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You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for scuba diving regulators below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Aqua Lung, Atomic, Ocean Reef, Poseidon, Seac, Zeagle and more...

Zeagle ZX/DS-V DIN Regulator Reviews

Zeagle ZX/DS-V DIN Regulator Reviews   ZX/DS-V DIN Regulator

Reviewer: Alfred Clair Jr on 11/3/2013

Excellent regulator... Low price. - Zeagle was a new name to me. Turns out they make excellent diving equipment. All American made in a factory in Florida. This regulator works beautifully. It was an amazing price too. Its not Zeagles top regulator, but its fine for me and the price. Zeagle does do lab testing and they publish all of the results. ALL of their regulators far exceed U.S. Navy required standards, for "Class A" regulators.

Aqua Lung Legend LX DIN Regulator Reviews

Aqua Lung Legend LX DIN Regulator Reviews   Legend LX DIN Regulator

Reviewer: Bonnie C. on 2/14/2014

Good regulator - I really like this regulator. The hose configuration on the first stage is great, and the second stage is nice and light. It breathes easy and dry. So dry, my mouth dries out. That would be my only complaint.

Atomic Z2X Regulator Sealed, DIN Reviews

Atomic Z2X Regulator Sealed, DIN Reviews   Z2X Regulator Sealed, DIN

Reviewer: jason q. on 10/12/2013

excellent high quality regulator - worth the money, breaths easy, great service intervals and warranty. nothing bad to say about this at all.

Ocean Reef Sl 35 TX DIN 1st Stage Reviews

Ocean Reef Sl 35 TX DIN 1st Stage Reviews   Sl 35 TX DIN 1st Stage

Reviewer: James Moore on 2/14/2010

good product - I bought this first stage to go with a Neptune Space FFM. It works beautifully and I recommend the quick connect hose and swivel to go between the two.

Seac X-10 Pro Ice DIN Regulator Reviews

Seac X-10 Pro Ice DIN Regulator Reviews   X-10 Pro Ice DIN Regulator

Reviewer: Andrii Budnyk on 5/8/2013

Easy to breathe - Easy to breathe,comfortable. My order was Regulator and Console. The seller joined them by default . To transport it was not good as hanging out in a big box.

Poseidon Cyklon Metal Regulator Reviews

Poseidon Cyklon Metal Regulator Reviews   Cyklon Metal Regulator

Reviewer: Dale Brazdis on 9/5/2007

Dale B. - Outstanding regulator that delivers at any depth. Would buy it again.

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