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You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for wetsuit hoods below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Akona, Body Glove, Deep See, Hyperflex by Henderson, Innovative, LavaCore by Oceanic, Neosport by Henderson, Ocean Quest, ONeill, Pinnacle, Rip Curl, XS Scuba and more...

Innovative Squid Diving Hat Reviews

Innovative Squid Diving Hat Reviews   Squid Diving Hat

Reviewer: Christopher G. on 6/8/2008

Good for those who are "light on top". - Got tired of burning my scalp on the surface swims to and from the dive spots. This serves the purpose fine. The only downfall is the lettering has already started to come off, only after a few dives.

XS Scuba 2mm Titanium Diving Beanie Reviews

XS Scuba 2mm Titanium Diving Beanie Reviews   2mm Titanium Diving Beanie

Reviewer: sherry m. on 8/8/2007

Warmth while Scuba Diving - The XS Scuba 2mm Titanium Beanie was a good choice. The reasons for this buy were to obtain warmth and comfort while diving. The size was perfect and the use was correct. While diving, whether in a thermaclyne or in freshwater springs, it does get cold. Being that you loose most of your body heat through your head, besides your torso, this helped keep your warmth and did not effect the dive in a negative way. I would recommend the Scuba Beanie as an added item to your dive gear, even with a hood attachement to a vest. The beanie is a good choice for gear.

Ocean Quest 2mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Dive Beanie Reviews

Ocean Quest 2mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Dive Beanie Reviews   2mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Dive Beanie

Reviewer: Ken H. on 1/28/2013

Cheap Insurance - i bought this beanie for a january trip to cozumel where a little extra warmth can be nice just in case the sun isnt blazing between dives. as it turned out i wore it for all dives (in addition to my 3 mm suit) because... i just like to be warm. a few times on the trip back to the dock i fastened the side flaps up and continued to wear it like...a beanie. being from northern michigan (land of the dry suit) i really appreciate efficient ways to keep warm and comfortable in and out of the water and if you try to tough your way through getting cold you will lose. and we all know how much heat is lost from the head, right? so buy this beanie and stick in in your bag. btw, its comfy and... View Full Review

Neosport by Henderson 2.5mm Titanium Diving Sport Cap Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 2.5mm Titanium Diving Sport Cap Reviews   2.5mm Titanium Diving Sport Cap

Reviewer: Donna M. on 3/1/2014

Love it! - Bought the Neosport 2.5mm diving caps for a scuba venture in the pacific. Loved them. They kept both my husband and I warm despite some chilly waters at times. We also used them snorkeling and kept the sunburn off the tops of our heads.

ONeill 2mm Beanie Reviews

ONeill 2mm Beanie Reviews   2mm Beanie

Reviewer: Dianne C. on 2/14/2013

Brow is low - I have a 7 1/4" head with long hair and I have to roll up the edge to get it high enough to get above my Cressi Minimus mask (I have a small). I have been using it to tame my hair and as a base for the head band for my GoPro and it has been working so far once I figured out the tension of the strap for the GoPro with the added material of the rolled up edge of this beanie.

Pinnacle 3mm Titanium Diving Beanie Reviews

Pinnacle 3mm Titanium Diving Beanie Reviews   3mm Titanium Diving Beanie

Reviewer: EDNA DECASTRO on 4/6/2009

warmth for your noggin - this is a great beanie to keep the hair out of your eyes and to keep your head warm even in 87 degree water... would have liked more velcro on the strap and more color options such as yellow for easy identification

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