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Sherwood Avid CQR3 BCD Reviews

Sherwood Avid CQR3 BCD Reviews   Avid CQR3 BCD

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 6/22/2013

One great upgrade...2 small steps back - i bought a sherwood avid cqr 2 in july 2009 and have used it almost exclusively since. i did replace those silly cam tank straps with "scubapro" style fully opening tank straps and jury rigged a crotch strap but thats just personal preference. it is still in great shape, but i recently lost 70 lbs and my xxxl bc no longer fits. i did not even give it a second thought when i ordered an xl avid bc with the new cqr 3 upgrade. the only really serious design problem with the cqr 2 was the difficulty in reing the weight pockets back into the bc. the cqr 3 has a redesign that puts the locking clips up front in a separate pocket where they are much easier to reattach. the new bc itself is just... View Full Review

TUSA BCJ-2100 BC Reviews

TUSA BCJ-2100 BC Reviews   BCJ-2100 BC

Reviewer: Chin Lee on 12/15/2013

My dream BCD - i was at 450th dive when i bought this bcd which was my third one. i studied everything available on the market and decided to buy this one not because of its price but because it appears to be my dream bcd. i used it for about 30 dives and it indeed is my bream coming true for the technical reasons below: 1. it is light the small size weighs only 6.9 lbs. 2. it is very simple and compact. 3. it does not have the complicated weight system i am a zero-weight diver in so. california and i do not need any weight system. 4. it does have two large zipper pockets. if i go to cozumel, i can simply put the 4-lb weight in the pockets. 5. it has negative buoyancy when empty (without air). 6.... View Full Review

Bare Blackjack BC Reviews

Bare Blackjack BC Reviews   Blackjack BC

Reviewer: Chris G. on 10/6/2012

It just delivers everything! - Where do I start....I was looking for a BC that would hold my SMB and reel, slates, secondary torch, be able to hold enough weight for a cold water diver, and while having all my bits tucked away they needed to be accessable. Well this BC meets all my needs and its so comfy! The pockets are nice and roomy they are easy to open and close under water, the volume isnt impeeded when the BC is inflated like so many others on the market. I can reach my SMB in the rear side pocket with easy or my secondary torch. It can hold so much weight I will never be able to over load it, and the lift is awesome, it has D rings everywhere. I love that I can carry my car key in the front zip pocket and dont... View Full Review

Oceanic Probe LX Bioflex Scuba BC with Quicklock Weight System Reviews

Oceanic Probe LX Bioflex Scuba BC with Quicklock Weight System Reviews   Probe LX Bioflex Scuba BC with Quicklock Weight System

Reviewer: John Sobojinski on 2/17/2009

Probe LX - Excellent equipment. Love the weight set-up with both ditchable and fixed pockets. Easy to adjust to customize the fit and very comfortable. Enough pockets and gear rings to accomodate all your equipment. Particularly like the air release valve on the shoulder which makes getting down easier and faster than throught the inflator port. Love it. Easy to use, very well thought out. All information is easy to see as the displays are large (and I need reading glasses). Highly recommended. Scuba.com deserves 6 stars as my order was placed at 5:00p.m. and arrived at my door at 10:00a.m. the next morning, everything exactly as we ordered and just in time for our trip to Cartagena. ... View Full Review

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC Reviews   SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC

Reviewer: Gregory R. on 3/15/2014

Great BCD - first bcd ive owned. used a variety of rentals. ed aqua lung for the i3 system. is is worth it. very easy to adapt to. intuitive. i am 6 180 with athletic build med/org is god fit for 32 inch waist. would accommodate up to 36/38 inch waist. manual inflated works perfectly so no worries. rugged, full featured jacket style bc. not too heavy for travel.

Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System Reviews

Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System Reviews   Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System

Reviewer: Butch Amann on 9/20/2006

Mares Dragon BCD a winner - I recently purchased the Mares Dragon Ergo BCD with the MRS Plus weight system. I looked into several other models before making my decision. I am very happy with the vest. It fits well and is easy to put on and get off. The weight release system functions extremely well, and was easy to add or change weights even while underwater. The side pockets are easily accessible. The only problems I had were with the tank clamp, which seemed to be a little hard to get tight, and it did rub a bit in the front shoulder area. This may be in part due to the newness of the unit, and may get better as it is used more.

