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Trident Ear Drops Reviews

Trident Ear Drops Reviews Ear Drops

Reviewer: Pat Mc Donnell

Trident Ear Drops Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This actually does what it says it does. Have been having problems with my ear as of late from diving in dirty waters as I am a Search & Recovery Diver with 15 years. Was getting Diver ear with dirty water infection my ear drums for about a month after each Search. The only thing is that I find it hard to know when you are putting in 4 drops in each ear as u cannot feel the drops going into my ear but apart from that it is very good for drying out your ears

Innovative Paracord Survival Bracelet Reviews

Innovative Paracord Survival Bracelet Reviews Paracord Survival Bracelet

Reviewer: Terry P.

Innovative Paracord Survival Bracelet Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Good, extremely solid design and clasp but if you intend to wear on wrist rather that on BC, etc. the sizing is large. I got a large/x-large but would need a medium to wear on wrist.

Innovative Microfiber Towel Reviews

Innovative Microfiber Towel Reviews Microfiber Towel

Reviewer: James C.

Innovative Microfiber Towel Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is a great towel. Fits in my dive bag and dries like a regular towel. Hang it up and its ready to go again.

H2O Waterproof Gobag Reviews

H2O Waterproof Gobag Reviews Waterproof Gobag

Reviewer: Sylvia F.

Well Made! - Too big! Could have saved some money in purchasing a smaller one. Way too big for I Phone 6 Plus, should have looked at the measurements!

Innovative Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale Reviews

Innovative Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale Reviews Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale

Reviewer: Larry R Leone, Jr.

Works great! - Just used it on a trip to Florida with my dive gear. It is spot on! Get one to avoid those nasty bag fees!!!

Trident Woven Beach Dive Mat Reviews

Trident Woven Beach Dive Mat Reviews Woven Beach Dive Mat

Reviewer: THOMAS M.

keeps my gear clean - I bought this for shore diving around the great lakes. Its perfect for kitting up and keeping my gear out of the sand and dirt.

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews Luggage Tags

Reviewer: Tracey Harrington

Good - Received Product, happy customer

Innovative Divers Luggage Grip Reviews

Innovative Divers Luggage Grip Reviews Divers Luggage Grip

Reviewer: Tracey Harrington

Good - Received product, happy customer

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