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Divegear Boat Coat Jacket - Fleece Lined with Hood Reviews

Divegear Boat Coat Jacket - Fleece Lined with Hood Reviews   Boat Coat Jacket - Fleece Lined with Hood

Reviewer: Elaine G. on 5/3/2007

Divegear Boat Coat - I was looking for a coat that would keep me warm during surface intervals and for boat dives. What I found was the coat is a perfect addition to my gear and I use it to keep warm before donning my wetsuit and after the dive is over. I read that the coat runs small so when I ordered it I went on the larger side but really did not need to. I could have gotten away with the correct size for me. In any case it is roomy, and I can peel the wetsuit to my waist and still wear the coat. The fleece lining is really comforatble and must wick dry fairly quickly because I have yet to have that wet coat feeling while wearing it. It is a great coat.

Divegear Menīs Polyolefin Short Reviews

Divegear Menīs Polyolefin Short Reviews   Menīs Polyolefin Short

Reviewer: joel tobey on 10/9/2008

Confort Shorts - I was recently on a dive trip on the MV Fling out of Freeport, Texas. Most Dive gear shorts are black and I was wearing the Royal Blue. It seamed to catch the eyes of many divers and they ask me where I got them that they would like to get a pair. Of coarse I told them. It is very important to be confortable when diving and these shorts are lined for warmth and fit well with any dive suit. They dry fast and will not bunch up in the dive suit. They simply become part of you. I have both the Black and Royal Blue. I always put on the Royal Blue first because they look so good. Youll love them, Joel Tobey

Scuba After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining Reviews

Scuba After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining Reviews   After Dive / Surf Hooded Jacket with Polar Fleece Lining

Reviewer: Ron B. on 2/8/2014

Great jacket! - This is an incredible bargain of a jacket. For the price, I thought it would be a pretty simple and cheaply made product, but it is of very high quality, reversible, and very warm and comfortable. We live in a tropical climate (Okinawa) but in winter the air can feel cold after the dive. With this jacket I peeled off my wetsuit top, dried off and then used the jacket to warm me until the next dive. Worked beyond expectation. I can use this as a normal everyday jacket as well, although its usually too warm here for this coat. So, I can unzip the fleece lining and use it as a windbreaker. Well worth the purchase.

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews   Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining.

Reviewer: Thomas Petricca on 11/20/2013

No idea - Purchased the dive jacket for my wife. Had it delivered to my office. Might have been nice but it was stolen from the back seat of my car before getting the jacket home? Looks like another New York State Thief gets to enjoy my wifes gift now! Maybe someone could check with the criminal to see how nice the jacket might be - I couldnt tell you personally.

Scuba Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket Reviews

Scuba Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket Reviews   Polar Fleece After Dive / Surf Jacket

Reviewer: Donnie Gatling on 4/10/2014

Donnie G - Bought this jacket for after the dive,this is a nice jacket I wear it out at night when I go out to dinner it is warm and comfortable it is not for freezing weather.

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