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Scuba Stainless Steel Safety Shears Reviews

Scuba Stainless Steel Safety Shears Reviews Stainless Steel Safety Shears

Reviewer: Paul S. on 8/20/2007

Safety Shears a Winner - Experienced divers know you should have two cutting devices with you if possible. The first, if you get tangled in line or another obstruction (NOT to fight off sharks or the evil guys from Thunderball), and the second, in case you cant reach the first due to entanglement or some other problem that limits your motion. Many people pick a knife for their first cutting device, but pick shears for their second. Why not pick another knife for a back up, second cutting device? Simple! Shears can be operated with one hand! If you have ever tried to cut line underwater, you will quickly realize that it often will "give" too much to enable cutting it with a slashing or sawing motion,...View Full Review

XS Scuba Knife Wrap Reviews

XS Scuba Knife Wrap Reviews Knife Wrap

Reviewer: Steve McBride on 6/29/2008

XS Scuba Knife Wrap - The wrap keeps your knife right where you intend for it to stay, which is a first for any straps I have ever used. Not a good fit for smaller knives and you need to use with a solid/plastic sheath, otherwise the knife will not stay flush to your leg causing drag and entanglements with line, kelp, whatever. One flaw design is the top strap that is intended to hold the knife to the top of the wrap opens or loosens unintentionally, which could result in a lost knife. So I added a velcro strap for extra security. But I am still overall satisfied and have recommended it to friends.

Trident Knife Strap Reviews

Trident Knife Strap Reviews Knife Strap

Reviewer: David T. on 9/15/2008

Works great! - I bought a Big Squeeze Titanium from DeepSee but the straps that came with it have no clasp to hold them in place (just a rubber-to-rubber grip which doesnt hold well at all). These inexpensive, watchband-style straps work very well and adjust easily when I go from my 7/8mm suit down to my shorty.

Scubamax Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap Reviews

Scubamax Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap Reviews Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap

Reviewer: Justin Schumacher on 2/1/2015

Scubamax Deluxe Neoprene Knife Wrap Review - $16.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I am new to diving, but am a long time adventure sport enthusiast. I purchase my gear based on functionality and quality, and this wrap has both. I purchased this in conjunction with the Scuba brand stainless knife (roughly 10" overall length) and the two fit perfectly together. Cant go wrong for the price.

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews

Innovative T2 Toolpack Reviews T2 Toolpack

Reviewer: David C. on 7/4/2007

In the middle - Kind of in the middle of this item..... It is an interesting tool and I am sure it would come in handy should the need.

Innovative Line Cutter with Sheath Reviews

Innovative Line Cutter with Sheath Reviews Line Cutter with Sheath

Reviewer: Michael W. on 10/17/2014

This is the Second one i have ordered - I ordered one for my sister (She dose not like a lot of exposed blade so I let her chose the one she wanted and she chose this one), and Dad decided he wanted one as well, So I ordered him one they both Love it!

Innovative Neoprene Knife Sheath Reviews

Innovative Neoprene Knife Sheath Reviews Neoprene Knife Sheath

Reviewer: Katrina M. on 7/15/2012

Great Product - I was unhappy with the straps my knife came with originally, but the sheath worked amazingly. The only problem I had with it was I didnt tighten it enough the first time to compensate for my wetsuit compressing at depth and the sheath slipped. My knife is fairly large, and the sheath fits well over the knife and the holder. The velcro straps are long enough to wear around a thigh, for calves I would recommend cutting the straps. There is a second velcro strap to wrap around the dive knife handle, I didnt like this option so I just velcroed the straps behind the handle. Overall I am very pleased with this product.

Trident Silicone Pump Spray Reviews

Trident Silicone Pump Spray Reviews Silicone Pump Spray

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 2/16/2009

Always use it - Only wish it came in a bigger bottle for use at home. This one stays in my save a dive kit. Great for straps, hoses, lubricating fin pockets for easier doffing and donning, mask skirts, etc. One use that I try to remember to do at least one every 10 dives or so is to lube the 3 air dump valves on my BCD to keep them from sticking or leaking.

Scubamax Stainless Steel Safety Shears Reviews

Scubamax Stainless Steel Safety Shears Reviews Stainless Steel Safety Shears

Reviewer: David S. on 7/22/2013

Did the Job - We just returned after a week diving and speared about 25 lionfish of all sizes. The shears performed as expected. we used them to cut off the venomous fins before bagging. The only issue we had was some rust on the blades after the first day. The shears need to be thoroughly cleaned and coated with silicone after every use.

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