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Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light Reviews   Torrent L.E.D. Dive Light

Reviewer: DeeAnna W. on 2/1/2014

Good light for the price.... - i purchased two of these dive lights, one in pink and one in yellow. the light is reasonably compact and plenty bright for what i need. id recommend it for the casual rec diver or as a backup to a better dive light. loaded with 8 aa batteries, the light will add about 1 lb to your overall weight. i followed the advice in other reviews to add a thin coat of silicone grease to the o-rings and threads of the front cap (what you unscrew to get to the batteries). i also dismantled the power switch and lightly coated the o-ring seals with silicone grease as well. after greasing, i havent seen any leaks, but i dont have long term experience with the light either. (you can find silicone grease in a... View Full Review

Big Blue Quattro XL L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue Quattro XL L.E.D. Light Reviews   Quattro XL L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: David Lee on 4/3/2012

Excellent Light - This is an excellent light. At 1000 lumens it really outshines anything of lower brightness. When I first got it, I thought it would be too big and heavy to be easily used but once I got it connected and tried out it is very comfortable. I hooked it to a "snappy" just in case. It fit into my BC zippered pocket easily for ascent and decent then I could remove it underwater for use. I didnt know what to do with the very large handle but found it made an excellent hook which I could attach the flashlight to my chest strap while not in use and it doesnt dangle so I could swim through caves and near the bottom without it being in the way but still be trivially accessible when I needed... View Full Review

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap Reviews   Mini Q40 eL.E.D. Plus Light with Mask Strap

Reviewer: Kurt K. on 3/25/2014

Good Value - I bought this light looking for a replacement for my small everyday dive light. Its small compact design is perfect. It provides plenty of light for poking in cracks and small dark spots. Also use it for a backup night dive light. My only complaint is that I have it attached to a retractable lanyard and the attachment point is in the middle of the light, not the end. That makes it a little awkward to stow in a BC pocket. All in all, a good value & performance for an AA backup light.

Trident Underwater Laser Pointer Reviews

Trident Underwater Laser Pointer Reviews   Underwater Laser Pointer

Reviewer: Hillary S. on 1/6/2014

Great little pointer! - I did a shallow dive (6-16ft) for about an hour without any battery issues at all. It definitely works better in low-lit areas, and was a great tool to point out stuff to my dive buddy. It worked great pointing at objects and animals about 3-4 feet away, and visible to my buddy on the object about 6 ft away. Underwater in bright lighting, it was not visible at all (no surprise). It is small enough to fit in a BC pocket or keep on your wrist without getting in the way. I wound up just holding it even when the light couldnt be used.

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light. Reviews

Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light. Reviews   Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light.

Reviewer: todd p. on 11/25/2013

handy little lights! - bought the pair of these lights from a special online... used them with a home made camera platform for the gopro. zip tied them on, and shooting shots of lobsters under shelves, or in coral tunnels they did the job for what I liked. The nice thing about their size, is that when I didnt use the camera, they slipped out of the ties and I could use in hand to look in crevices or other places of low light. good light output at 4-5 feet... if you want longer distance get a bigger light. these are handy little lights for a short distance when you are up close.

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light Reviews   CF-250 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: eric w. on 12/19/2012

Dive Light - This dive light is a great investment towards building my dive gear. It is bright, the adjustable beam lets you go from narrow intense beam to large diameter covering more area while not loosing light quality, its easy to manage and provides mobility especially while attached to its glove. Its rugged with good quality material and should last a long time. I have used it on two dives while in Belize, on a night reef dive and The Blue Hole, and couple of pool dives while. Those who I was diving were impressed with quality of light source and glove feature. A friend of mine borrowed one while on Maui dive trip and told me it work great. Im happy with my purchase and purchased two, great... View Full Review

Innovative 4 inch Chemical Light Stick Reviews

Innovative 4 inch Chemical Light Stick Reviews   4 inch Chemical Light Stick

Reviewer: Mark T. on 6/9/2008

Superb for Night Dives - cracking one of these to start the glow and then tucking it under my mask guard has been a great aid for my buddy to find me while in the deep dark No need for blinding me with a bright torch (flashlight) very reassuring.

Trident L.E.D. Light Stick Reviews

Trident L.E.D. Light Stick Reviews   L.E.D. Light Stick

Reviewer: David Lee on 4/3/2012

Largely useless for buddy identification. - This product does work exactly as advertised, but I found it useless for my needs. I wanted to use it to better identify my buddy underwater. I attached them first on a D Ring on the BC, then to the tank (at the octo). For 99% of the time I could not see them on my buddy. At shallow depths they were not bright enough to be visible. At deeper depths I could see it if it was unobstructed but was unable to find a way to attach it so it wasnt obscured. The only thing I could think of is a attached to the back of the tank but there was no easy way to do this. However they were clearly visible at deeper depths but only as long as you had a direct line of sight.

TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews

TUSA TUL-300 L.E.D. Light Reviews   TUL-300 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Thomas M. on 5/9/2010

TUSA L.E.D. Dive Light: - This is the first dive light Ive ever owned and I bought it specifically for its bright LED beam despite its small size. I had seen another diver using a light on a day dive and realized that it really comes in handy when youre diving on a wreck and want to be able to see inside of a cabin or hold. Its also great for illuminating underneath a rock or coral head. I ended up using this light on every dive I did on my last trip. The TUSA is a great light and small enough to easily fit right inside the pocket of my BCD. The switch is easy to slide on/off. If you dont own a dive light you should get one and this is a great choice!

Princeton Tec Attitude 3 L.E.D. Light Reviews

Princeton Tec Attitude 3 L.E.D. Light Reviews   Attitude 3 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: John Factor on 4/16/2013

Princeton Tec Attitude 3 L.E.D. Light - This small light was more than I expected. At first When I received the Item I thought very small, Plastic, probably not to powerful. I was wrong. We went on a night dive and I did not think that the little light would be powerful enough to do the job so I rented a larger dive light from the dive shop. This small light was brighter and had a better cone that was more soothing to your eyes. Saw lots of stuff.The price was unbeatable.Also great light for looking under rocks and shelves on your day dives.

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews

Promate Fire Glow Beacon Reviews   Fire Glow Beacon

Reviewer: Thomas C. on 10/20/2013

Nice Tank Light - This is a great little light for night dives. Very helpful for identifying your buddy in a crowd of fellow divers. I picked the yellow version and it works well even in limited visibility conditions. Tie it to your regulator with slack and it will float up for added visibility.

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