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Innovative Compass Slate Reviews

Innovative Compass Slate Reviews    Compass Slate

Reviewer: David Smith on 11/26/2008

Good Compass and Slate Combo - This is a good slate and compass combo. You can write on both sides with the attached pencil. With the locking retractor is keeps it out of the way until needed, but handy when you are ready to use it without tugging on you all the time. The only downside is that the compass must be almost perfectly level to use, if it is tilted too much then the dial hangs up on itself and then isnt accurate. For the price it is a good compass, to get 5 starts it would have to allow reading when more out-of-level (but would then cost significantly more, at least when compared to similar compasses).

Scubamax 5-Page Wrist Dive Slate Reviews

Scubamax 5-Page Wrist Dive Slate Reviews    5-Page Wrist Dive Slate

Reviewer: Andy Lai on 9/10/2008

Excellent Communications Tool - Offers the writing area of a full sized slate with the compactness to be out of the way until you need it. The ablility to use either the velcro or stretch cord to hold it on allows for plenty of adjustment for comfort. Pencil holder keeps the pencil better than standard push in clips, and seems to hold the pencil together better.

Innovative Large Quest Slate Reviews

Innovative Large Quest Slate Reviews    Large Quest Slate

Reviewer: Richard K Gebhardt on 12/12/2012

Large Quest slate is still my favorite - This is the 3rd one of these that Ive had over the past 20 years. They get old and the cells that hold the dark fibers (iron filings?) and the white liquid get crushed in the bag or against a rock and then that area is permanently black. What I like about it is the that there is good contrast on with a bold stoke. This is great for communicating in poor visibility, night, and can be seen by the students across the platform during training. Even with prescription lenses in my mask cant always see pencil thin writing in all conditions, and my buddy has the same problem. It hangs nicely and usually without problems from a D-ring off the bottom of my BC. I also like that the...View Full Review

Mares Writing Slate Reviews

Mares Writing Slate Reviews    Writing Slate

Reviewer: Paul M. on 4/11/2013

Didnt Actually Buy This Slate - Scuba.com was out of stock - The title says it. This was one of several items for which Scuba.com was out of stock and backordered so long they cancelled the item from my order. At least for this item, Scuba.com let me know it was delayed. Some other items were delayed, so my whole order was delayed without any communication, even though I paid extra for "3-day delivery". I guess that means 3 days after they finally get around to assembling the order and seeing if some items will come back into stock. The Mares slate is probably just fine, but it seems peculiar to be prompted by Scuba.com email to write a review for products they cancelled from my order for being out of stock and backordered. Very unpleased with...View Full Review

Innovative Mini-Quest Slate Reviews

Innovative Mini-Quest Slate Reviews    Mini-Quest Slate

Reviewer: HENRY FONT on 8/29/2007

The best slate around! - i really like this slate because you can use the magnetic slate side to write (and erase messages) quickly and you can also use the plastic slate (in the opposite side) for information that you want to keep. the slate folds in such a way that a cover protects the magnetic side when it is not in use. the size of the slate is perfect to fit inside "dive rite waist pockets". the slate comes with a stylus/pencil use the stylus for the magnetic side of the slate, and use the pencil for the plastic side of the slate.

NAUI Over-sized Divemaster Air Dive Table Reviews

NAUI Over-sized Divemaster Air Dive Table Reviews    Over-sized Divemaster Air Dive Table

Reviewer: John Magruther on 9/13/2014

NAUI Over-sized Divemaster Air Dive Table Review - $23.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Two buddy divers can easily view the chart while planning the dive. A simple black grease pencil can eliminate "Letter" slippage. All the proper information is easy to see and understand. The reverse side is great for showing the times, depths, and Letters for a safe dive. Plan the dive and dive the plan. Well worth the cost! JV Magruther

Innovative Diver Communication Slate Reviews

Innovative Diver Communication Slate Reviews    Diver Communication Slate

Reviewer: Perry Leonard on 10/17/2014

Innovative Diver Communication Slate Review - $9.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Provides some of the best used comments underwater. I can just point to them and easy for my buddy to see and read.

Deep Outdoors Divers Organizer with 2 Slates and Pencil Reviews

Deep Outdoors Divers Organizer with 2 Slates and Pencil Reviews    Divers Organizer with 2 Slates and Pencil

Reviewer: kevin webster on 12/8/2010

Slates - First time to use slates. Once we figured out it worked better wet loved it. Worked well on our navigation & search and recovery class. Fit well in BCD pocket also nice that it had strap with clip so easly attached to D ring on BCD.

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