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Atomic Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask Reviews

Atomic Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask Reviews Venom ARC Ultra Clear Mask

Reviewer: Peter W.

Upgrading to Ultraclear glass - Is the ultra clear worth the price? Having used the mask for both snorkel and dives earlier this month the answer is yes. Objects appear sharper and a bit brighter (I dive wearing contacts). The skirt of my older atomic mask was beginning to wear and it was time for a change. This mask is easy to adjust and very comfortable. Range of view is excellent. The red refraction that you see in side view photos is not visible when wearing the mask. I ordered on a Friday and the mask arrived on Tuesday with the standard free shipping. The case is easy to use but a bit bulkier than necessary. Summary: Pricey, but worth it.

Atomic SV1 Contour Snorkel Reviews

Atomic SV1 Contour Snorkel Reviews SV1 Contour Snorkel

Reviewer: Peter Weber

Atomic SV1 Contour Snorkel Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I have used an SV2 for years and always enjoyed it. The purge valve remains pliable and seals well. Bought the SV1 for my wife to use for snorkeling in calmer water. Both snorkels have an easy to use adjustable slide that can be slipped off a mount that fits over most mask straps. It also has a very comfortable mouthpiece.

Sherwood Onyx Mask Reviews

Sherwood Onyx Mask Reviews Onyx Mask

Reviewer: Maxim .

Sherwood Onyx Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The mask was delivered very fast, the price is cheapest on the market. The mask is low volume and light, no leaks, very soft, good visibility. Fits well on my irregular small narrow face. Like the product.

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Reviews

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Reviews Venom Ultra Clear Mask

Reviewer: Derek Y.

Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Mask Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Very Comfortable to wear. I have a narrow face so finding a mask that seals well without having to crank down the straps is great. Very happy with this mask.

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Mask Reviews

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Mask Reviews Shadow Frameless Mask

Reviewer: Michael B S.

Outstanding Mask - I love this mask so much I own 2 for Cave and Tech diving and one on my shelf in case I have to replace one. They are incredibly comfortable, great viewing area, nice adjustment system and great optics. Ive tried two other brands over the years and have settled on this type. If I ever found out they were going to discontinue this mask, Id buy 10 of them.

Hollis M-1 Frameless Mask Reviews

Hollis M-1 Frameless Mask Reviews M-1 Frameless Mask

Reviewer: Kevin R.

Prepare mask before using - The mask performs well. Mask feels comfortable. Did have problems with fogging. Spent considerable amount of time preparing mask to remove silicone from the lens with lighter and toothpaste before it performed as expected. I spear fish,the single lens did perform better than a two lens mask.

Sherwood Oracle Mask Reviews

Sherwood Oracle Mask Reviews Oracle Mask

Reviewer: Mark H.

Excellent Fit, Good vision - Purchased without having the option of trying on anywhere - but am pleased with the mask. Very comfortable enclosure and strap arrangement, and as is advertised - great vision. The silicone seemed a little less thick (maybe just more pliable?) than previous masks Ive had, but I had no issues with sealing and equalizing pressure. I liked the choice of colors and carrying box as well.

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask Reviews

Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask Reviews Ultra Clear Subframe ARC Technology Mask

Reviewer: sharon b.

Love it! - The mask is so comfortable on my face and the lenses have such clarity. The moment I put it on, it felt wonderful. So glad to have made this purchase. Bought another one for my son.

Mares Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask Reviews

Mares Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask Reviews Essence Liquidskin Frameless Mask

Reviewer: Maxwell H.

Meh... - The lens shape/field of vision is great. The skirt pushes on my upper lip during the dive. By the end its a little sore and feels great to take off. I really wish this mask fit me better. All other aspects are great, but fit is paramount in masks. I think my lower face juts out too much for the design. I have since tried the Tusa line, specifically the Freedom and Concerno. If you lean more towards your Neanderthal roots in facial structure, maybe not this one. The Tusa Concerno will be my next adventure.

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask Reviews

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask Reviews Venom Frameless Mask

Reviewer: jessica f.

Great mask! - This mask is great! Feels soft and very comfortable!

Seavision 2100 Maxvision Mask with Purge Reviews

Seavision 2100 Maxvision Mask with Purge Reviews 2100 Maxvision Mask with Purge

Reviewer: Richard W.

Scuba Mask - I received my new scuba mask very quickly and as advertised.

Scubamax Camouflage Mask Reviews

Scubamax Camouflage Mask Reviews Camouflage Mask

Reviewer: Keith Sollenberger

very small but functional - I thought this was a childs size mask when I unpacked it. The lenses were very close to my eyes. However the skirt was very soft on the skin and sealed great. The lenses were clear and virtually never fogged. Peripheral visibility was impacted a bit, but not terribly. Clearing water from the mask was complicated a bit by the soft silicone skirt which easily got folded rather than laying flat, but never became an issue. Id recommend this mask for people with average or smaller sized faces.

XS Scuba Metro Snorkel Reviews

XS Scuba Metro Snorkel Reviews Metro Snorkel

Reviewer: Jesse S.

Not Used - received but have not used this yet. looks great and looks like great quality, will provide once i actually use it.

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