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Innovative Standard Gripper Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Reviews

Innovative Standard Gripper Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Reviews Standard Gripper Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner

Reviewer: Preston C.

Works fine - got a pink retractor on a closeout sale i’m not into pink, but the price was excellent. i spray painted the pink part to match my other gear. otherwise works fine. i use one to hold my octo/bc inflator close to my mouth for emergencies. good length for holding extended over my head when ascending and descending. retractor has sufficient power to hold in place when not using. the second one is on the hip of my bc to hold my compass/debt gage/ computer counsel. not sure why this item is closing out, if it indeed is.

XS Scuba Flashlight Pocket with Retractor Reviews

XS Scuba Flashlight Pocket with Retractor Reviews Flashlight Pocket with Retractor

Reviewer: Denise Y.

XS Scuba Flashlight Pocket with Retractor Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - I got this retractor flashlight pocket right before a trip to the Sea of Cortez. It was great! I always knew exactly where my flashlight was and didnt have to dig through pockets to find it. I am diving with a back-inflate BCD with no real built-in pockets and I liked that my flashlight was always handy with minimal added bulk. The retractor has just the right tension. My flashlight holstered easily after every use, but it was also comfortable to use for an entire night dive. Other divers on the boat liked it and indicated they will also be buying one. It will only work with a compact flashlight but that is what I already owned and dive with so it worked really well for me. Highly recommend!

XS Scuba Micro Retractor Reviews

XS Scuba Micro Retractor Reviews Micro Retractor

Reviewer: Christine O.

Micro Retractor - small and light. and small! just small enough that the plastic attachment clip will not admit the thickness of the d-ring on my harness. if you have attachment points that are less than 3/16" thick, this connector will work for you. i solved the problem with a zip-tie. the load placed upon the retractor must be limited to about an ounce. i hung my b.u.d. secondary computer onto the retracting clip and found that the whole thing dangles a bit more than i expected. its a good retractor for a light loadexactly as advertised. but allow for its total length of dangle, and expect a small risk of entanglement because of it. i like the device. i asked the wrong job of it. my fault. ...View Full Review

Innovative Compass Slate Reviews

Innovative Compass Slate Reviews Compass Slate

Reviewer: David Smith

Good Compass and Slate Combo - This is a good slate and compass combo. You can write on both sides with the attached pencil. With the locking retractor is keeps it out of the way until needed, but handy when you are ready to use it without tugging on you all the time. The only downside is that the compass must be almost perfectly level to use, if it is tilted too much then the dial hangs up on itself and then isnt accurate. For the price it is a good compass, to get 5 starts it would have to allow reading when more out-of-level (but would then cost significantly more, at least when compared to similar compasses).

XS Scuba Compact Console Retractor Reviews

XS Scuba Compact Console Retractor Reviews Compact Console Retractor

Reviewer: James Clum

Compact and very handy. - This retractor is smaller than most out there. It is well built and is very sturdy. The one thing I would change is to give it a little more length when fully extended. Not much more to say, It works as it should and hasnt had any issues as of this posting. - Jamie C

Innovative Retractable Compass Reviews

Innovative Retractable Compass Reviews Retractable Compass

Reviewer: Peter L.

Good for the Money - I tried to save money by purchasing a less costly compass. Compared to the more expensive compasses, reaction time is slower, it needs to be more level, etc. For the money, it is a good compass.

Innovative Max Force Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Connector Reviews

Innovative Max Force Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Connector Reviews Max Force Retractor with Stainless Steel Carabiner Connector

Reviewer: Paul F.

Strong retractor - I use this retractor for my console. It is large and has a very strong retractor force. It feels like 1 or 2 pounds of force. It does keep the console next to my BCD (I have it clipped to the lower D ring on my left). Even in a strong current it does not let out the console. I wish the retracted length could be a little less (its about 6 inches) so that the console would stay even closer to my BCD when retracted (thats why Im giving it 4 instead of 5 stars).

XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip Reviews

XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip Reviews Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip

Reviewer: John P.

XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - This is the best of many I have used. Spring is nice and strong, plus the option of using the screw rather than the clip to attach it make it the best one I have had.

Innovative Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel Reviews

Innovative Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel Reviews Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel

Reviewer: Ryan R.

Innovative Max-Force Retractor with Brass Swivel Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - it works perfectly, I used it to keep my flash light attached to my BCD. It eliminated the chance of losing my flash light (again).

XS Scuba Flashlight / Camera Retractor Reviews

XS Scuba Flashlight / Camera Retractor Reviews Flashlight / Camera Retractor

Reviewer: richard brewer

Retractable tether - Very handy to have. You can tether anything you want to take down with you. It is lite weight and has a nice long cord. Would recommend for any diver who carrys several items while diving!!

Akona Mini Retractor Reviews

Akona Mini Retractor Reviews Mini Retractor

Reviewer: Anne E.

A little inconsistent - one good, one not strong enough - We ordered a couple of these, and one of them gently and easily connects gauges to one BCD, with a handy clip design that allows it to snap into place easily. The other just wasnt as strong, and the same gauges dangle rather than being held tightly in place. It would be fine for a lighter object - I just wish both worked as well as the first one does.

Princeton Tec Locking Retractor with Snap Reviews

Princeton Tec Locking Retractor with Snap Reviews Locking Retractor with Snap

Reviewer: Jesse T.

Princeton Tec Locking Retractor with Snap Review - $27.99 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I use the Princeton Tec Locking Retractor to hold my computer console. Unfortunately the retractor does not hold it in the proper place unless I place it the lock mode. My last retractor was a bit smaller and did not require me to lock it. Giving quicker access to my computer. Its overall construction seem to be well made.

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