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Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light Reviews

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light Reviews Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Andrew M.

Can you see? - Well with this littly light (wit a BIG power) the answer is YES YOU CAN! Great light fits in your pocket or on your BC. How ever the best part of it is the price!!!!!!! Igot three one for BC, one for my rist and one just in case. Think about it, youre on a night dive and your budy fogot his light or just burned out. You instantly become not only a dive budy, but a hero to! YOU saved the dive! (at least his dive) Oh and lets not forget the safty issues. This allowed you to see him also.

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light

Reviewer: Hilary R.

Let there be light - Nice light, cant wait to dive with it.

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 Dive Light V 2.0 Reviews

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 Dive Light V 2.0 Reviews Sea Dragon Mini 600 Dive Light V 2.0

Reviewer: James Benners

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 Dive Light V 2.0 Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I purchased this Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 600 to serve as my backup light and so far it works perfectly. I had the chance to test it out on five recent cavern dives at Blue Grotto & Devils Den in Williston Florida. On each dive it was bright enough to give me good visibility 20+ feet away, light and small enough to hold in my hand without feeling burdensome while swimming. Small enough to stow without being cumbersome. I purchased a rugged black mini flashlight holster w belt clip from Night Eyz and the Sealife fits into it perfectly snug and the materials even match my Aqualung Demensions i3 BCD so it looks great mounted! I have it mounted on the right side 2" harness strap for easy instant...View Full Review

TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews

TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews TUL-300 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Anton L.

TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Review - $78.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This gets 5 stars because it does exactly what the description stated. If I wanted a brighter/duller light, with more/less EV and larger /smaller beam diameter, then I would have gotten a different light. Very, very bright light which is more than I expected. Water seal is very good. It has some heft to it out of the water, solid construction, possible self defense weapon (=P). Be sure to keep it tethered to you using the supplied lanyard. Might put on some neon or reflective tape for easier UW viz in case it was to drop. A great light for signaling buddies, poking into crevices, wrecks, etc., and has sufficient length to keep you from using your hands when almost bouncing into things with...View Full Review

Trident Water Activated L.E.D. Light Reviews

Trident Water Activated L.E.D. Light Reviews Water Activated L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Andrew G.

Little light but bright and easy to use - Bought two of these little guys for my wife and I for a trip to Maldives. We love night diving and used to not have any problem picking each other out at night but now that everyone has sola lights (we do photography and used to be the only ones with solas), it is getting harder to separate them from us. These lights are easy to clip on and automatically turn on when you hit the water. No batteries to change or o-rings to service. They are fairly bright and flash so very noticeable. Saw a similar light on in Indonesia last year but it flashed different LED colors. That was very cool but couldnt find the same anywhere. It may have been home made. To make it easier to attach, I did...View Full Review

Tovatec IFL660-R L.E.D. Torch Reviews

Tovatec IFL660-R L.E.D. Torch Reviews IFL660-R L.E.D. Torch

Reviewer: Darren C.

Great dive light - Bought two of these for a recent wreck dive off Key Largo with my son. Worked well at 100 feet. No problems. Easy to use switch and robust wrist strap. Nice bright and tight beam. Penetrated the darkness inside the wreck very nicely. Seems to be very well built so hope it lasts. Even comes with a nice case that can be worn on your belt when not diving or for storage in your dive bag.

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro 20° eL.E.D Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro 20° eL.E.D Light Reviews Aqualite Pro 20° eL.E.D Light

Reviewer: Seth Irwin

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro 20° eL.E.D Light Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is the second light I have purchased. I bought one for myself last year and just bought one for my light. I use the hands free mount and it stays out of the way and is right there when u need it. I just did a night dive in Belize and the beam will go an easy 100+ underwater.

Trident L.E.D. Light Stick Reviews

Trident L.E.D. Light Stick Reviews L.E.D. Light Stick

Reviewer: Pete C.

Trident L.E.D. Light Stick Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Used this recently on night dives in Bonaire. Gives out a good glow. Didnt need to use it as a marker during dives but very helpful when sorting and donning gear before and after the dive.

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews Fire Glow Beacon

Reviewer: Keely E. Stevenson

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Wanted this after seeing several divers with on my first night dive. Havent tried them yet but am happy I have them

Big Blue Easy Clip Light Reviews

Big Blue Easy Clip Light Reviews Easy Clip Light

Reviewer: Abelardo M.

Easy Clip Lights - Very handy, can be placed on to any part of my diving gears. It gives me full sense of visibility to other divers. Color of light provides identification to my buddy or other divers too. Very affordable. A must for open water dives or on with poor visibility.

Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer Reviews

Trident Underwater Lazer Pointer Reviews Underwater Lazer Pointer

Reviewer: David M.

Trident underwater laser - ho-hum - The laser works at night, and best out of water. I had some fun getting goatfish to Chase the light, but it wasnt very effective pointing out small or hidden fish such as the ghost pipefish. Green may be a better color than red.

Princeton Tec League L.E.D. Light Reviews

Princeton Tec League L.E.D. Light Reviews League L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Elizabeth Terry

Princeton Tec League 100 L.E.D. Light Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is a good light that puts out lots of light for a small light. Light weight for travel and slips in a pocket easily.

Tovatec Compact Dive Torch Reviews

Tovatec Compact Dive Torch Reviews Compact Dive Torch

Reviewer: Joseph C.

compact dive tourch - great little light

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 650 L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 650 L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews Sea Dragon Mini 650 L.E.D. Dive Light

Reviewer: Darren

Excellent Light - Very impressed with this light. It is bright and feels comfortable in your hand. I was impressed with the feature to monitor battery life. Would recommend this to anyone.

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