Seasoft Sea Lion BC Reviews

Seasoft Sea Lion BC Reviews   Sea Lion BC

Reviewer: David Hamburg on 12/25/2013

so nice to have a BC that fits! - I put the sea lion to the test, i am 7 foot tall and 360 lbs, it fits like a glove! Easy to configure, light and easy to pack and it FITS! I have taken it on one pool dive and 10 dives in Cozumel and i love it. my only advise is if you go for the big get the upgrade to a longer power inflator(i a little short when you make it supper tall) and you need to add trim pickets, they are NOT included

Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC Reviews

Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC Reviews   Hybrid Pro Tec BC

Reviewer: Donald D. on 1/6/2014

006843 Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC - This BC is wonderful. Some of the new features for BCs have been included in this. For example the lifting handle and trim eight bags are great. However, I was some what disappointed that my inflator/octopus from my other BCs would not work with Mares BC. I had to purchase a new one by Mares. This inflator is good, but only to their BC.

Sherwood Silhouette BC Reviews

Sherwood Silhouette BC Reviews   Silhouette BC

Reviewer: Jerry Skeenes on 12/20/2008

Sherwood BC - I like simple equipment for diving. Had been diving with the same simple BC for about 15 years and it finially gave up. When I looked for a replacement I wanted a simple replacement. Sherwood seemed to have the BC I was looking for. This BC has good pockets with one that is secured with velcro that allows for safety items to be stored. I would like to see a d-ring added to this pocked and velcro on the other side but this is my only complaint. The BC is built very rugged, is comfortable, hasd plenty of attachment points for non-techical diving and the tank stays put. I have used it on 13 dives in Cozumel and the only issue I have noticed when compared to my old BC is it causes me to... View Full Review

ScubaPro Go Travel Light BC Reviews

ScubaPro Go Travel Light BC Reviews   Go Travel Light BC

Reviewer: Michael W. on 8/27/2013

Folds nicely - I have used this bc a few times on a couple of trips so far. It packs very well and unlike other travel bcs that I looked at, the Scuba Pro uses metal D rings rather than plastic. I found the pockets a little difficult but I think they did a good job overall. It was a good purchase for the price.

Oceanic Flex 2 QLR3 BC Reviews

Oceanic Flex 2 QLR3 BC Reviews   Flex 2 QLR3 BC

Reviewer: Christopher Keeton on 8/5/2013

BC function - The Flex 2 QLR3 functioned properly for my entire trip, however I did experience some difficulty with the securing of the tank to BC. The tank slipped out on one of my dives, and I had to have it secured again by the dive master while under water. Not sure if this was diver error or BC strap error. Christopher Keeton - 505-310-7841

Oceanic Explorer Youth BC Reviews

Oceanic Explorer Youth BC Reviews   Explorer Youth BC

Reviewer: Chris G. on 7/4/2012

Just what the Little One ordered - Great solid BC, the perfect size for our daughter. She has gone from being very uncomfortable in the water, to being completely at ease. Everything is where it needs to be for her to use. I would recommend this for anyone who has a pint size diver to kit out. Thank you also to the team at Scuba.com for being so helpful during our purchase.

TUSA Voyager Travel Light BCJ-1800 BC Reviews

TUSA Voyager Travel Light BCJ-1800 BC Reviews   Voyager Travel Light BCJ-1800 BC

Reviewer: Piero G. on 5/28/2012

It is a good choice - Really it is a good choice lots of pro and, form me only one cons: the size chart is not very accurate, so when you choose your size, you better jump inmediate up instead the right one (and i´m not cheeting with my weigth) Hay que tener ciudado con la castlli de selección de talle, ya que no es muy exacta, preferible una talla mas arriba que justa

Mares Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC Reviews

Mares Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC Reviews   Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC

Reviewer: long lin SEGUB on 1/9/2014

may be later - i havent use it yet, may be later.

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