. What I do...View Full Review

Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask Reviews

Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask Reviews    X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask

Reviewer: Bryan C. on 7/15/2007

Hands down the best mask Ive ever used!!!! - This mask delivers! It is soft, offers a huge field of vision and does not leak. Like most new masks, it does take a few cleanings and uses to get it to stop fogging. I do have one piece of advice relating to this mask. Buy one with the solid gray/silver skirt instead of the one with the translucent colored skirt. The translucent colored pink/blue/yellow, etc. skirt allows light in through the sides and gives a weird tinted peripheral world view... The solid skirt mask does not do this.

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask Reviews

Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask Reviews    Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask

Reviewer: Scott Gigot on 12/3/2013

Couldnt be happier! - I got this mask to do some snorkeling near Ambergris Caye in Belize, and figured that if thats one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world I better be able to enjoy it. I had a little bit of fogging until I got some help clearing the mask (scrub it down with fan coral or the tail of your cotton shirt, rinse, apply saliva, and rinse) - then it was crystal clear the whole time. I have a decent moustache so I got the mask purge option and once I got used to it, it worked fantastic. After an hour-plus I would get a little sore under my nose, but overall I was delighted with the mask. Thanks to all the good reviews! I got some prescription lenses for this mask because my eyesight...View Full Review

Oceanic Ion 3X U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mask Reviews

Oceanic Ion 3X U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mask Reviews    Ion 3X U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mask

Reviewer: Timothy L. on 2/10/2014

Out of stock but replaced quickly - When I ordered 2 of these masks there was nothing that said they were out of stock. 1 week later, scuba.com emails me and says that its out of stock and it wouldnt make it to me til the 21st of Jan. I was leaving for Cozumel on the 20th so my fiance called them and talked to them. They ended up agreeing to upgrade to the Ion 3 (which they state is not different than the 3x but it is indeed smaller). They also agreed to ship via 3 day shipping but I think we actually got the gear in about 2 days. I was definitely impressed with the customer service and how well they handled there mess up. The masks were great and luckily my fiances head is a little smaller than mine so the ION 3 fit her ok....View Full Review

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Reviews

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge Reviews    Crystal Vu Plus Ultra Clear Mask with Purge

Reviewer: Paskal S. on 9/26/2013

Great mask if it fits you well - i bought this mask for a friend, but it did not fit him well. he liked the purge valve, but a few s kept seeping in whatever he tried. before the second dive we switched masks to try out the fit and save my friend the hassle of the small leakage. for me it fit perfectly, no leakage at all. also i loved the purge valve. it is a low volume mask, so it will be tight on some bigger noses, my nose is not small, but the bridge of my nose is straight. this is where the mask comes close to the nose, at the center of the bridge of your nose. so i recommend this mask if you want low volume mask, have a straight nasal bridge. some people comment on the purge valve hurting their nose while...View Full Review

Genesis Tri-View Panoramic Mask Reviews

Genesis Tri-View Panoramic Mask Reviews    Tri-View Panoramic Mask

Reviewer: Tianna Dulmage on 2/20/2013

Love the clear view! - i was a bit wary of buying a mask online i couldnt try on, but this mask was an excellent fit. it gels nicely to larger faces (when one doesnt put on sunscreen), and i think my stray hair was responsible for it fogging up more than i liked. (tried soap, toothpaste, and defog s, all of which worked for about the first 10 minutes and then i had to defog again). i could have tightened it up alot more for a better seal but was only doing short snorkel trips and liked not getting a headache/hairache from the straps. the best part is we got the clear one, so you can see everything in every direction without the mask obstructing your view at all. i tried my old mask a few times and it now...View Full Review

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask Reviews    Ultra Clear Subframe Mask

Reviewer: Benjamin Shey on 2/8/2013

Wow. High quality mask - This mask is great piece of scuba equipment. Let me start with the packaging. I comes in a great hard case, but unlike some other mask boxes, the mask stands upright with the lenses perpendicular to the horizontal. In other words, the mask sits in the box in the same orientation that one would wear it (as opposed sitting with the lenses facing up). The mask itself is super high quality. If you have a high nose bridge, i wouldnt recommend this mask. The mask it low profile due to the subframe technology, and the cross bit over the nose is actually metal. The lenses are great. They are so clear and dont have a greenish tint. You cant even tell they are there. The mask strap fits perfectly...View Full Review

XS Scuba GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews

XS Scuba GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews    GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras

Reviewer: Gary H. on 2/16/2014

Hands free diving videos - This is the ideal answer for being able to do underwater video when you want to have your hands free. The Hero series of cameras have a very wide angle lens so it is easy to aim the camera before your dive by simply mounting it on the mask, putting the mask on, taking a short video, checking where the camera was aimed relative to where you were looking, then adjusting accordingly. This is my first mask mounted video when my wife and I snorkeled with manatees. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFXkrIYKwu0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUTxeBBRQxI0-7ywYMA8kSjQ Since we were snorkeling the camera was right at the surface and would break the surface at time.

