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XS Scuba Deluxe 50lb Lift Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Deluxe 50lb Lift Bag Reviews Deluxe 50lb Lift Bag

Reviewer: James McCarthy

Rescue - my wife laughed when i bought the bag. i am the mcgyver of the water. the first dive after i bought the bag, i was on a private boat dive. one of the divers was a single amputee. whiel removing his weights to get out of the water and onto the boat, he ped his weight pouch. hes a big guy and there was about 22 pounds in each pouch. the boat was in 60 feet of water and and vis was about 20. i did my instructor proud and employed my grid search recovering the weight belt. he caught me as i was filling the bag and added another belt from his pouch. with a total of about 32 pounds we began the lift. the ascent was a bit difficult to control, but there is a bladder that traps the air...View Full Review

Highland 100 LB. Lift Bag Reviews

Highland 100 LB. Lift Bag Reviews 100 LB. Lift Bag

Reviewer: Arrel Carter

It is a Highland What can I say.... - The name says it all to be honest. As with every Highland product I have ever used this lift bag exceeds my expectations. The bag is high quality and made from very durable materials. I do not think I will be blowing any seams like some of the cheaper ones I have tried. I doubt you can find a lift bag of higher quality. There are less expensive bags on the market but in most cases you pay for what you get. I have tried numerous lift bags to have them fail due to poor seams, not stitched in high stress areas or leaks over a few uses. I know that I can depend on this bag to do its job when needed. I have used it three times in the last two weeks recovering items for boaters. It also...View Full Review

Trident Lift Bag Reviews

Trident Lift Bag Reviews Lift Bag

Reviewer: Paula Dannels

Ooooooh sooooo nice! - I love to find treasures like boat anchors. Everyone has grown tired of carrying them out of the "find zone". This lift bag does the trick! It folds into a wrist carrier. I also use it as a trouble signal as well. The yellow is easy to see.

XS Scuba 50lb Lift Bag Reviews

XS Scuba 50lb Lift Bag Reviews 50lb Lift Bag

Reviewer: Steve F.

Sturdy - Great bag, very sturdy. Ive only used it once to test it out after I bought it but it worked great and was easy to use.

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