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Body Glove Eyewear FL1-A Polarized Floating Waterproof Sunglasses Reviews

Body Glove Eyewear FL1-A Polarized Floating Waterproof Sunglasses Reviews FL1-A Polarized Floating Waterproof Sunglasses

Reviewer: David C.

Body Glove Eyewear FL1-A Polarized Floating Waterproof Sunglasses Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I dont have a large head but I was told these glasses were too small. I gave them to my dive buddy and she thinks they are great. The rubber ear tabs at ear arms get stuck in her curly hair. Perhaps use a different (non tangling) pad. ???

Scuba Beach Towel Reviews

Scuba Beach Towel Reviews Beach Towel

Reviewer: Jonathan Scharf

Under the sea at the beach or in the shower - Once again Scuba.Com has done it again! What a towel! I bought four and I am really glad.. This is a towel that can really wrap fully around you! The graphic is bright and they look great spread out. Once the towel has been washed and dryed they are quite absorbant.

Island Pro Hawaii Classic Leather Sandals Reviews

Island Pro Hawaii Classic Leather Sandals Reviews Classic Leather Sandals

Reviewer: Dean Baldasan

Island Pro Hawaii Classic Leather Sandals Review - $78.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I I have bought Island pro sandals for last 20 years they last about four years they have a lifetime guarantee on them I have sent them back and they have replaced him but you cant get a better shoes specially if you want to wear them on a boat they have white souls are the best ot me

Innovative Native Beach Towel Reviews

Innovative Native Beach Towel Reviews Native Beach Towel

Reviewer: Kimera H.

Innovative Native Beach Towel Review - $22.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Its a towel and it does the job well but I like that its bigger but not super heavy. Its a sweet design and I love it!

Trident Easy Dry Body Chamois Reviews

Trident Easy Dry Body Chamois Reviews Easy Dry Body Chamois

Reviewer: HENRY FONT

It works great! - Small and efficient, what a great combination. This chamois works great. When you are done diving you can dry your self, then squeeze the chamois, and then it is ready for next time. The chamois comes with a storage container that keeps it damp and flexible. Great value for your money! Henry

Deep See Airform Sandal Reviews

Deep See Airform Sandal Reviews Airform Sandal

Reviewer: Calvin Won

Sandal - Super comfortable sandals!! The little dive flag on it really adds some accent. Divers know what it is, non-divers will ask you what it means... its the best. My only complaint is how noisy they are when they are new. Your feet squeak against the inside and, if you happen to walk on a tile floor, the grips will squeak on that as well. They quiet down when you break them in, though.

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