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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack Reviews Spare Air Pack

Reviewer: Adam F.

A few good more breathes - so my ssi dealer does not rate these very highly, as he says too many people rely on them in their dive. his quote "three breaths and your dead." my opinion is that is three breaths more to attract your dive buddys attention and hopefully get their assistance. if you dont treat it as an alternative air source and just as an emergency option, i think you should be ok. i filled the tank from my regular tank as you are suppose to and i saw about a 400 lb in pressure in my regular tank, which meant that i needed to get that tank topped up. the spare-air full indicator is a little pin that is flush with its enclosure when full. id prefer a gauge. i wanted to know how many breaths i would...View Full Review

Sherwood 6 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank Reviews

Sherwood 6 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank Reviews 6 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank

Reviewer: David Guccione

Redundancy = Extra Safety - I and my dive buddy wife both have Sherwood Alum 6cf pony bottles which have become permanent parts of our dive configuration, used on every dive. After 15 years of diving and instructing all over the world, we have come to value the redundancy which a pony bottle gives. She attaches hers alongside her 80cf. I carry mine under my right arm pit on caribinners. We both hang the second stage reg around the neck with surgical tubing. We highly recommend the 6cf pony for the extra safety it brings.

Sherwood 80 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank Reviews

Sherwood 80 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank Reviews 80 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank

Reviewer: Bob Buker

Nice Value Tank - Attractive tank that wont show minor scuffs and dings. No coating to flake off in boat or on other equipment. Well packaged for shipment. Inspection sticker was not accepted by local dive shop for first air fill. I am very pleased with the purchase though.

Sherwood 100 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank.. Reviews

Sherwood 100 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank.. Reviews 100 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank..


Review 3 - This is new to me, and I am looking forward to more bottom time with this product.

XS Scuba 40 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank. Reviews

XS Scuba 40 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank. Reviews 40 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank.

Reviewer: Timothy K.

Tank is Great, didnt come with the valve - The tank is a high quality Luxfer aluminum tank. It came Oxygen clean and in perfect condition. Hydro was only 11 months old. Ive added a Thermo DIN valve and set it up as an O2 stage tank. Great tank, will last for years. The tank was supposed to come from the manufacturer with a K valve. This one did not. wanted pictures of the box and a ton of other information to make good on the valve. But, Im not in the USA and I just dont have the patience for all that faffing about from 10,000 miles away. If you MUST have the K valve, you might be rolling the dice on getting it with this product.

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