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Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Apollo Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Bio Pro XT Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 12/27/2008

Best Fins Ive ever used. - ill preface this by saying that the split fin technology used in these fins is licensed by natures wing to apollo, scubapro, atomic, tusa, oceanic, dacor, sherwood, beuchat and genesis. any of these manufacturers that claims to have a "secret" design that the other dont, is referring only to details such as materials, fins strap design, batten and rib design. the basic principles and operation of these fins is identical for all of them. potentially each of these fins will work about the same for you. the key is to determine which manufacturers products fits your foot and swimming style the best. my reasons for picking apollo fins was simple: - they are 100% rubber and as such... View Full Review

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins... Reviews

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins... Reviews   Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins...

Reviewer: Deborah Coltun on 12/28/2013

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap fins - OMG, started diving late (50) and always had some trouble with leg cramping. Finally decided to look into Bio Pro after seeing them on a dive master on liveaboard. Bought a lovely PINK pair on sale, but at the price wouldnt go for the steel straps until Id given the seemingly expensive fin a trial. Just got back from a week in the Bahamas...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these seemingly expensive, heavy (on land, in the delivered box from UPS) fins. Great power with little effort, no weight in the water, super control and, most importantly, NO CRAMPS all week, not once, even loosening the adjustable straps to remove prior to climbing back aboard. Cant wait to get the spring strap, at any cost. FYI,... View Full Review

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Jeremiah H. on 1/25/2010

excellent fins if you try em, youre gonna buy em! - ive been a die-hard u.s. divers rocket fin diver since 1975. i didnt the claims of this "technological innovation" by apollo. but, i had the opportunity to try them out a couple of years ago, and i was very impressed with them. probably the hardest thing to get over, when you first use these fins, is how effortless they seem. theres so much less effort involved in the kick stroke, that you feel like you must not be doing any good, with respect to motion. but, when you see how fast youre going, youre shocked. i went out and bought a pair immediately (this purchase was a gift for a friend ive had mine for several years). i was getting ready for a dive on a dive boat, not long ago,... View Full Review

Mares Volo Power Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Mares Volo Power Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Volo Power Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Steven P. on 2/26/2014

Wow is all thatI can say - Wow. I have been using a pair of fins that are as stiff as a 2x4. When I bought them 20+ years ago, that was okay, but now, even though I am in really good shape, I find them just too stiff (58 years old 180 # male). I have been reading the reviews on these fins for years (all great) and had a strong recommendation from one of my friends who has a pair. Finally decided to take the plunge and am I glad I did. Just got back from a diving vacation in the BVI. These fins are incredible. Comfortable as slippers with unbelievable power. My diving partner commented on this. Also, my air consumption went down as I was doing much less effort to move than before. FYI, I used a size 9 Ocean... View Full Review

Atomic Smoke on the Water Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins Reviews

Atomic Smoke on the Water Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins Reviews   Smoke on the Water Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins

Reviewer: Heidi Fickinger on 4/6/2014

Great Fins! - Recently replaced fins I had had for years that had become extensions of my feet and have struggled to find a fin that I liked and gave me both the ability to move quickly and be able to finesse in confined areas and avoid kicking corals or other objects. Silly marketing name (Smoke on the Water), but these Atomic fins are perfect. It is effortless to use them, no foot or calf strain. Lots of power to swim against currents and great on reefs where I need to just minutely move to look at a tiny fish. LOVE them and I am a hard sell. The other benefit is that they are not as heavy as my Biofins, which is a plus in todays reduction of baggage weight allowances for air travel. I HIGHLY... View Full Review

ScubaPro Seawing Nova Adjustable Spring Strap Fins Reviews

ScubaPro Seawing Nova Adjustable Spring Strap Fins Reviews   Seawing Nova Adjustable Spring Strap Fins

Reviewer: Alice L. on 3/9/2012

Change is hard - I had talked to someone on a trip in November who loved the fins and described their many positive features so I decided to purchase a pair. My first hope was they would be easier to pack than my current huge pair of split fins, slightly easier but just as long (x large size). I spent a week on a live aboard using them for the first time and had I not been stuck with them I probably would have dumped them the second dive. I was used to heavy split fins with negative bouyancy and the Sea Wings are positively bouyant. After 400 dives with the other product this was a learning curve. By the end of the week I loved that feature as it allowed me to hover for pictures without worrying about what... View Full Review

Hollis F1 创Bat Fin创 Adjustable Spring Strap Fins Reviews

Hollis F1 创Bat Fin创 Adjustable Spring Strap Fins Reviews   F1 创Bat Fin创 Adjustable Spring Strap Fins

Reviewer: Gary Sanders on 9/10/2012

Outstanding power and control, great spring strap - Though I dive with multiple tanks and in a dry suit in California waters, I have been using Scubapro Twin Jet split fins for years as they are comfortable and gave fine control. But swimming upstream in a current seemed to need more power. I tried recent Atomic fins but found them to be too stiff and the spring strap buckles opened twice in kelp forests when kelp wrapped around the fasteners. This happened on two different pairs. When I saw these F1 bat fins, I tried them as they are more like traditional broader paddle fins. Result: While stiffer, they are easy to get used to and do indeed provide more power and quite good control for finning in reverse or rotating or station keeping or... View Full Review

Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Aqua Lung Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Slingshot Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Rodney Wallace on 10/17/2012

