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Apollo Bio Fin Steel Spring Strap (Pair) Reviews

Apollo Bio Fin Steel Spring Strap (Pair) Reviews Bio Fin Steel Spring Strap (Pair)

Reviewer: Constantin Novoselsky

Quality replacement part - The rubber loop on one of my bio-fin XT got ripped off, I tried gluing it back several times, lasts for couple of dives and than breaks again. So I broke down and bought replacement straps (the fins themselves are built like tank, I think they will last forever!). Straps on the other hand may fail, I got replacement for that case. So far btw my glued loop holds!

Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps Reviews

Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps Reviews Ez Spring Fin Straps

Reviewer: Julie King

Great straps! - These spring straps make it so much easier to put on and take off fins in the water whether entering in surf or pulling fins off to enter a boat. They are very secure.

TUSA EZ Spring Fin Straps Reviews

TUSA EZ Spring Fin Straps Reviews EZ Spring Fin Straps

Reviewer: William S.

Tusa Fin Springs - Tusa fin springs have the greatest pull of any spring or rubber strap out there. Only drawback is a minor one, but it dropped the Tusa spring strap down to a 4. The bar that the spring attaches to is plastic! This definitely put a weak spot in this strap. Most of these bars on other brands are a 2 piece metal screw set. This is particularly good as it wont break and the spring can be removed to put spacers on. I bought a set of these with the intention of replacing this plastic bar.

Mares Bungee Fin Straps Reviews

Mares Bungee Fin Straps Reviews Bungee Fin Straps

Reviewer: Paige J.

Mares Bungee Fin Straps Review - $34.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - i love my old dacor turboflex graphite fins. the fins do not wear outbut, all fin straps, over a few years of constant heavy dive use, break. dacor no longer makes dive fins and their replacement straps are no longer available. i was first unsure of the mares "bungee tube type" (not flat)fin strapsbut: (1) the flat rubber finger ring rear ankle device is comfortable when using the fins(2) the bungee tube with finger ring make it easy to slip feet into fins with a dive bootand (3) the strap does not let fins/strap slip even in hard fast fin swim use. i highly recommend and will be using my 15 year dacor fins another 15 years with mares bungee fin straps. also, i no longer have to loosen...View Full Review

Innovative Fin Spring Strap (Pair) For Scubapro Twin Jet Fins Reviews

Innovative Fin Spring Strap (Pair) For Scubapro Twin Jet Fins Reviews Fin Spring Strap (Pair) For Scubapro Twin Jet Fins

Reviewer: William H.

Innovative Fin Spring Strap (Pair) For Scubapro Twin Jet Fins Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - The Fin Spring Strap for Scubapro Twin Jet Fins works well and the extra plastic strap snap parts are helpful to keep them useful for a long time. The only concern about these straps is there is NO adjustment possible so you must guess the size correctly. I ordered the large size but they were too small. did exchange them with no question but you will have to pay shipping again (both ways).

ScubaPro Spare / Replacement Jet Fin Strap Reviews

ScubaPro Spare / Replacement Jet Fin Strap Reviews Spare / Replacement Jet Fin Strap

Reviewer: Tim

Be sure to order two straps. - The strap is great, only I was having a "dummy" day and only ordered 1 thinking that they were sold as a pair. I was smart enough to wonder why so cheap, but even at 2 very inexpensive. I also overlooked the default shipping and was shocked to see the ship price to Canada, but the Team at fixed this as best as possible for me. That was very impressive for them to go to that trouble. Thanks, Tim.

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit Reviews Save A Dive Kit

Reviewer: Forest Rothchild

Save a dive (and a head ache) - This little box has already be a dive saver for a couple of my buddies. I am Mr. gadget and in my scuba tool box has just about every thing one would need to save a dive. This has mask strap, fin strap, buckles, etc... You cant go wrong, because sooner than later you will need something in this little box. Definitely worth the purchase.

Innovative Grip Tight Spring Fin Strap (Pair) Reviews

Innovative Grip Tight Spring Fin Strap (Pair) Reviews Grip Tight Spring Fin Strap (Pair)

Reviewer: Tim Denton

Back in Business - My old Scubapro Jetfins are still one of my favorite pair of fins and with the addition of the new Innovative Grip Spring Straps they are better than ever. The fit is excellent, and they were extremely easy to install. Scubapro should include these with every pair. Well worth every penny. Took them on a trip last week to St.Lucia and made 8 total dives with them including Supermans Flight at the base of the Peton mountain. Awesome! They are self adjusting with depth so you dont have to worry about them getting lose. One word of advice would be to make sure you get one size smaller than you think you will need. I bought the XL size and they fit perfect on my XXL fins. Do yourself a big favor...View Full Review

Innovative Ez Spring Fin Strap (Pair) Reviews

Innovative Ez Spring Fin Strap (Pair) Reviews Ez Spring Fin Strap (Pair)

Reviewer: Jonathan Z.

Innovative Ez Spring Fin Strap (Pair) Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Ive only used them for a few dives, but so far so good. They seem to be made well, and they definitely make it simpler to put on and off my fins. One of my better buys.

Deep Outdoors Universal Buckle-Less Fin Strap Reviews

Deep Outdoors Universal Buckle-Less Fin Strap Reviews Universal Buckle-Less Fin Strap

Reviewer: Rodolfo Miguel

Easy as pie - I recently purchased two fin straps for my six gill fins and the process was smooth with no hassle what so ever, and the delivery was was quick. I received the right straps that I order real quick and I was out diving without missing a step. Thank you

XS Scuba Power / Jet / Rocket Fin Strap Reviews

XS Scuba Power / Jet / Rocket Fin Strap Reviews Power / Jet / Rocket Fin Strap

Reviewer: joshua h.

Economical functional replacement straps. - Excellent replacement strap for the money. I threw these on an old pair of Aqualung Super Rocket Fins and although they didnt lock in as tight as the originals, probably due to old stretched buckles, they still worked just fine.

Atomic Fins Universal Spring Straps - Pair Reviews

Atomic Fins Universal Spring Straps - Pair Reviews Fins Universal Spring Straps - Pair

Reviewer: william malpass

happy feet - the springs on my fins just were old and worn out, they fell off twice before I ordered the new springs. was very happy when the springs showed up.

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