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XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves Reviews

XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves Reviews   Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Larry C. S. on 11/10/2008

Comparison of Deep See 2mm Barnacle gloves & XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Gloves - I am a volunteer diver at a local zoo as well as a recreational diver. I help to clean/scrub a 100,000 gal. reef tank. I have to hold onto an artificial reef with one hand while I scrub/clean with the other. Last year after wearing out a pair of reef gloves in a short period of time, I decided to do a head to head comparison of two different gloves. I alternated using of Deep See 2mm Barnacle gloves and XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm gloves. In my opinion, I thought that the Barnacle gloves would outlast the Bug Grabber gloves. I liked the tactile sensation of Barnacle gloves a little better than the Bug Grabber gloves. However, the Barnacle gloves did not hold up as well. ... View Full Review

ONeill 1mm Explore Kevlar Diving Gloves Reviews

ONeill 1mm Explore Kevlar Diving Gloves Reviews   1mm Explore Kevlar Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Kevin M. on 8/11/2008

The perfect gift for your snorkeling buddies. - i like to snorkel off the nj coast, and im getting pretty good at grabbing crabs for dinner. now and then i get pinched by the bigger crabs, so i bought this set of 1mm gloves to even the odds. they also came in handy when a swimming partner ped his wedding ring in barnegat bay and i scooped through endless much to find it. too many jerks tossing litter overboard means you run a risk of cuts and infection, so having a set of gloves can come in real handy (no pun intended).

Deep See 2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves Reviews

Deep See 2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves Reviews   2mm Barnacle Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Michael C. on 9/8/2008

Public safety - I currently work on a Public Safety Dive Team, primarily responsible for body recovery work. Most of our diving is conducted in a large east coast river. Our divrs are always crawling along the bottom fighting currents. These gloves have proven invaluable in their durability and comfort. Most other gloves we have tried, always wore through on the finger tips or the stiching began to fray. The Deep Sea Barnace gloves are superb and are thin enough to provide a lot of dexterity, enabling our divers to manipulate our gear with ease. Highly recommended.

Ocean Quest 1mm Amara Titanium Diving Gloves Reviews

Ocean Quest 1mm Amara Titanium Diving Gloves Reviews   1mm Amara Titanium Diving Gloves

Reviewer: David Reubush on 5/2/2013

Comfortable, Fit Great, Enables Camera Operation - I have developed a terrible allergy to hydroid stings. Therefore I wear gloves whenever the operator I am diving with will allow it. I am also an underwater photographer and being able to operate small buttons on my camera housing is important. I have been searching for a pair of gloves that both protects my hands and makes camera operation easy. These are the first pair of gloves I have found that meet both of my needs very well. The only thing I dont know at this point is how long they will last.

XS Scuba 2mm Titanium Frontier Diving Gloves Reviews

XS Scuba 2mm Titanium Frontier Diving Gloves Reviews   2mm Titanium Frontier Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Billy Stewart on 7/7/2007

Good gloves for the price! - I just tried the gloves out yesterday doing a beach dive here in Japan. The Japanese islands being volcanic islands often result in running into rocky conditions not only above the water but under it as well. These gloves gave good protection from the rocks. I slipped twice making my way across the rocks to where we could begin our dive and Im sure I would have scraped my hands without them. The also were warm enough for 66 degree water. The gloves were a good fit for my hands. I normally wear a size 7 glove and the mediums were a perfect fit. The velcro straps at the wrist are a good touch and the wrist were high enough to come up over my wetsuit.

Deep See 2mm Admiral Diving Gloves Reviews

Deep See 2mm Admiral Diving Gloves Reviews   2mm Admiral Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Donald Atkinson on 7/27/2011

ok diving gloves - I wish I got a glove that was more streamlined and made less drag but overall these have been good gloves. I have enough sensitivitey through the material that I can pick up coins and small items from the bottom of the water without picking up bunchs of other items at the same time. They keep my hands warm enough on a 68 degree one hour dive. Im definetly glad to have these gloves but Im sure there are betters ones to be had. For the price they are more than adequate and I dont plan on replacing them soon. I would recommend them to anyone who just needs a pair of all-around gloves.

Akona Adventure Diving Gloves Reviews

Akona Adventure Diving Gloves Reviews   Adventure Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Michael R. on 1/10/2014

Great dexterity and feel with the gloves - The gloves are so light yet very well made. Can pick up a dime with them and still feel that they protect fingers. Thinking of buying another pair of these and a set for my wife for snorkeling.

Neosport by Henderson 1.5mm XSPAN Diving Gloves Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 1.5mm XSPAN Diving Gloves Reviews   1.5mm XSPAN Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Matthew C. on 10/4/2013

I LOVE THESE GLOVES - Ive got a 3mm pair that are too thick, these 1.5mm are great gloves and I can easily operate the small buttons on my Go-Pros, unsnap or unzip things and still keep my hands warm. Coldest water so far is 66 degrees and no problems with getting cold.

XS Scuba 6 oz Lycra Glove Liners Reviews

XS Scuba 6 oz Lycra Glove Liners Reviews   6 oz Lycra Glove Liners

Reviewer: Mark Hinrichsen on 9/11/2013

Makes getting your gloves on much easier - Seems like I have always fussed at getting my dive gloves on and off.. especially after getting the 1st glove on and usually needed my dive buddy to help me with the other (right) glove. Now this liner makes it soooo much easier to get gloves on and off and I dont have to bug my dive buddy anymore!

Deep See 2mm Sport Diving Gloves Reviews

Deep See 2mm Sport Diving Gloves Reviews   2mm Sport Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Anthony Walker on 3/29/2014

gloves - Been looking for the right pair of gloves. These fit great and are very visible underwater. Great for moderate temperatures and warm water.

Aqua Lung. 2mm Tropics Gloves Reviews

Aqua Lung. 2mm Tropics Gloves Reviews   2mm Tropics Gloves

Reviewer: Joseph T. on 7/9/2013

Nice warm water gloves - I was pleasantly surprised with these gloves. They seem a little more like stretchy "batting gloves" than a dive glove, but theyre very comfortable and do not restrict your movement. Overall, they get the job done for warm water diving and I would probably purchase them again.

Akona All ArmorTex Diving Gloves Reviews

Akona All ArmorTex Diving Gloves Reviews   All ArmorTex Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Daniel Brannan on 9/29/2013

Good Gloves - Everyone tells me these are the gloves for spearfishing. I got them and have been happy so far. Im still deciding if I should have got the next size up. I feel they have a wear in period then feel fine. If I went to the next size I feel they would be too bulky.

Camaro 1mm Titanium Thermo Diving Gloves Reviews

Camaro 1mm Titanium Thermo Diving Gloves Reviews   1mm Titanium Thermo Diving Gloves

Reviewer: PAUL S. on 2/3/2014


Aqua Lung. 3/2mm Womens Ava Diving Gloves Reviews

Aqua Lung. 3/2mm Womens Ava Diving Gloves Reviews   3/2mm Womens Ava Diving Gloves

Reviewer: Nick M. on 9/27/2013

Gloves like a second skin - No lumps and bumps (seams) so it allows you to use your hands more precisely. They are easy to put on and take off. These are the best pair of dive gloves I have ever used. A thoughtful present from my husband!

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