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Mares Sten Mini Rigged Speargun.. Reviews

Mares Sten Mini Rigged Speargun.. Reviews Sten Mini Rigged Speargun..

Reviewer: Robert A.

Extremely pleased - i was pleasantly surprised when i recieved this speargun today. a few things for novice speargunners (like myself): - as youve seen this gun is operated pnumatically. however this doesnt mean that you have to "pump it" like a pellet gun every shot - the chamber is internal and it works much like a pogo stick works - so you push in the spear to "charge" up the pressure and lock the spear into place. a pump is included in the event that you begin to lose pressure over time. - assembly: the directions are vague - it is made in italy so for the english reader the instructions are not that good. however, i will try to let you know about the assembly. the first step is to assemble the...View Full Review

JBL Woody 38-Special Magnum Speargun Reviews

JBL Woody 38-Special Magnum Speargun Reviews Woody 38-Special Magnum Speargun

Reviewer: matt perna

great gun - shipped in the nick of time, perfect gun for diving and shooting rock fish

JBL Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Wood Series Speargun Reviews

JBL Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Wood Series Speargun Reviews Elite Sawed-Off Magnum Wood Series Speargun

Reviewer: Igor Agrest

Simply an awesome speargun - Very nice gun, blows my AB Biller 32 special out of t he water in every factor: Distance, Accuracy, Balance, Finish you name it. Very pleased. Great size as well. With a third band added it is a blue water killer, two bands... reef and wreck deadly weapon.

JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun Reviews

JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun Reviews 38-Special Northwest Speargun

Reviewer: Nicholas Dean

Great Gun for a great price. Recomend on all levels - This is a sweet gun for a sweet price! I bought the gun for fishing in primarily coral and reef areas in Hawaii. The smaller size of the gun makes it extremely mobile. Not only is its mobility great for quick navigation amungst thick coral, but also if you do much traveling it makes it much easier to pack. I have used it about 4 or 5 times now, and havnt even needed to put the 3rd band on it for added power. I was really impressed with its power as well as how easy it was to load. For those who are worried about how hard it is to load, almost every gun on the market is going to take some muscle. Ive used guns that are much harder to loard than this one. All around I would...View Full Review

JBL Sawed-Off Magnum XHD Speargun Reviews

JBL Sawed-Off Magnum XHD Speargun Reviews Sawed-Off Magnum XHD Speargun

Reviewer: Robert Knoll

JBL Sawed-Off Magnum XHD Speargun Review - $315.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The sawed-off XHD is an awesome gun for an awesome price! Its short enough to hunt in and under rocks and reefs while still having the power of a much larger gun! Easily maneuverable with power to take down anything you encounter...what more could you want?

JBL Elite Woody 38-Special. Reviews

JBL Elite Woody 38-Special. Reviews Elite Woody 38-Special.

Reviewer: Matt Cerrato

JBL Elite Woody 38-Special. Review - $288.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Been on 2 dives with this gun and have already gotten 2 good size bass and a good size sheepshead. Couldnt be happier! Gun is easy to handle in the water and floats while your retrieving your fish

JBL Elite Magnum Woody Series Speargun Reviews

JBL Elite Magnum Woody Series Speargun Reviews Elite Magnum Woody Series Speargun

Reviewer: adam k.

Great gun for the money. - A simple, durable, attractive-looking tool to get the job done. Some problems getting the base of the shaft to lock in its track above the trigger housing, but somehow became effortless when actually in the water. Spectra wishbones are durable, but make stretching the bands that extra inch to catch the sharkfin a real muscle-smoker. Fairly quiet underwater, and easy to maneuver. 63" gun needs only one band for solid point-of-aim, point-of-impact hits out to about 12 feet.

JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun Reviews

JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun Reviews Travel Magnum Combo Speargun

Reviewer: Ethan Bond

JBL Travel Magnum Combo Speargun - This is a GREAT value gun. Light, accurate and versatile. for a traveling spearo, ths is definately worth considering. In 24" cut down mode it does lack power, and so be careful you dont hit the gill plate or you might watch your fish swim away. Fortunately in full size mode it is light enough for quick target aquisition and has plenty of stopping power in the 40 lb range - havent tried it on anything bigger yet. The only real criticism is that you need to make sure you keep checking the spear tip and spear sections as I found that they came lose more often than other spears I have used. Take spares!

JBL Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun Reviews

JBL Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun Reviews Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun

Reviewer: Dylan M.

Good product - From what I did it was a well put together gun looks like it will last a long time and smooth/ accurate shooting. one thing I didnt like is that it does not float like they said it would.

JBL Woody Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun Reviews

JBL Woody Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun Reviews Woody Sawed-Off Magnum Speargun

Reviewer: Arturo A.

Woody - great spear gun for the price. in order to engage the shaft you have to first hold the trigger down, the shaft and release the trigger in order for it to engage. nobody could provide me the correct instructions, had to figure it out myself.

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