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Miscellaneous Reviews - Travel Essentials

Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Miscellaneous, Travel Essentials. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for miscellaneous below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Akona, Arttomedia, Innovative and more...

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews   Luggage Tags

Reviewer: Dawn Phillips on 1/14/2009

Dawn - These are very nice tags and my family liked finding them in their stockings.

Akona Dry Pouch Reviews

Akona Dry Pouch Reviews   Dry Pouch

Reviewer: darrell webster on 9/16/2013

Great Pouch - Bought this for a holiday and I got everything from the last 3 dives in it. Oops forgot to empty it out. The same bag is much more expensive in the box stores and this one is no so ridgid.

Arttomedia 3D Shipwreck Card/Dive Map - Cayman Islands Reviews

Arttomedia 3D Shipwreck Card/Dive Map - Cayman Islands Reviews   3D Shipwreck Card/Dive Map - Cayman Islands

Reviewer: Eric W. on 4/27/2012

Not very detailed quite dusappointed - Bought this for a quick reference to dive sites. Not very happy. Very few sites listed. Also purchased a fish id card which wasnt even advertised as a dive site card and it had much much more info than the card sold as the dive site card. I would recommend you stop selling this card and promote the fish id card instead.

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