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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Reviews Divers Baseball Cap

Reviewer: Michael D.

Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Review - $6.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I received this hat as part of free items when buying a gear bag. This is surprisingly a nice hat! Baseball-style cap with a velcro adjustment in the back, allowing precise adjustment. Part of my reason for not wearing caps in the past has been the coarse adjustment on many with the hole and tab make a cap either fit tight or too loose. Not so with this one. The bill extends out enough to be great for bright days on the water, and seems to maintain its shape (the "curve" of the bill) even after being packed. The embroidered diver graphic, and the logo give this hat a nice finish. Also, made of cotton, so it can be cleaned. So, its just a hat.. albeit, a nice one!

Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews

Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews Carabiner with Ring

Reviewer: Paul Selden

Carabiner With Ring - Hey, you can never have too many carabiners! Ive attached mine to just about everything that I would otherwise have to carry by hand so that I can easily clip them off when I need to. Dive lights, my folding knife, the end of my underwater measuring tape, slate you name it, they all get a carabiner. With the thicker gloves that I have to wear most of the year in Michigan, opening and closing a carabiner is much easier than having to manipulate a little clip!

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain Reviews Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain

Reviewer: Al V.

Fun way to store your O-Rings - Its cute and always gets a laugh at the dive site. Probably because the red tank matches the colour of my multi-tool. Im not exactly fashion-conscious - none of my gear matches in colour or brand. It would be good if the kit included a hose o-ring or two as well as the tank rings, but it doesnt. Not as if they cost a whole lot to add. Theres plenty of room for a lifetime of O-rings. Havent used it as a key chain - it lives in my save-the-dive box but I know at least one diver who has used hers for her car keys for a long time.

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Reviews Polar Fleece Beanie

Reviewer: Chris Johnson

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie Review - $6.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This was awesome that gave these items for free with my order. However, they were very small and I need to find someone with young kids to give them to. Again, they are nice just too small for the big heads in my family, LOL

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews

Innovative Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem Reviews Dive Flag Chrome Auto Emblem

Reviewer: tracy m.

Chrome Scuba Flag - great product - durable, looks great. much better than a decali have a nice new car, and the chrome dive flag looks like it could have been installed by the factory! a nice way to display your passion without looking cheap.

Innovative Bumper Sticker. Reviews

Innovative Bumper Sticker. Reviews Bumper Sticker.

Reviewer: Melissa Koome

Innovative Bumper Sticker. Review - $6.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Well made and detailed. Will be ordering myself one next...other went as a gift.

Trident Waterproof Clear Case Reviews

Trident Waterproof Clear Case Reviews Waterproof Clear Case

Reviewer: Lisa H.

Trident Waterproof Clear Case Review - $14.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Not quite as large as I was hoping for. I have not had a chance to use it yet but it seems well made.

Scuba Dive Flag License Plate Frame Reviews

Scuba Dive Flag License Plate Frame Reviews Dive Flag License Plate Frame

Reviewer: Robert N.

Scuba Dive Flag License Plate Frame Review - $0.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Fun great gift for new DRIVER and new DIVER!!!

Innovative Toy Swimming Diver Reviews

Innovative Toy Swimming Diver Reviews Toy Swimming Diver

Reviewer: Shiretta Yandell

Toy or Decor - My Fiance got me this for Valentines Day. I was soo excited that I finally have a dive buddy to go with anytime I wanted. I should of played with it in the bathtub first! I was disappionted that the frickin thing completely floated on the surface. Its a diver! It should sink to about 10 or 15 feet. Then I could play with it when I dove. Now it just sets on my dive towel in the corner ontop of my dive shelf with Nemo. I would recommend this to a kid in the shallow end of a pool otherwise its an expensive shelf decor....hope this helps!

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews Luggage Tags

Reviewer: Dawn Phillips

Dawn - These are very nice tags and my family liked finding them in their stockings.

Trident Divers Flag Reviews

Trident Divers Flag Reviews Divers Flag

Reviewer: Peter Roberge

Great product - Great product

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