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews

H2O Alpha 2 Mask Reviews    Alpha 2 Mask

Reviewer: Christine O´Byrne on 11/11/2012

Great mask for a guy with glasses and a moustache! - I wanted to find the perfect mask for my husband, who has a strong lens prescription and also has a moustache. It took a while, but after reading the other reviews about this mask, it was the one I decided to try. I ordered the purge valve version, which only comes with the clear mask, because thats what the guys with moustaches were liking. My husband had never snorkeled before and I wanted him to have a positive experience. This mask did the job perfect! My husband even commented that he could see better with the masks prescription lenses than with his glasses, and joked that he would wear the mask to do his computer work. No leaking to speak of, and if there is a little then the...View Full Review

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews

XS Scuba Fusion Scuba Jr Reviews    Fusion Scuba Jr

Reviewer: Irven K. on 7/30/2007

Fits small faces! - Was having problems finding masks that fit the small faces of my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter. Bought this mask and another, problem solved. They use them to swim in our backyard pool so can vouch for how well they work for actual scuba diving but for our purposes they are great.

Mares X-Vision Mask Reviews

Mares X-Vision Mask Reviews    X-Vision Mask

Reviewer: Jeffrey N. on 3/3/2014

Overall quite happy with it. - this mask performed well, was comfortable and provides excellent field of view. i did notice that on 2 dives i had trouble with water leaking in that annoying drip-drip-drip thing. not sure if it was user error but since ive had quite a few years experience with several masks, i figured there was something i need to figure out with this one. apparently i did because the problem only occurred on a couple of dives in the middle of the trip. i got the clear frame and skirt because i prefer not to have the closed in feeling of a black mask. i did not notice any disturbing reflections or backside glare.

OctoMask Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews

OctoMask Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews    Scuba Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras

Reviewer: Jonathan S. on 10/10/2013

Keep your hands free and your camera secure - Purchased this mask because the GOPro head mount strap is really not appropriate for diving. It will slip off your head unless you sew on a chin strap. Who needs that. The mask is very good quality and the mount is an exact match for the camera. I now use my GoPro without worrying if it will slip off my head. This keeps me focused (pun intended) on using a full blown Canon 35mm setup with twin Substrobe DS161s at the same time. I shoot macro and it really is interesting to look back at the videos after I get some interesting stills. When I finally edit both I mix them together and the end result is quite nice.

XS Scuba Fusion Mask Reviews

XS Scuba Fusion Mask Reviews    Fusion Mask

Reviewer: Kenn Pietrzak on 4/4/2010

great pic - I have never purchased a mask before and shopped and read ALLOT of reviews before finally picking this mask. I have enjoyed snorkeling for years but have always done then on vacation "tour" packages and they have been provided by the companies and wanted my own and stop using the rental stuff. We took a cruise this March which included a day in Isle Roatan, Honduras where I got to try out this mask along with my new snorkel and flippers. THIS mask was GREAT! the full view of the lenses kept away the "tunnel-vision" effect many other mask I have rented. They were very comfortable to wear and sealed up on my face extremely well and comfortably. I wish I had bought some anti-fog though. ...View Full Review

Mares Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask Reviews

Mares Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask Reviews    Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask

Reviewer: Maxwell H. on 3/29/2014

Meh... - The lens shape/field of vision is great. The skirt pushes on my upper lip during the dive. By the end its a little sore and feels great to take off. I really wish this mask fit me better. All other aspects are great, but fit is paramount in masks. I think my lower face juts out too much for the design. I have since tried the Tusa line, specifically the Freedom and Concerno. If you lean more towards your Neanderthal roots in facial structure, maybe not this one. The Tusa Concerno will be my next adventure.

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask Reviews    Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask

Reviewer: Leo L. on 10/26/2013

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask - I used the Atomic UC Subframe Mask in a week long dive trip in Cuba. It offered good field of vision being a low profile mask. The nose pocket is on the small side, and having a fairly low/flat nose I was a bit concerned before diving with the mask but I had no problem reaching my nose or equalizing. The mask cleared quite well and it did not fog at all during the dozen dives - with max depth just over 100ft. The colours came through well but I cant comment on how the make would perform in night dives since none of my dives have been night dives. Definitely recommend.

Genesis Panview 4 Window Mask Reviews

Genesis Panview 4 Window Mask Reviews    Panview 4 Window Mask

Reviewer: James Ramsey on 6/15/2014

Scuba Jim - Nice mask soft and fits nice, Ive always been reluctant to buy any scuba equiptment on line but this is the second mask and for me to save 50-60% and still get a quality product, this mask was particularly nice in the way they set the glass so you only have a hairline to look at, Thank you, Recovery and Rescue Diver, Scuba Jim

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