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Innovative Compass Slate Reviews

Innovative Compass Slate Reviews Compass Slate

Reviewer: David Smith

Good Compass and Slate Combo - This is a good slate and compass combo. You can write on both sides with the attached pencil. With the locking retractor is keeps it out of the way until needed, but handy when you are ready to use it without tugging on you all the time. The only downside is that the compass must be almost perfectly level to use, if it is tilted too much then the dial hangs up on itself and then isnt accurate. For the price it is a good compass, to get 5 starts it would have to allow reading when more out-of-level (but would then cost significantly more, at least when compared to similar compasses).

Sherwood Supertilt 2 Compass Module Reviews

Sherwood Supertilt 2 Compass Module Reviews Supertilt 2 Compass Module

Reviewer: Ron Cooley

Great Compass! Super easy to read! - The Aeris XR Compass Clip Mount Boot with the Sherwood SUPERTILT 2 COMPASS MODULE mounted on the XS Scuba XSCERRORY MINI RETRACTOR CLIP gave me the perfect compass set-up. My compass was out of the way clipped on my BC until I needed it, then it was in my hand and ready to use. PLUS, this set-up let me swim with my arms in a natural position — not the arm bent at right angle position necessary when using a wrist compass. I loved it, my friends loved it, and so did the SOB who stole it. Ill replace it with the same set-up, even though my Suunto D9 has a built-in electronic compass.

Oceanic Clip Mount Maxtilt Compass Reviews

Oceanic Clip Mount Maxtilt Compass Reviews Clip Mount Maxtilt Compass

Reviewer: David K.

Oceanic Clip Mount Maxtilt Compass Review - $59.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - The process of getting the compass was a bit complicated because it wasnt in stock when ordered. It was sent before the date it was promised though. The email communication regarding my purchase was very good. I am pleased with the compass and found that it works exactly as expected. I am looking forward to using it under water once it warms up a bit.

Sherwood Retractable Compass Reviews

Sherwood Retractable Compass Reviews Retractable Compass

Reviewer: Craig L.

Sherwood Retractable Compass Review - $79.85 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Since switching from a console set up, I now just use a single SPG and wrist dive computers. The Sherwood Retractable Compass helps me streamline my equipment. The retractor is sturdy and well built and the white dial on the compass face is much easier to see.

Oceanic Compass Kit for Oceanic Pro Plus / Pro Plus 2 Reviews

Oceanic Compass Kit for Oceanic Pro Plus / Pro Plus 2 Reviews Compass Kit for Oceanic Pro Plus / Pro Plus 2

Reviewer: Keith B.

Oceanic Compass Kit for Oceanic Pro Plus / Pro Plus 2 Review - $75.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - This is a great kit. It contains all the parts that you will need to replace your compass or add a compass to an Oceanic ProPlus computer.

Innovative Retractable Compass Reviews

Innovative Retractable Compass Reviews Retractable Compass

Reviewer: Michael Smith

Works like a charm - Switching to a wireless air integrated computer meant no more console gauge, so I needed a simple compass for teaching (scuba instructor) and personal use. This one did the trick. Its nothing fancy, but solid and functional. Its a little slow to spin and lock on to a bearing, so be patient. Rather than "built in" retractor, think of it as a "built onto" a fairly large retractor, so its not exactly low profile, but the ability to lock the retractor is nice for keeping it close when not in use.

XS Scuba Standard Compass Module Reviews

XS Scuba Standard Compass Module Reviews Standard Compass Module

Reviewer: Marco S.

Must-have for XS Scuba console - i have a compass on my wrist computer but i usually find myself checking the one on my console instead. somehow its more intuitive, faster and easier to read. if you have an xs scuba console with an empty slot, this one is a must-have addition. no bells and whistles, just pop in and use. works perfectly good value for the money.

Genesis Wrist Compass Complete Reviews

Genesis Wrist Compass Complete Reviews Wrist Compass Complete

Reviewer: Stephen J.

Great piece of equipment - I bought this before my wife and I went to Venice Florida on a shark tooth dive. I already have a compass mounted on my computer console, but I wanted more freedom of movement with my compass. This really fit the bill. This compass is durable with a nice long wrist strap with a built in form of a spring tensioner that adds a very effective touch. I recommend this compass to anyone as a primary or even a redundant back up tool.

Oceanic SWIV Wrist Compass Reviews

Oceanic SWIV Wrist Compass Reviews SWIV Wrist Compass

Reviewer: Kaitlyn M.

Excellent - Buying this compass what a good purchase, my brother and I were diving and trying to recover and item that I had lost and he has a fancy dive computer with a compass built in and his compass didnt work, so I led the way with my wrist compass and we found what we were looking for!! Good purchase

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