Sling Shot Fins - Thanks to Scuba.com抯 recommendation I purchased the Aqua Lung Sling Shot Fins to replace my aging Force fins. I went to the Force fins many years ago to avoid foot and leg cramps. The Force fins work on somewhat the same principal as the Sling Shot fins. The Force fin blade expands and increases resistance on the power stroke and gives the energy back on the return stroke. When I first used the Sling Shot fins with a setting on 1 I was very disappointed. I had no power and the fins were squirrely on my feet. But on the 2 setting the fins came alive. They felt like the Force fins only with a lot more power. On setting 3 they are even more powerful but with more strain on my legs. It抣l take... View Full Review

Aeris Mako Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Aeris Mako Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Mako Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Leo L. on 10/26/2013

Good Fins for Great Value - Just returned from a week long dive trip in Cuba (12 dives) with the brand new Aeris Mako fins. They worked up to the expectation and more. Lightweight and smooth action, I really dont have much to complain about them - especially for the price. If I must be critical of the fins, the grooved rubber adjustable strap and the plastic clips did come loose couple of times during the dives jumping off the boat. I would definitely recommend spring straps with these. I wear size 10 mens shoes and grabbed size 7-9 fins - they fit well.

Oceanic Viper Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Oceanic Viper Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Viper Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: john DENT on 2/27/2009

Good, basic fins. - In the process of moving from NC to UT, I met some friends in the Bahams for a 7 day liveaboard. While packing, I realized my fins were in NC. I ordered these fins as replacements and much to my surprise (considering I live in the middle of the desert) they arrived in the necessary 2 days. The fins themselves are "adequate". There is nothing special about them. They performed well and nothing broke. As adjustable strap fins, they are fairly easy to get on and off, a desirable feature on a dive boat in rough water. I will continue to keep them as backups.

Aqua Lung Hotshot Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Aqua Lung Hotshot Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Hotshot Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Jonathan C. on 8/1/2013

Aqua Lung Hotshot - i am a business owner. that said, i use these fins in a variety of ways and conditions. from 1 million gallon swimming pools, to the lake i live on, to lobster diving in gloucester massachusetts. smart, compact, efficient and great on bare feet as well as socks. propulsion is adjustable (in a fairly narrow bandwidth) but the size and usefulness over ride any bad effects. i swam .5 miles on my lake in the beginning of july no problem. 2 tank 20 dive in gloucester no problem. great set of fins.

Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Mares X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   X-Stream Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Sam J. on 11/12/2013

Nice fin but maybe not for me - Let me start by saying Im new to diving and going to through trial and error despite suggestions from others. For me these fins are slightly small in the foot opening but that is with 5mm booties. In addition to that the flex they have is huge. Very easy to kick with but almost too much flex for what I desire. If your legs are not strong these would be ideal, if you kick harder it feels as if you go nowhere fast.

Ocean Quest Pacific Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

Ocean Quest Pacific Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Pacific Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Dan D. on 3/23/2014

Nice fins - Ive used these fins for snorkeling & diving & I like them a lot. Theyre easy when I flutter kick, no leg fatigue, & the quick release heal works very well. Only thing is I wear a size 10 shoe (American), & ordered the 9-11 & theyre a bit too large. I thought I could use them barefoot & find I will need booties. Not a huge deal.

H2O Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews

H2O Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins Reviews   Thruster Adjustable Strap Fins

Reviewer: Donald Atkinson on 7/27/2011

Great first set of fins. - Ive never owned fins before. I am 28, male, 62 180 lbs. I bought a set of these fins to have my snorkeling gear for scuba diving. I now have so much fun snorkeling I havent even bothered to get certified in scuba. The difference fins make are enormous. With little effort I propel myself forward so fast my snorkel starts shaking back and for against my hood and I feel like wind is rushing over my head. If you want to see more underwater, get fins. I cant compare these to other fins but Ill say that Ive had no issues using them so far. They go on easy and are comfortable. They are very fast but also allow for slight movements. They are slightly negatively buoyant so if you move very slowly... View Full Review

ScubaPro Twin Jet Max Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins Reviews

ScubaPro Twin Jet Max Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins Reviews   Twin Jet Max Adjustable Spring Strap Split Fins

Reviewer: Doug S. on 10/9/2012

Jet fin max versus v-12 - After much debate and research, I decided on the scuba pro jet fin max over the oceanic v-12. Much of the consensus is that the max provides better acceleration due to its stiffer component. I am a strong swimmer and agree. Perhaps the v-12s are better suited to newer or less conditioned divers. For either fin I recommend considering a hard sole boot to provide more support and avoid foot cramping due to too much flex in the foot from softer boots. Either fin is top quality. I like the spring strap on the max. Makes for easy entry and exit. The max may also be lighter for traveling.

Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins. Reviews

Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins. Reviews   Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins.

Reviewer: Bruce W. on 1/26/2013

Great Fins... effortless! - After using traditional fins I decided to change to split fins. I was amazed at how effortless they were to use... small light kicks provided great propulsion. They were also easier to turn around in tight spots with. Only 2 small negatives... The first is that if you are using a thick boot and large size then it can be a tight fit into the fins even in XL size... that said it wasnt uncomfortable. Secondly Im disappointed that Mares charges so much for their steel spring straps. I cant really fault the rubber ones that come with the fin they are easy to use. Id happily recommend these fins

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