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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews

Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease

Reviewer: Marc StClair

Perfect Lube...a must for a save-a-dive kit! - Small 2 ounce tube size container of the recommended MCG111 part number lube for equipment being used with higher mixtures of oxygen (Nitrox) or technical diving air mixtures. A very small amount goes a long way for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals. This stuff is 100 times better than regular silicone because it lasts longer and does not break down with heat or the climate. Plus, silicone is NOT recommended on diving equipment that uses higher percentage of oxygen mixtures. Silicone and higher mixtures of oxygen when combined can present real hazards. I purchased this product when I had to replace O-rings in my regulator hoses, dive computer quick disconnects, and other...View Full Review

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews T2 Toolpack

Reviewer: Francis M Dougherty

Innovative T2 Toolpack Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I was looking for something that is easy to pack, yet had all the necessary tools for a quick fix away from home and other tools. This set up is perfect.

Innovative Divers Wrench Set Reviews

Innovative Divers Wrench Set Reviews Divers Wrench Set

Reviewer: Jose Costa

Handy tools - I decided to buy this wrench set because I tried two different tools from a local hardware store and they are too thick to fit in the space left on the 1st stage once hoses are attached to it, normal tools or wrenches are too thick. Another good thing is their weight, where I dive is a couple of hours away from my place, and then I have to take a boat, just bringing the diving equipment represents a heavy load, the less tools I have to carry the better in terms of weight.

Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit Reviews

Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit Reviews Deluxe Diver Tool And Repair Kit

Reviewer: Tanya Parsons

Very handy - Use it all the time

Innovative Tool Master Reviews

Innovative Tool Master Reviews Tool Master

Reviewer: Al V.

Compact and Works - Its not pretty and can be frustrating, as the wrenches can fold back into the tool if it isnt oriented correctly but has most of the tools needed to do site work on your gear and makes it difficult to over-tighten things (which I have a tendency to do). It gets passed around a lot at dive sites. Theres always something that can use an adjustment and Im amazed how many people bring no tools at all on a dive. Well see how well it holds up to the marine environment but it seems well made of good materials and even if it corrodes after a while, its an inexpensive bit of save-the-dive insurance.

Trident Liquid Silicone (1 Gallon) Reviews

Trident Liquid Silicone (1 Gallon) Reviews Liquid Silicone (1 Gallon)

Reviewer: Robert M.

Give your dive gear a longer lifespan - Ive been treating my silicone based mask, rubber fins, and neoprene wet suit with silicone spray at the end of my diving season. After a fresh water wash and an air dry, I spray them generously and lightly wipe the excess off, then put them away until the next season. They are all still in good shape after 30 years. If you buy the small bottles you will spend a fortune. For my wife and I the gallon size in an old windex spray bottle lasts about 7 years for my needs.

Innovative Pro Viton O-Ring Kit (40 Pieces) Reviews

Innovative Pro Viton O-Ring Kit (40 Pieces) Reviews Pro Viton O-Ring Kit (40 Pieces)

Reviewer: Keith F.

Fortunately, I have not had to use it yet! - I am writing this review for a Pro Viton O-ring Kit. Like the title of my review states, I have not yet had the need to use this kit. However, I always carry the kit with me when I plan a dive so that I have extra O-rings in the event of an emergency. It gives me the piece of mind knowing I will not lose an entire day diving because of a shoddy o-ring. About the kit itself, there are plenty of o-rings, and they come in a wide assortment of sizes. No matter what size o-ring goes bad, you should be covered. There are o-rings for computers, hoses, and just about everything else that is essential for diving. This kit is well worth the price should you ever have to use it in an emergency...View Full Review

Innovative Silicone Grease Reviews

Innovative Silicone Grease Reviews Silicone Grease

Reviewer: Steven LeCheminant

Silicon Grease - I bought this, thinking it will be useful for the seal on the Sealife Mini 2 camera seal. Found out the seal requires no grease. There is always a use for silicon grease so I am not unhappy with the purchase.

Scubamax Basic Air Filler with Standard BC Hose Adapter Reviews

Scubamax Basic Air Filler with Standard BC Hose Adapter Reviews Basic Air Filler with Standard BC Hose Adapter

Reviewer: Chris K.

Sweet addition to Save a Dive Kit - Tried it out and works great. Hope I never have to use it for real, but its in my kit now, just in case.

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