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XS Scuba Finger Spool Reviews

XS Scuba Finger Spool Reviews Finger Spool

Reviewer: Brent P.

Great Price and Perfect Size - The reel is just a standard finger spool, but it works very well and is just the right size with plenty of line. I am glad I got the 160 foot.

Scubamax Reel Reviews

Scubamax Reel Reviews Reel

Reviewer: jody bakker

The reel thing - I have used this alot for searcging circle grids, sending me diver down marker to the surface, and sending markers to the surface. Its very compacr and the string is always where i know it wont tangle and respools easilt. It is definitely the real thing.

Trident Reel. Reviews

Trident Reel. Reviews Reel.

Reviewer: Vitaly Gritsenko

Pretty good and easy to use - I use this reel to drag a small surface float that marks our location to the boaters. The only drawback is that if the rope is not tight it can go to the side of the reel. Other than that it is an excellent purchase

Scubamax Finger Spool Reviews

Scubamax Finger Spool Reviews Finger Spool

Reviewer: John W.

Scubamax Finger Spool Review - $15.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Its a finger spool. Its basic and fine.

H2O 150 Foot Finger Spool Reviews

H2O 150 Foot Finger Spool Reviews 150 Foot Finger Spool

Reviewer: Preston McIntosh

H2O 150 Foot Finger Spool Review - $19.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Good reel for deployment of surface marker buoy.

Highland Reel Reviews

Highland Reel Reviews Reel

Reviewer: Preston McIntosh

Highland Reel Review - $62.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Well made and easy to use.

ScubaPro X-Tek Mini Finger Reel Reviews

ScubaPro X-Tek Mini Finger Reel Reviews X-Tek Mini Finger Reel

Reviewer: Preston McIntosh

Good jump reel - Well made product

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