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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews

Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease Reviews Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease

Reviewer: Marc StClair

Perfect Lube...a must for a save-a-dive kit! - Small 2 ounce tube size container of the recommended MCG111 part number lube for equipment being used with higher mixtures of oxygen (Nitrox) or technical diving air mixtures. A very small amount goes a long way for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals. This stuff is 100 times better than regular silicone because it lasts longer and does not break down with heat or the climate. Plus, silicone is NOT recommended on diving equipment that uses higher percentage of oxygen mixtures. Silicone and higher mixtures of oxygen when combined can present real hazards. I purchased this product when I had to replace O-rings in my regulator hoses, dive computer quick disconnects, and other...View Full Review

XS Scuba Deluxe Yoke / Din Tank Pressure Checker Reviews

XS Scuba Deluxe Yoke / Din Tank Pressure Checker Reviews Deluxe Yoke / Din Tank Pressure Checker

Reviewer: Scott Michael

Great little tool - At least with my gauge, it agrees with both of my dive computers as to tank pressure. The other advantage is that its a DIN pressure checker with a DIN to Yoke adapter thrown in. Handy if you ever need to convert a DIN reg to a yoke. Ive taken several tanks back to ask for a full 3000 psi. On the dive boat, you can make sure youre not the one with the 2400 psi tank prior to hooking everything up. I bought an padded AERIS instrument sleeve to keep it in My only complaint is that you have to be careful to shut the valve of prior to turning the tank valve on. I used the paint pen that I mark my SCUBA equipment with to mark highly visible "O" and "C" so I remember which way to twist...View Full Review

XS Scuba Deluxe Tank Carrier Reviews

XS Scuba Deluxe Tank Carrier Reviews Deluxe Tank Carrier

Reviewer: Wesley Jueckstock

Great for Shore Dives - If you have a decent walk for a shore dive, this is a must. The combination of handle and shoulder strap really makes carrying and keeping the tank stable. Seams to be very well constructed and bullet proof.

Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks Reviews

Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks Reviews Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks

Reviewer: Raymond Jury

Sherwood Tank Boot for Aluminum 80 and 63 Cubic Foot Tanks Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is cheaper than. Other Dive suppliers well made just fits right

XS Scuba Pony Bottle Gauge Reviews

XS Scuba Pony Bottle Gauge Reviews Pony Bottle Gauge

Reviewer: Barry S.

used as a back-up gauge for my hoseless computer - Recently my hoseless computer went awry during a shallow (under 60 foot) dive and my dive partner and I didnt want to abort the dive at that time. We stayed close to one another and we monitored his pressure gauge for when it was time to surface. I decided that I wanted a "very tiny" pressure gauge to be used as a backup gauge to my hoseless system. We all I can say is that this gauge is tiny and works exactly as I wanted. I tied off this hp hose with the gauge screwed right onto the end to my lp hose used for my airsource 3 combo inflater/octo system. Now - in case my hoseless ever goes awry on me again, I have a backup pressure gauge that is so discrete you wouldnt even know it...View Full Review

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews Trim Weight Tank Pouch

Reviewer: Keven Acosta

Nice - Heres the deal. if you dive alot and in differant waters (warm to cold) this is a cool product. when going from a 3mm to a 7mm this can be a big help. add your wt. to the trim pouch and keep it in your dive bag, when you switch to 7mm add your trim pouch and after your bouancy check, your off. Also good for divers that need just a little help keeping their upper body down

Sherwood Convertible Pro Valve Reviews

Sherwood Convertible Pro Valve Reviews Convertible Pro Valve

Reviewer: Boomer Hurlburt

good comunication - very happy

XS Scuba Tank Holder Reviews

XS Scuba Tank Holder Reviews Tank Holder

Reviewer: Larry S.

Great product - Great product. The only problem I have is there is not any sort of padding for tank and has scratched paint on tank.

Harrison Tank Valve Reviews

Harrison Tank Valve Reviews Tank Valve

Reviewer: Javier Arevalo

Harrison Tank Valve Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Es una buena válvula y el precio favorable

XS Scuba Standard Tank Carrier Reviews

XS Scuba Standard Tank Carrier Reviews Standard Tank Carrier


Tank carrier - Ok I guess- slipped on the painted surface, I rubber taped the straps to keep them put

Sherwood Valve Protector Reviews

Sherwood Valve Protector Reviews Valve Protector

Reviewer: Joan O´Brien

Love This Place - The customer service is excellent here in a world where there is none. I appreciate Aarons help everytime we come in he is over the top with his knowledge of product and just a great person. I appreciate his help and so thankful he is an employee of he truly makes the company prosper. Diver Joni Bunch

Zeagle Single Cylinder Mounting Straps Reviews

Zeagle Single Cylinder Mounting Straps Reviews Single Cylinder Mounting Straps

Reviewer: Danel E.

New customer - Outstanding company with great products, on time delivery and awesome customer service. Will definitely be back.

XS Scuba Nitrox Tank Sticker Reviews

XS Scuba Nitrox Tank Sticker Reviews Nitrox Tank Sticker

Reviewer: Scott Michael

Its a sticker for a 8 - If you have a large diameter tank and you want a sticker that will go around it with a bit of overlap, this is your sticker. If your have a standard 80 cf tank you can use this sticker as well, so why not buy this sticker as well. A quick tip to get your tank sticker centered. Spray "Windex" on the adhesive and over the area of the tank that you want to put the sticker on. The sticker will slip and slide. After you squeeze out all of the air bubbles and get it where you want...LEAVE IT ALONE TO DRY COMPLETELY. The result will be a perfectly positioned sticker with no hassle.

Sherwood Tank Mesh Protector Reviews

Sherwood Tank Mesh Protector Reviews Tank Mesh Protector

Reviewer: Melissa Koome

Sherwood Tank Mesh Protector Review - $7.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Nice color blue mesh tank cover... slides on fairly easily on a wetted tank. Just a little decoration for a bright yellow tank.

Innovative Quick-Tec Pony Mounting System Reviews

Innovative Quick-Tec Pony Mounting System Reviews Quick-Tec Pony Mounting System

Reviewer: Dan S.

Easy, Simple, secure. - Easy, Simple, secure.

XS Scuba International Valve Reviews

XS Scuba International Valve Reviews International Valve

Reviewer: William Cavender

Doesnt fit. - The valve works fine on an alumeniun tank, not the U.S. Divers steel tank I ordered it for.

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