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Trident Weight Belt Suspenders Reviews

Trident Weight Belt Suspenders Reviews Weight Belt Suspenders

Reviewer: Bryan Jones

Outstanding equipment!! - I have to say this was probably one of the best things I purchased this year. During my trip to Cozumel the dive shop helped me assemble my weight belt and these suspenders. With as much weight as I needed for the dive, 34 lbs, the suspenders worked without a hitch. Once on my weights felt comfortable and easy to adjust with the suspenders. The end of each strap had adjustments to work around the weights. The shoulders buckles helps to snugg everything up. The suspenders worked well with the BCD. After examining the suspenders with all my equipment on, I felt it would be no problem dropping the weights if I needed to. Again this was a great buy and helped prevent my weights dropping off my...View Full Review

Aqua Lung SureLock II Weight Pouch - Each Reviews

Aqua Lung SureLock II Weight Pouch - Each Reviews SureLock II Weight Pouch - Each

Reviewer: Scott Van Natta

Outstanding Service! - i ordered an integrated weight pouch for my wifes bcd (handle on hers broke during a move). i ordered the wrong sized pouch and the folks at scuba.com helped me the correct size (talked me through it over the phone), and then they sent me the correct size before i had a chance to send back the wrong one. had the correct pouch in just a few days. outstanding service and very personal attention even though we were an online customer. thanks to all at scuba.com!!!

XS Scuba Weight Pouch Reviews

XS Scuba Weight Pouch Reviews Weight Pouch

Reviewer: LARRY C.

XS Scuba Weight Pouch Review - $4.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - this is a nice weight pouch, the velcro closure is secure. reclaimed lead shot can be found on line to fill the pouch, this makes for a very economical alternative to buying premade soft weights. reclaimed lead is often offered in a small 7.5-8 size which is nice for a comfortable fit against your body. the downside is that occasionally you may find the weight pouch working its way out of the weight belt pocket opening...this really depends on whos weight belt you are using. this generally doesnt happen often, just remember to remove and re the weight pouch if you see that the pouch is starting to migrate out of the belt pocket. i havent tried this yet, but perhaps a larger size split shot...View Full Review

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews Weight Carry Bag.

Reviewer: Robert M.

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This bag is just what I was looking for. I can put all of the diving weights together in one spot. The bag is well constructed with heavy duty materials and stitching.

Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt Reviews

Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt Reviews Stretch Rubber Weight Belt

Reviewer: Robert Welsh

Good Choice for Freediving - this rubber weight belt is depth compensating and slip resistant. it doesnt slide around like traditional web weight belts. so, maneuvering comfort and safety are maximized. your buckle is always in the front where it should be. the belt doesnt get 5 stars due to a couple of minor flaws. it doesnt come with any directions expaining how to thread and assemble the 3 confusing hunks of metal which come comprise the buckle. maybe im a tad slow... but it took me a while of playing with it to figure it out. adjustment takes a little getting used to also. however, once you get it adjusted, it stays that way. you should plan to have dedicated weights for that belt. you wont want to add and remove...View Full Review

Innovative 60 Inch Weight Belt with Nylon Buckle Reviews

Innovative 60 Inch Weight Belt with Nylon Buckle Reviews 60 Inch Weight Belt with Nylon Buckle

Reviewer: Jeffrey Y.

Innovative 60 Inch Weight Belt with Nylon Buckle Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - It is a basic weight belt and works well. Just cut it to length.

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews Weight Bag

Reviewer: Debra McCaleb

Finally, a beefy weight bag! - I received this weight bag as a gift and am glad I did. My wife and I dive together and remove our weight pockets after diving. The bag provides a convenient means of storing and transporting ourweight pockets and additional weights...about 45 lbs. total. The heavy duty handles and zipper are perfect and the size is just right for the individual weights AND the assembled pockets. The metal grommets at the bottom ensure good drainage. This item is the perfect solution to a "weighty" problem

XS Scuba Lead Shot Weight Reviews

XS Scuba Lead Shot Weight Reviews Lead Shot Weight

Reviewer: Laura Slavin

Accurate Weight & Fits Weight Belt Pockets - I bought a total of five of these. With the sixth one I already had, I verified the total weight at 30 lb or 5-lb ea. They fit my weight belt pouches. They appear to be sewn together well. Only time and use will tell if they hold up. The price was lower than most and the delivery time was as-advertised.

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews

XS Scuba Trim Weight Tank Pouch Reviews Trim Weight Tank Pouch

Reviewer: Keven Acosta

Nice - Heres the deal. if you dive alot and in differant waters (warm to cold) this is a cool product. when going from a 3mm to a 7mm this can be a big help. add your wt. to the trim pouch and keep it in your dive bag, when you switch to 7mm add your trim pouch and after your bouancy check, your off. Also good for divers that need just a little help keeping their upper body down

XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt Reviews

XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt Reviews Cordura Weight Belt

Reviewer: David Howard

GOOD VALUE - Great belt. I used it in OW classes, then retired it as I bought an intergrated weight BC. Friend borrowed it that wears a 48" waist and it fit fine. I wear a 38" waist and it worked equally well. Made great. Buckle is secure, but easy to remove for weight removal in class. Pockets easily hold my 4lb soft weights without issue. Velcro closing the pockets is strong. Belt will be stiff for first few dives, then get better. No worries with this product. If I knew I was going to buy an intergrated weight BC that soon, I could have bought just a belt and solid weights and saved some money. However, with he quality of this belt, resaling it will not be an issue. If you plan to use a belt...View Full Review

Scubamax Weight Belt Reviews

Scubamax Weight Belt Reviews Weight Belt

Reviewer: Richard Burr

Scubamax Weight Belt Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - was to big, be sure to check the waist size of each belt before continuing on!

Trident Lead Weight Mold Reviews

Trident Lead Weight Mold Reviews Lead Weight Mold

Reviewer: Brad Dallas

Weight mold - Works like a champ. Releases best when mold is warmed up, let lead slightly set. Also using a dry release spray.

XS Scuba Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket Reviews

XS Scuba Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket Reviews Quick Release Single Diving Weight Pocket

Reviewer: Javier d.

Very good hold - i actually used this velcrod to itself around the back of my belt (instead of the intended passing of the belt through the "belt tunnel"), since the belt wasnt broken-in enough to adjust the standard fittings. it held very well w/ 4 pounds in it, even though i couldnt get the entire velcro patch to overlap (it overlaps just fine when you use it properly). i felt free to use heavier weight for breath-hold diving, knowing i could ditch a single pouch as opposed to the whole belt got deeper, longer!!

XS Scuba Ankle Weights Reviews

XS Scuba Ankle Weights Reviews Ankle Weights

Reviewer: Wendy Sacks

Great product - Great product. I own ScubaPro fins that float so it was difficult to keep my feet from floating up during my safety stop. I bought a different pair of ankle weights but they are not as well made as these. They were made from a nylon material that got runs in it and the lead beads started to come out. These are made from a more durable material and just better constructed all around. Would highly recommend these ankle weights.

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