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Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Reviews

Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Reviews Titanium Folding BC Knife

Reviewer: Keith T.

Promate Titanium Folding BC Knife Review - $29.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I was certified in 1971, received my instructor rating in 1973, worked as a commercial underwater fisherman, helped develop extreme exposure deep water drift diving in Hawaii and later went on to a successful career as an underwater film and video cameraman for clients including National Geographic. I have done underwater salvage, dived in caves, wrecks, absolute zero visibility, strong currents, brutal surge and extreme depth on air. When I first started diving I bought a "Rambo" knife but soon learned how unnecessary and bulky most dive knives are. So most of the time I didnt carry one. On occasions when I needed a knife to cut lines or free marine life from nets I would take my...View Full Review

XS Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews

XS Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews Titanium Knife

Reviewer: Joshua F.

Great Knife. Sheath, Not So Durable - Im not a diver myself, but a deckhand and I use my knife frequently. That would explain how quickly it dulled on me, only took two days, but I can always get it sharpened again. That being said, it worked wonders on every material I used it on, sheered through cardboard, cut through burlap like it wasnt even there and of course just took a couple swipes to get through a thick line. Not to mention prying appart wood crates and pallets is 1000 times easier with something Im not afraid of snapping off. The tank sounding hammer definately has a use me aswell, good for any small hammer jobs, but doesnt quite have the mass to it for banging on the side of ships to get their attention. The only...View Full Review

Scuba BC Knife Reviews

Scuba BC Knife Reviews BC Knife

Reviewer: Monica S.

Scuba BC Knife Review - $13.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Very handy little knife, I use it as a "Kill Knife". Since Im just starting to spearfish, I havent mastered kill shots yet so as I bring my fish up to my kayak which I dive with,...the knife hangs over the side so I can quickly (Grab & Stab), then I toss my fish in a cooler on back. I know my method might sound a little strange but I lost the sheath since it didnt come with straps and this actually works better while im trying to handle a wriggling fighting fish. Im giving it 3 stars cause its cheep , very sharp and nice and handy,...I actually even filleted a Hog Fish with it too! It does rust pretty quickly so maybe Ill upgrade for the next one.

Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews

Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews Titanium Knife

Reviewer: Tyler Livingston

Scuba Titanium Knife Review - $74.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I own many knives, and know that each has its pros and cons. But this knife is a cut above the rest. Its decently sharp, has a very rugged serrated edge, comes apart and goes together easily, the sheath locks in the knife very well and allows a very quick release, and the handle is very well designed and provides a great grip. The only complaint I can come up worth would be that the screws that hold the sheath together are prone to rust, but are easily and cheaply replaced. 10/10 would buy again.

TUSA X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife Reviews

TUSA X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife Reviews X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife

Reviewer: Ken H.

Right Balance - This is the best knife I have owned in 30 some years of diving. It is overall well made, comes apart for drying and rust proofing, has good cutting edges, and unlocks from the sheath easily. It is also a good size: large and stout enough to be a useful tool for solving problems, yet not so large as to be in the way. I use this knife for drysuit wreck diving. (I use a smaller BC knife for tropical diving.) An extra benefit are the hook connection straps that provide easy attachment of knife to leg. Only negative was the dullness of the straight edge blade as delivered. Using a carbide sharpener, however, I managed to get a very sharp edge with bit of work.

Scubamax Titanium BC Knife Reviews

Scubamax Titanium BC Knife Reviews Titanium BC Knife

Reviewer: James Coen

Titanium mini knife - Titanium is great! It is super light, strong, and will NEVER corrode. That is what makes this knife a good buy. If you do not need a knife as a tool on every dive and just want a knife as a safety device, then this little knife is a good choice. It is small. The handle is too small to use as a working knife. I bought them for my kids to use as a safety tool. They fit nicely in a BC pocket where they stay all the time wet or dry. Just toss it in and forget about it. Then if you ever do get tangled in fishing line or your boats prop is tangled in a lobster pot line it is there, handy and ready to go.

ScubaPro Mako Titanium Knife Reviews

ScubaPro Mako Titanium Knife Reviews Mako Titanium Knife

Reviewer: Harold E.

Great little knife - I intended to use this as my primary dive knife. This knife is EXTREMLY sharp and works very well. I tested it by holding standard fiber line in one hand letting it dangle loosley and sliced downward at 45 degrees with the knife..... Cut the line in one stroke! It is however a bit small. When using 5mm gloves my hands completely engulf the handle making the grip feel a bit weak. I decided to make this my spearfishing knife instead. Great for braining fish and even prying oysters from their mounts. Overall this is a wonderful knife... Just wish it was a little larger (just two centimeters from perfection)

ScubaPro X-Cut Titanium TEK Knife Reviews

ScubaPro X-Cut Titanium TEK Knife Reviews X-Cut Titanium TEK Knife

Reviewer: Gerald O.

X-Cut Titanium TEK Knife - review - A good piece of diving kit in that it is small and simple and, being one piece, is easy to clean and maintain. The downside is that there is no obvious place to attach it to the BCD (although there are a variety of options for doing so - none seem perfect). While i know this is lame, I never wanted to carry a big knife on my leg or arm because it just seemed too "Mike Nelson," from Seahunt. This is the kind of knife you want to have on hand, unobtrusive but with a lot of utility, if you ever get tangle in fishing line or anything like that, and do not want to look like you are expecting to fight a shark or be an an extra in the 007 folm, Thunderball.

Deep See Squeeze Lock Titanium Knife Reviews

Deep See Squeeze Lock Titanium Knife Reviews Squeeze Lock Titanium Knife

Reviewer: Gregory R.

Light weight but sacrifice edge quality - Titanium is nice weight saver and low maintenance metal but very difficult to put fine cutting edge on. Wife has stainless version and I believe it is the better tool as I can hone it to razor edge on diamond lap wheel to quickly cut through any entanglement. If you take care to carefully wash and dry your gear go with stainless. If cleaning and caring for gear is a necessary evil then this may be the knife for you.

Zeagle Line Cutter Reviews

Zeagle Line Cutter Reviews Line Cutter

Reviewer: Jeff R.

Zeagle Line Cutter Review - $23.75 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Using it to replace the mini knife on that I had on my inflation hose. Fits nicely on my BC strap with absolutely no bulk. It has the right balance of staying secure and easy to deploy. The yellow is a great touch, easy to find with a quick glance down. My buddy and I both got one, we are very pleased with them.

Scuba Stainless Steel Knife Reviews

Scuba Stainless Steel Knife Reviews Stainless Steel Knife

Reviewer: Gregory Allan

Majorg - I bought this knive about two months ago it is a great knive for its money and its built very well,you can take it apart to wash it.some people say that it rusted after they used it one time,ive used it ten times so far no rust yet if you wash the knive every time( duh )when you get out of the water instead of throwing in your dive bag this wont happen.Scuba Pro stands behind there products so dont go there about the rust. Later

Underwater Kinetics Remora Hydralloy Knife Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Remora Hydralloy Knife Reviews Remora Hydralloy Knife

Reviewer: Teresa N.

great knife - perfect size and has everything a diver needs (serrated edge, straight edge, rope cutter, blunt edge). Perfect size. Highly recommend.

Innovative Line Cutter with Sheath Reviews

Innovative Line Cutter with Sheath Reviews Line Cutter with Sheath

Reviewer: Michael W.

This is the Second one i have ordered - I ordered one for my sister (She dose not like a lot of exposed blade so I let her chose the one she wanted and she chose this one), and Dad decided he wanted one as well, So I ordered him one they both Love it!

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