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Sherwood Avid CQR3 BC Reviews

Sherwood Avid CQR3 BC Reviews Avid CQR3 BC

Reviewer: Scott Michael

One great upgrade...2 small steps back - i bought a sherwood avid cqr 2 in july 2009 and have used it almost exclusively since. i did replace those silly cam tank straps with "scubapro" style fully opening tank straps and jury rigged a crotch strap but thats just personal preference. it is still in great shape, but i recently lost 70 lbs and my xxxl bc no longer fits. i did not even give it a second thought when i ordered an xl avid bc with the new cqr 3 upgrade. the only really serious design problem with the cqr 2 was the difficulty in reing the weight pockets back into the bc. the cqr 3 has a redesign that puts the locking clips up front in a separate pocket where they are much easier to reattach. the new bc itself is just...View Full Review

Oceanic OceanPro QLR3 1000D BCD Reviews

Oceanic OceanPro QLR3 1000D BCD Reviews OceanPro QLR3 1000D BCD

Reviewer: Willis Chung

Great BC for the money! - Both my son (13) and I own this BC and we find it comfortable and easy to use. The floatation is more than adequate, and it is comfortable to put on and remove. A few niggling points. The integrated weight pockets can fall out of their sleeves if you have too much weight in them (6 pounds is OK, 8 pounds is not), so if you have more than 12 pounds, put the extra weight into the velcro pockets on the side. The strap to hold the tank on needs to get "broken in" to the right length to hold tanks, so be careful the first couple of times you go out. The tank will have the tendency to slip out until the strap gets streched out and develops a bend in the place where it wraps over the...View Full Review

Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System Reviews

Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System Reviews Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System

Reviewer: MAJ Mortrud, Anthony

Dragon - I am new to diving and this is the first BCD I have owed. I like the weight system, I have had no issues with the intergrated weight system falling out. I have an extra large fits well in shoulders and chest, But need to adjust cumberbund and waist strap as far in as they can go and still a little loose. I love the metal D rings, and spacious pockets. Overall I am happy with BCD.

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC Reviews

Aqua Lung SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC Reviews SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC

Reviewer: Gregory R.

Great BCD - first bcd ive owned. used a variety of rentals. ed aqua lung for the i3 system. is is worth it. very easy to adapt to. intuitive. i am 6 180 with athletic build med/org is god fit for 32 inch waist. would accommodate up to 36/38 inch waist. manual inflated works perfectly so no worries. rugged, full featured jacket style bc. not too heavy for travel.

Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC Reviews

Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC Reviews Hybrid Pro Tec BC

Reviewer: Donald D.

006843 Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC - This BC is wonderful. Some of the new features for BCs have been included in this. For example the lifting handle and trim eight bags are great. However, I was some what disappointed that my inflator/octopus from my other BCs would not work with Mares BC. I had to purchase a new one by Mares. This inflator is good, but only to their BC.

Sherwood Silhouette BC Reviews

Sherwood Silhouette BC Reviews Silhouette BC

Reviewer: Jerry Skeenes

Sherwood BC - I like simple equipment for diving. Had been diving with the same simple BC for about 15 years and it finially gave up. When I looked for a replacement I wanted a simple replacement. Sherwood seemed to have the BC I was looking for. This BC has good pockets with one that is secured with velcro that allows for safety items to be stored. I would like to see a d-ring added to this pocked and velcro on the other side but this is my only complaint. The BC is built very rugged, is comfortable, hasd plenty of attachment points for non-techical diving and the tank stays put. I have used it on 13 dives in Cozumel and the only issue I have noticed when compared to my old BC is it causes me to...View Full Review

Mares Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC Reviews

Mares Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC Reviews Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC

Reviewer: Steve L.

Mares Prestige 2 MRS Plus BC Review - $309.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This BCD IS quality product and a great buy! Highly recommend.

Seasoft Sea Lion BC Reviews

Seasoft Sea Lion BC Reviews Sea Lion BC

Reviewer: David Hamburg

so nice to have a BC that fits! - I put the sea lion to the test, i am 7 foot tall and 360 lbs, it fits like a glove! Easy to configure, light and easy to pack and it FITS! I have taken it on one pool dive and 10 dives in Cozumel and i love it. my only advise is if you go for the big get the upgrade to a longer power inflator(i a little short when you make it supper tall) and you need to add trim pickets, they are NOT included

ScubaPro Go Travel Light BC Reviews

ScubaPro Go Travel Light BC Reviews Go Travel Light BC

Reviewer: Michael W.

Folds nicely - I have used this bc a few times on a couple of trips so far. It packs very well and unlike other travel bcs that I looked at, the Scuba Pro uses metal D rings rather than plastic. I found the pockets a little difficult but I think they did a good job overall. It was a good purchase for the price.

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