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Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins Reviews

Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins Reviews Caribbean Full Foot Fins

Reviewer: Bill B.

Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Living in Hawaii presents the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and dive year round. My Ocean Quest fins get a near daily workout in both calm and rough ocean conditions. For me, they provide excellent utility. Light weight, comfortable, and their design provides maximum kicking thrust when needed. After 6 months of near daily use one of the fins developed a separation tear between the foot cover and the base of the fin. I immediately order another pair. Weeks later, and multiple days of continuing use of the damaged pair, the new pair remain in their shipping box as I continue to use the damaged pair without any noticeable problems in fit or performance. Any other pair of fins with...View Full Review

Atomic High Performance Full Foot Split Fins. Reviews

Atomic High Performance Full Foot Split Fins. Reviews High Performance Full Foot Split Fins.

Reviewer: zong-guang s hu

first set of split fins, Stiff action. - Moving from the traditional paddle fins to these, I was surprised to find that these fins are pretty stiff, Stiffer than my old US diver paddle fins, which I can bend with my hands. I cant bend these without snapping them in two, though I havent tried to put that much force on them. When kicking in the water, these fins do not flap like wings. I guess if I were to compare these to fishing poles, I was call it Heavy action. 35-55Lbs LOL. To sum up, I guess thats what they mean by High Performance, Stiffer means, less of the springing delayed action I was expecting from being split for flutter kicks. I cant compare the performance between these fins and my old ones as they are different...View Full Review

Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Fins Reviews

Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Fins Reviews Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Fins

Reviewer: John Bradley

Good enough for a Cozumel dive master - I bought these fins for my favorite dive master an he appears to love them. I got them in the yellow so I can keep tract of him when there are other dive groups around. He has worn them for a week and thanks me everyday. Says they are strong fins. So I guess if they are good enough for someone with thousands of dives they should be good enough for anyone. Good price excellent value

Mares Volo Race Full Foot Fins Reviews

Mares Volo Race Full Foot Fins Reviews Volo Race Full Foot Fins

Reviewer: David Cohen

FUll foot fins - These fins were great. Just returned from Belize were they got a work out. They propel very well and are comfortable to wear. If you have a wide foot, go a size larger than your regular shoe size. This was the advice given to me by one of the sales reps, and it was right on.

Mares Quattro Power Full Foot Fins Reviews

Mares Quattro Power Full Foot Fins Reviews Quattro Power Full Foot Fins

Reviewer: Adrian Clement

great fins - these fins definitely worked out for my needs playing water hockey. their length reduces mobility, but makes up for it in speed. of course, i could cut them down a bit, and get some increased mobilitypossibly sacrificing some speed.

IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins Reviews

IST Sea Diver Snorkel Fins Reviews Sea Diver Snorkel Fins

Reviewer: Gordon O.

Perfect Choice for my Budget - These fins are tough, durable, and seem to be allowing my feet to grow accustomed to them - Im developing callouses where I need them. Theyre extremely inexpensive yet do the job well. I have wide feet and these are ALMOST too narrow. I swim laps in a pool for 30 min 3-5x/week. "Swim" fins, as opposed to snorkel/scuba fins, lack the resistance I need for a good workout. So, I use snorkel/scuba fins. Other Fins Ive used. Ive been wearing out a pair of cheap fins every 18-24 mos. They tend to break down where rubber and plastic are joined. Add to that, prior fins have tended to chafe my little toes. (Ive got wide feet.) Theyve given me blisters and Ive had to tape up my toes...View Full Review

Mares Clipper Full Foot Snorkel Fins Reviews

Mares Clipper Full Foot Snorkel Fins Reviews Clipper Full Foot Snorkel Fins

Reviewer: Robert H.

replacement for old snorkeling fins . - nice product - great fit !

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