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Ocean Reef Surface Air Valve Reviews

Ocean Reef Surface Air Valve Reviews Surface Air Valve

Reviewer: moniu monev on 9/19/2006

oceanreef surface air valve - Being user of the surface valve,I think that I did escape one of the most common problems while surfacing.Usually managing easily octopus or regulators are not applicable for this kind of hi-end equipment. Because of the construction,and the purpose of the full face mask, take some time to be fine adjusted, using the valve I can spare some air while preparing for diving,as well as surfacing, It so easy to use -while you are not under water -just turn it on,and you can freely breath air without removing the mask as well as any of your other equipment I would suggest adding this additional device

Ocean Reef ExtraFlex Quick Disconnect Hose Reviews

Ocean Reef ExtraFlex Quick Disconnect Hose Reviews ExtraFlex Quick Disconnect Hose

Reviewer: Harry Eeuwes on 2/10/2014

Ocean Reef swivel/quick disconnect and hose - These three items make the full face mask so easy to use at little extra cost. I am finding that I take the mask off the octo rig and store in the cloth bag when I finish each dive. The quick disconnect makes it a quick job even in a rocking boat with a bunch of crazy dive buddies.

Ocean Reef G.Divers Surface Air Valve (SAV) for Full Face Masks Reviews

Ocean Reef G.Divers Surface Air Valve (SAV) for Full Face Masks Reviews G.Divers Surface Air Valve (SAV) for Full Face Masks

Reviewer: Joesph Moss on 6/13/2012

G Diver mask air valve - You can use the mask without this cap.But you save a lot air the suface with it open. I did two dives with it open and still my face did not flood

Ocean Technology MK2-DCI Air Intercom Reviews

Ocean Technology MK2-DCI Air Intercom Reviews MK2-DCI Air Intercom

Reviewer: Pim De Rhoodes on 4/16/2010

communication - Very nice professional service for a great product.

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