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Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Bags, RollerBags. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for bags below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Akona, Armor, Mares, OceanPro, ScubaPro, Stahlsac, TUSA, XS Scuba and more...

XS Scuba Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Roller Backpack Bag Reviews   Roller Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Ashley M. on 7/26/2007

Great Bag! - I ordered this for my wifes B-day present, and didnt know I would be helping myself out as well. This bag is large enough for both our gear (warm-water) the fin pockets on the side do hold a pair of fins per pocket. the large front pocket has a padded case that fits inside of it for your regs (one set only), and inside this case is a place designed for your console, which is padded as well. if you need to use this pocket, thats fine because the case comes with its own shoulder strap, and is made of the same denier nylon as the bag. The mesh watter bottle pocket folds inside the bag, with the bottle still in the pocket! I also added the piggy back duffle, and am so glad I did, now we have... View Full Review

Akona Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Akona Roller Backpack Bag Reviews   Roller Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Jody S. on 9/9/2007

Akona Roller Backpack - i read all the reviews on and in all the magazines i could find before making this purchase. they were all helpful. this bag has just about everything lots of space the pockets are spacious and well placed. im not sure why there is the bottle and pocket on the front i agree we should all stay hydrated, but i think removing the bottle and enlarging the existing pocket is more practical. i went to key largo from ca for a week of diving more than enough room for everything. one review i read said to watch out for all the space in being tempted to fill it, you could be in serious jeopardy of exceeding airline weight limits i found this to be true also. the wheels are... View Full Review

XS Scuba Roller Duffel Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Roller Duffel Bag Reviews   Roller Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 11/3/2008

Its OK but... - I bought this bag based on the glowing recommendations on this web site and my previous experience with XS Scuba products. While there really isnt anything wrong with the bag, there are a number of things that would have lead me to purchase another bag instead of this one. 1. The zippers are not very flexible and take a lot of effort to manipulate even after using zipper lubricant. 2. The back plate and the extension handle rails are visible thru the open duffel. The back plate is a little flimsy and its exposed to water from damp gear. 3. I had a hard time fitting in a 5mm wetsuit, BCD, mask, fins, etc for a temperate water dive. Outside fin pockets would have been nice. 4.... View Full Review

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack Bag Reviews   Mesh Roller Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Ralph B. on 12/12/2012

Akona Mesh Roller Backpack - I have 2 Akona Roller Mesh Backpack that I purchase from Scuba. com, One for my wife and one for me. First of all, the the service was great, I received the bags in a couple of days after placing the order with Scuba. Com. I own the Akona Mesh bag without wheels, all thought it too is an excellent bag, We were in Key West this summer, and had to walk at least 1/2 mile back to the hotel. The dive equipment was wet coming back form the trip and it was very heavy on my back!! Also, I had to carried my wifes equipment as well. The tempature around 90 degrees. "Tough work-out". My wife and myself went diving last week, use the Akona Roller Mesh Backpack, and pull the equipment back to the... View Full Review

ScubaPro 8.9 lbs Porter Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

ScubaPro 8.9 lbs Porter Roller Backpack Bag Reviews   8.9 lbs Porter Roller Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Steven Rahn on 3/23/2014

ScubaPro Porter - Ok used this bag to go on a cruise and it was perfect! Tons and Tons of room and it will compact down into a large briefcase size for storage. Only thing is I wish there was straps on the inside to hold everything in place. This is a bag if you need to pack a lot of gear. With scuba gear everything will hold in place much better. The light weight is great and the construction is tough. The lighter weight comes from not having an telescoping handle. It does have a nice handle to pull it with nice sturdy wheels. Will be using it with dive gear in May when I head to Roatan.

Armor Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag Reviews

Armor Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag Reviews   Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Rick Cobb on 5/10/2013

A nice travel bag - I bought this bag for a dive trip to the Keys. My full size SCUBAPRO gear bag is just not suited for checked luggage, where this bag is better equipped with the rollers and more suitable size. It is of very high quality construction and the only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 stars, is the handle you use to roll the bag is just not long enough for my 63" body. I have to stoop down to effectively utilize the rollers. Other than that issue it seems to be the perfect SCUBA travel bag.

Mares Cruise Pro Roller Backpack Bag Reviews

Mares Cruise Pro Roller Backpack Bag Reviews   Cruise Pro Roller Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Adam M. on 12/2/2013

Excellent! - This was the perfect buy for me and my sister for our dive vacations! its just the right size to fit 2 full sets of cold weather gear or 2 sets on tropical gear with room to spare. the materials are very study and pretty lightweight for the size.i am very pleased with this product and got just what i was looking for.

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Backpack Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Backpack Bag Reviews   Wheeled Mesh Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Randy G. on 4/11/2010

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Backpack - great bag i own two of them! however, be careful...this bag does not have an adjustable handle like my first one did. fortunately i bought the second bag for my wife, or i would not be able to reach the handle while pulling the bag on its wheels. i bought the first one from my local dive shop. it has an adjustable handle, so i can extend it. i am only 510" and without the adjustment would have trouble reaching the handle once the top of the bag is tilted down to tow it on its wheels. it backpacks great though!!!

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews   Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Barry S. on 6/12/2013

Awesome mesh bag - My Buddy recommended that I get a mesh bag to use for transport but more importantly to use after the dive when I submerge everything in a large bucket of fresh water to soak out the salt overnight. So I submerge the entire bag which allows me to keep everything organized plus it keeps my wet suit submerged too. Well built with strong zippers - I think this bag will last a very long time... View Full Review

TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews

TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews   Roller Mesh Bag

Reviewer: David W. on 3/4/2013

Thats how I roll..... - I really like the mesh for drip/air dry of the gear. Of course I rinse with fresh water when I get the gear home but in the meantime, plenty of ventilation. The best part is the roller feature. The first time I used it and was comfortably rolling all my gear (minus tanks and drysuit)down the dock to the boat, I was giddy. Anybody who has had to carry a heavy bag of dive gear will appreciate this bag. Best and be safe... DW

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