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Aqua Lung SeaQuest Zuma Travel BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Zuma Travel BC Reviews SeaQuest Zuma Travel BC

Reviewer: Jon M. on 3/18/2015

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Zuma Travel BC Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is an excellent and well thought out BC for travel. However the two smaller sizes XXS/XS and SM/MD are not suitable for colder water or use with a wetsuit. One star for the its design and quality. It appears well made with nice features like a pocket for storage, grommets for mounting a knife sheaf and a quality braided flex hose for the infiltrator along with an attached dust cap. Second star for its fitment. Ins a unisex BC. Black or pink models are identical. They are not cut differently for men or women. However they fit both VERY well with the adjustments. My wife tried on a dozen BCs and found the Zuma to most comfortable and best fit. Especially the tank location does not pull...View Full Review

TUSA Conquest BC BCJ-7000 Reviews

TUSA Conquest BC BCJ-7000 Reviews Conquest BC BCJ-7000

Reviewer: Jeff G. on 7/13/2009

TUSA BCJ-7000 - first off, this bc is very comfortable. it has many steel d-rings to attach stuff, a nice sized down pocket, two retractor grommets, and the back cushion is very comfortable with extra padding in the lumbar area (real nice coming out of a beach dive). its inflation device is in between a back and jacket inflator type. it inflates on the back and on the side, but not as much on the side like a jacket were it sometimes feels like its squishing your stomach. for lack of a better term, it is "bulky" compared to say a seaquest malibu, but thats because of its comfort additions, such as the back/lumbar cushion and massive padding on the shoulder straps. also, the air inflation system is...View Full Review

Zeagle Stiletto BC Reviews

Zeagle Stiletto BC Reviews Stiletto BC

Reviewer: Eric P. on 8/23/2013

Great BC but still getting use to it. - i really like my stiletto bc. i am a big guy and the moveable components made it very easy to move the cumberbun to get to the right sizing. it is also compact and light weight. this is my first back inflate bc and get (and stay) horizontal like a salmon with no effort at all. however, i am still getting use to it on the surface for briefings as im either sitting too far forward or too far back....but this will just take a little time to figure out. the only two things i am not keen on are: - the placement of the dump valve, i have to be a near contortionist to be able to reach around to get to it. not that i have need for it on the majority of occasions. - the ripcord emergency...View Full Review

Zeagle Ranger BC Reviews

Zeagle Ranger BC Reviews Ranger BC

Reviewer: Aaron Cornett on 9/9/2007

No longer renting - I recently pruchased a Zeagle Ranger BC from SCUBA.COM. I was very pleased with the service, including an attempt at price matching with a different online company (who did not have my size in stock). The Zeagle Ranger is a great piece of kit. Very comfortable. Very adjustable. Very well made. As a point of comparison, it is a little bulky when packing it into a bag. I love the integrated weights, although it does make for a heavy piece of gear when everything is loaded.

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Balance BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Balance BC Reviews SeaQuest Balance BC

Reviewer: Hector Garcia on 2/19/2014

Awesome BCD! - this bcd is awesome, fits perfectly to the back and the location of the weights keeps you well balanced. its built to last and with very good materials up to the details! the only thing is that i used a jacket bcd for the last 20 years so at the beginning i felt i was not able to keep my head afloat in the surface, after a couple of dives, im feeling perfect! i really recommend this bcd, is awesome, i have only good things to say about it, it distributes the air so well that you never end up with your head or your feet above your waist! you do your dives in an almost perfect horizontal position!

Zeagle Scout BC Reviews

Zeagle Scout BC Reviews Scout BC

Reviewer: Alberto Podio on 3/12/2014

Great fit, great BC - Fits great, works wonders. Has all the right features that you need, none of the features that you dont. Back inflate that works very well, great control. among the best back inflate that Ive used. Do yourself a favor and get this one for travel. I can fit this BC, a mask and my regs in my carry on luggage. The rest gets checked and wont ruin my trip if lost.

Hollis Ride Travel BC Reviews

Hollis Ride Travel BC Reviews Ride Travel BC

Reviewer: Vincent E. on 3/5/2013

Perfect Travel Wing - In short, this is a light weight travel wing with high durability. I have done a more than a few dives on this wing, and after getting used to it, everytime I dive now, I feel like I am not wearing a bcd. It has a very low profile, no clutter in front of me, just perfect all round. Sadly, Hollis only added one dump value on the bottom. Additionally, if you plan to get this bcd, consider getting 2 weight pockets to attach on the tank strap. Overall, I would recommend this bcd especially if you travel a lot.

Zeagle Ranger LTD BC Reviews

Zeagle Ranger LTD BC Reviews Ranger LTD BC

Reviewer: Don Rhodes on 12/3/2007

Great heavy duty BCD - This is a very well made BCD with features that made it easy to use including weight bags that are easy to put into the zippered pockets, extra weight pockets in the rear of the BCD next to the tank and several rings to attach stuff. It is a long tested design, fits well and, most important, works well in the water. As with most SCUBA gear, you need to decide where and how you plan to use it. I spend most of the year diving with a heavy duty dry suit. The BCD, with its lift, is great for that. Because of its design and fit it should also be fine for the trips to the tropics. Like all divers I ask others about their gear. There are a lot of Zeagle Rangers on dive boats. All the...View Full Review

XS Scuba Companion BC Reviews

XS Scuba Companion BC Reviews Companion BC

Reviewer: Doug W. on 9/13/2013

Good value and performance - BC looks well made, nothing fancy but it fits the bill for medium use. I use it with a 63 cu ft tank to do bottom scrubbing on my boat. Fit well and I like the 2 weight pockets no need for a weight belt. Priced right.

Oceanic Excursion BC Reviews

Oceanic Excursion BC Reviews Excursion BC

Reviewer: Waymon Brewster on 7/10/2012

Easy setup. - It was nice not to have a weight belt. Very comfortable with no chaffing under the arms. Being a back inflator, it will push your face down in the water, when on the surface.

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Dimension i3 BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Dimension i3 BC Reviews SeaQuest Dimension i3 BC

Reviewer: Andy S. on 5/13/2013

State of the Art - Very light but well built. i3 system worked brilliantly and was the envy of many a diver.

Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BC Reviews

Zeagle Express Tech Deluxe BC Reviews Express Tech Deluxe BC

Reviewer: franz c dr a. on 12/3/2010

Travel friendly - I like this item because in the days of airline weight restrictions it is the perfect bcd. To dive with is a real pleasure you dont know you are wearing a bcd at all. The only disadvantage is that its a little tricky to do surface control. You are pushed forward face down in the water when you inflate your bcd .My advice: fillit just enough to float or lie back... Therefor just four stars. Frank Amler

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