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ONeill Apparel Sonoma Lifeguard Hat Reviews

ONeill Apparel Sonoma Lifeguard Hat Reviews Sonoma Lifeguard Hat

Reviewer: Richard Adams

ONeill Sonoma Lifeguard Hat: - Being a diver means being in the sun for long periods of time when youre not under the water, so a broad brimmed hat is almost a necessity. Years of sunburn will take its toll on your skin and can, of course, lead to skin cancer, so protect yourself while youre young and enjoy the outdoors for years to come. The ONeil Sonoma Lifeguard Hat is an extremely well made straw hat that is tightly woven with a nice wide, well formed brim that has a finished edge to prevent fraying. The Brim angles down and covers your face and neck nicely. It has a soft sweat band inside the crown and is very comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable chinstrap that can be cinched up tight when the boat is...View Full Review

Innovative Squid Diving Hat Reviews

Innovative Squid Diving Hat Reviews Squid Diving Hat

Reviewer: Christopher G.

Good for those who are "light on top". - Got tired of burning my scalp on the surface swims to and from the dive spots. This serves the purpose fine. The only downfall is the lettering has already started to come off, only after a few dives.

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews Divers Baseball Cap

Reviewer: Michael D.

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Review - $6.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I received this hat as part of free items when buying a gear bag. This is surprisingly a nice hat! Baseball-style cap with a velcro adjustment in the back, allowing precise adjustment. Part of my reason for not wearing caps in the past has been the coarse adjustment on many with the hole and tab make a cap either fit tight or too loose. Not so with this one. The bill extends out enough to be great for bright days on the water, and seems to maintain its shape (the "curve" of the bill) even after being packed. The embroidered diver graphic, and the Scuba.com logo give this hat a nice finish. Also, made of cotton, so it can be cleaned. So, its just a hat.. albeit, a nice one!

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews Polar Fleece Beanie

Reviewer: Chris Johnson

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Review - $6.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This was awesome that Scuba.com gave these items for free with my order. However, they were very small and I need to find someone with young kids to give them to. Again, they are nice just too small for the big heads in my family, LOL

Innovative Neoprene Dive Bandana Reviews

Innovative Neoprene Dive Bandana Reviews Neoprene Dive Bandana

Reviewer: Melissa E.

Great for long hair - I actually forgot I was wearing the dive bandana while diving. I had to be careful not to get my mask on it when gearing up but once I had it set I never had to mess with the bandana or my hair again. I was a chilly day so the added warmth was also welcome. The fit could have been a little bit smaller but but you can tie it as tight as you need so no problem. I would recommend it. female warm water diver with an average size head for 53"

ScubaPro Baseball Cap Reviews

ScubaPro Baseball Cap Reviews Baseball Cap

Reviewer: Greg S.

Great Hat! - This is a great hat for the price! It has the classic ScubaPro emblem embroidered on the front and the signature "S" also embroidered on the back of the hat. Ive looked everywhere for this hat since I saw someone with one on our last trip to Mexico and couldnt believe that scuba.com had one for less than $10! Since you cant buy items directly from the ScubaPro website, scuba.com is my new best friend! It fits great and I have several people ask me where I got it and I always refer them to scuba.com!

Amphibious Outfitters A/O Scuba Frog Hat Reviews

Amphibious Outfitters A/O Scuba Frog Hat Reviews A/O Scuba Frog Hat

Reviewer: Edward S.

Amphibious Outfitters Scuba Frog Hat Review - $19.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Looks to be of quality material and workmanship, time will tell. As of now I am really happy with it.

Innovative Watch Cap Beanie Reviews

Innovative Watch Cap Beanie Reviews Watch Cap Beanie

Reviewer: Robert B.

Innovative Watch Cap Beanie Review - $18.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I had the opportunity to use the beanie during a recent dive trip for warm water diving. It is the perfect option for a full hood to keep your head protected from the sun and is also a good look.

Innovative Moray Kick Back Cap Reviews

Innovative Moray Kick Back Cap Reviews Moray Kick Back Cap

Reviewer: Karen H.

Innovative Moray Kick Back Cap Review - $17.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Recently took this harbor a trip to Cozumel. Good quality material. It held up well to the sun and salt (it fell in to the ocean more than once!). Did not fad. When I got home, I threw it in the washing machine and it came out like new.

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