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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag Reviews

Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag Reviews Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag

Reviewer: William K.

Traveling snorkel gear bag - Like the fin bag. The bag was put in large suitcase and only fit corner to corner standing on its side, which makes it hard to pack around. The front mask pocket works better for accessories, which is very handy. The lower pocket is not very deep and the zipper access is hard to get to, the upper mask pocket is setting to close on top of it. The lower pocket works well for a large ziplock or water proof bag for things you dont want wet, but must have, passport, cash, etc. The mask pocket will fit a mask, but is to small for me. You must fold the sides of your mask in to fit. I have the average to long full foot fins and they fit well with room for my mask at the top. I even had...View Full Review

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel Reviews

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel Reviews Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel

Reviewer: Amber M.

Excellent Snorkel - I love this snorkel. I have a hard time clearing the water in a traditional snorkel, and sometimes forget to clear it (or not have enough air left in my lungs to clear it) and get water in my mouth, For snorkeling (starting with the snorkel in my mouth) This snorkel allowed me to dive completely under the water, come up, and start breathing without getting any water in my mouth. For scuba diving, if you go under without the snorkel in your mouth, you have to clear it once to use, and then it will stay dry if you go under with it in your mouth. The water only comes in through the mouthpiece.

Scuba After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining Reviews

Scuba After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining Reviews After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining

Reviewer: Ron B.

Great jacket! - This is an incredible bargain of a jacket. For the price, I thought it would be a pretty simple and cheaply made product, but it is of very high quality, reversible, and very warm and comfortable. We live in a tropical climate (Okinawa) but in winter the air can feel cold after the dive. With this jacket I peeled off my wetsuit top, dried off and then used the jacket to warm me until the next dive. Worked beyond expectation. I can use this as a normal everyday jacket as well, although its usually too warm here for this coat. So, I can unzip the fleece lining and use it as a windbreaker. Well worth the purchase.

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