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Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews

Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews   Carabiner with Ring

Reviewer: Paul Selden on 9/11/2006

Carabiner With Ring - Hey, you can never have too many carabiners! Ive attached mine to just about everything that I would otherwise have to carry by hand so that I can easily clip them off when I need to. Dive lights, my folding knife, the end of my underwater measuring tape, slate you name it, they all get a carabiner. With the thicker gloves that I have to wear most of the year in Michigan, opening and closing a carabiner is much easier than having to manipulate a little clip!

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews   Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain

Reviewer: Al V. on 1/31/2014

Fun way to store your O-Rings - Its cute and always gets a laugh at the dive site. Probably because the red tank matches the colour of my multi-tool. Im not exactly fashion-conscious - none of my gear matches in colour or brand. It would be good if the kit included a hose o-ring or two as well as the tank rings, but it doesnt. Not as if they cost a whole lot to add. Theres plenty of room for a lifetime of O-rings. Havent used it as a key chain - it lives in my save-the-dive box but I know at least one diver who has used hers for her car keys for a long time.

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews   Divers Baseball Cap

Reviewer: Calvin Won on 6/29/2008

Baseball cap - There arent too many ways to go wrong with a hat like this. The velcro strap allows it to fit perfectly on just about any head. I will say one negative thing, however: The design on the front is a silhouette of a diver in the color of the diver-down flag. The dive computer hanging down looks a bit!

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews   Polar Fleece Beanie

Reviewer: Ron B. on 6/16/2011

Facts and opinons offered here! - ordered this beanie along with a fleece jacket... beanie is well fitting, very warm, enough length to cover as much or as little of your head as wished, and color is neutral enough to wear with anything... Purchasing process was easy, quick, and straight forward. shipping cost was free (at the time, for orders over $25) and arrived in three days as promised, in good shape without any headaches. VERY happy with the product. The overall rating of experience, and product is OUTSTANDING! Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Innovative Dive Flag Coaster Set Reviews

Innovative Dive Flag Coaster Set Reviews   Dive Flag Coaster Set

Reviewer: Joanne Groo on 1/17/2014

Love the coasters - I purchased the dive flag coasters for my son at Christmas. He loves them as we havent seen I any like these before. He broke the set up and gave one to each member of the dive team that hes Captain for. He likes the absorbancy of them.

Scuba Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket Reviews   Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket

Reviewer: Donnie Gatling on 4/10/2014

Donnie G - Bought this jacket for after the dive,this is a nice jacket I wear it out at night when I go out to dinner it is warm and comfortable it is not for freezing weather.

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews   Luggage Tags

Reviewer: Dawn Phillips on 1/14/2009

Dawn - These are very nice tags and my family liked finding them in their stockings.

Innovative Toy Swimming Diver Reviews

Innovative Toy Swimming Diver Reviews   Toy Swimming Diver

Reviewer: Shiretta Yandell on 4/7/2009

Toy or Decor - My Fiance got me this for Valentines Day. I was soo excited that I finally have a dive buddy to go with anytime I wanted. I should of played with it in the bathtub first! I was disappionted that the frickin thing completely floated on the surface. Its a diver! It should sink to about 10 or 15 feet. Then I could play with it when I dove. Now it just sets on my dive towel in the corner ontop of my dive shelf with Nemo. I would recommend this to a kid in the shallow end of a pool otherwise its an expensive shelf decor....hope this helps!

Trident State Dive Flag Stickers Reviews

Trident State Dive Flag Stickers Reviews   State Dive Flag Stickers

Reviewer: Sara W. on 1/13/2014

Awesome - These stickers are awesome. My husband has already put his on his new car. Im waiting to have mine washed before I apply it to my window. Exactly as described. :)

Trident Divers Flag Reviews

Trident Divers Flag Reviews   Divers Flag

Reviewer: Peter Roberge on 10/30/2006

Great product - Great product

Innovative Trailer Hitch Cover Reviews

Innovative Trailer Hitch Cover Reviews   Trailer Hitch Cover

Reviewer: Kirby Ellis on 7/2/2008

trailer hitch - Well I am going to say its a nice add on feature without actually damaging the car itself. It is a decal however so its what I expected after reading the previous decals :-)

Trident Waterproof Alligator Wallet Reviews

Trident Waterproof Alligator Wallet Reviews   Waterproof Alligator Wallet

Reviewer: darrell webster on 9/16/2013

Awesome Wallet - I grabbed one of these off your on line catalog and use it all the time. It sure beats using a plastic ziploc. Its was great on holidays were I just needed to bring some cash and my Padi card

Innovative Diver Down Flag Wallet Reviews

Innovative Diver Down Flag Wallet Reviews   Diver Down Flag Wallet

Reviewer: kara e. on 3/2/2014

inoovative diver down flag wallet - love it! its a good way to meet other divers, and also a good gift idea!

Innovative Stainless Steel Dive Travel Mug Reviews

Innovative Stainless Steel Dive Travel Mug Reviews   Stainless Steel Dive Travel Mug

Reviewer: Joanne G. on 1/17/2014

Travel mug - This was a gift for my son as hes a diver and drives to different diving sites. Its nice to have your coffee with you.

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