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Bare Nex-Gen Pro Drysuit Reviews

Bare Nex-Gen Pro Drysuit Reviews Nex-Gen Pro Drysuit

Reviewer: Steve F.

Excellent suit for the price - I just purchased this suit last month and have been diving in it about 20 times already and it is great. No leaks, and the T-100 polarwear paired with some underarmour keeps me nice and warm even in 40 degree water. The material this suit is made of is strong and I am confident it will last a long time. It fits perfect, the automatic exhaust valve works great and easy to use. The only thing I wish it had was a pocket or two, but I am planning on buying two bare bellows pockets and gluing them on, so its not a big deal. Overall for the price, you cant go wrong with this suit. This was my first drysuit purchase and I am extremely happy with my decision. When diving in cold water, I am never...View Full Review

Waterproof D1 Hybrid Men´s Drysuit Reviews

Waterproof D1 Hybrid Men´s Drysuit Reviews D1 Hybrid Men´s Drysuit

Reviewer: park wonwoo

Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit Review - $3,199.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Easy activity. Good warm-up Easy to wear D1 is the best of the dry suit

Bare D6 Pro Drysuit Reviews

Bare D6 Pro Drysuit Reviews D6 Pro Drysuit

Reviewer: Jeff L.

Bare D6 Pro drysuit - My first drysuit and have only tried it in the pool, but very impressed with fit, comfort and quality. Im 62" / 210# and the XLT is a perfect fit. Hope it holds up as well as I expect it to.

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