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Sherwood High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose (Pigtail) Reviews

Sherwood High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose (Pigtail) Reviews   High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose (Pigtail)

Reviewer: Jose C. on 4/10/2008

High quality!!! - This hose is highly recommended. Made of quality material with superb craftmanship.

Sherwood Yoke Fill Adapter with Bleed Reviews

Sherwood Yoke Fill Adapter with Bleed Reviews   Yoke Fill Adapter with Bleed

Reviewer: Levi H. on 3/16/2013

Finally, the right part. - After ordering the wrong item with the guidance of a representative, I finally received a replacement which just happened to be the correct one. My only complaint is that I couldnt get a Yoke Fill Adapter WITHOUT the bleed. Not even directly through sherwood. That is unfortunate because their parts are not ONLY used for SCUBA... Oh, well. Someone screws up and hurts themselves and now we all have to deal with the "safety" repercussions.

XS Scuba High Pressure Compressor Gauge Reviews

XS Scuba High Pressure Compressor Gauge Reviews   High Pressure Compressor Gauge

Reviewer: Heather M. on 11/4/2013

Great looking gauge - Gauge is a great looking pressure, is large and easy to see when checking tank fills. Gauge is larger than most I have dealt with but I like the size and color contrast.

Sherwood O2 Fill Yoke Reviews

Sherwood O2 Fill Yoke Reviews   O2 Fill Yoke

Reviewer: Levi H. on 3/16/2013

Wrong item - This ended up being the wrong part. Im pretty new to the world of scuba products so when I spoke to someone from via telephone I accepted their answer as being the professional one. Ultimately, the wrong product was ordered for my application and had to be exchanged for the correct one.

XS Scuba DIN Filler Adapter Reviews

XS Scuba DIN Filler Adapter Reviews   DIN Filler Adapter

Reviewer: Matthew G. on 6/25/2008

Great Piece of Equipment!! - This little gadget works great! The head rotates 360 degrees, so you can orient it in whatever position you need to in order to attach the fill whip. This swivel adapter wont damage the threads on your tank valve like the brass fill adapters used at most scuba shops.

Sherwood Steel-T Reviews

Sherwood Steel-T Reviews   Steel-T

Reviewer: Jerry Campbell on 2/28/2010

Steel 1/4 (T) - I am a hydraulics trouble shooter, and this T will take lots of pressure, I dont think it will break and leave you with out Air for you scuba Tank. I use this type of equipment on my PCP rifles and those guys are Air Hogs. They shoot pellets at a high rate of speed. Well Its amazing what you can do with the right parts,, thanks again for being there when I needed you all. Jerry Campbell

Sherwood Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Reviews

Sherwood Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge Reviews   Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge

Reviewer: Jerry Campbell on 2/28/2010

Liquid filled pressure gage - Thanks for the Gage I was down till it got here, and you guys are fast. Jerry Campbell Princeton Wv.

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