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Diving Clips and Reel Reviews - Diving Reels

Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Diving Clips and Reels, Diving Reels. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for diving clips and reels below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: H2O, Highland, Hollis, Manta, Scubamax, ScubaPro, Trident, XS Scuba, Zeagle and more...

XS Scuba Finger Spool Reviews

XS Scuba Finger Spool Reviews   Finger Spool

Reviewer: Jonathan Bush on 9/20/2007

Finger spool reel fits - Small enough to fit in a BCD Pocket. I was diving with a more experienced diver who used his to guide the whole group to the sunken barge in 10 feet vis. I got back and bought one just to be prepared, but realized that homemade wasnt going to last or be any less expensive. It is a tool that might save a dive or a life. Get one for your safety and convenience.

Scubamax Reel Reviews

Scubamax Reel Reviews   Reel

Reviewer: Michael Ewer on 6/21/2008

Okay for the money - Used this reel on a recent weeks wreck diving trip to send up my DSMB. It is quite compact but cheaply made. The line is quite thin and showed signs of wear at the end of the week. I had to trim the base of the reels winder knob as it did not rotate freely when its securing bolt was tightened and consequently when you wound the reel the knob securing bolt unscrewed itself. All that said the reel survived the week ( 9 dives) and never let me down. In hindsight I would buy the reel with the longer line.

Trident Reel. Reviews

Trident Reel. Reviews   Reel.

Reviewer: Vitaly Gritsenko on 8/22/2007

Pretty good and easy to use - I use this reel to drag a small surface float that marks our location to the boaters. The only drawback is that if the rope is not tight it can go to the side of the reel. Other than that it is an excellent purchase

Scubamax Finger Spool Reviews

Scubamax Finger Spool Reviews   Finger Spool

Reviewer: Radhakrishna J. on 2/2/2013

Basic - It is a very basic reel - a bobbin with a string & a clip. nice & compact to go in the pocket along with your SMB. This may need a little getting used to for Deployment underwater as the reel has no tension & the string can come loose ..... just a little practice & you should be fine.

Highland Reel Reviews

Highland Reel Reviews   Reel

Reviewer: Paul Nuccio on 6/19/2010

Dive Reel - Excellent for the price. High visability line, light weight, easy to use. I like the handle instead of just the bare metal that similar models have.

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