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Innovative Dry Bag Reviews

Innovative Dry Bag Reviews   Dry Bag

Reviewer: Martin O. on 12/21/2011

A little "cheesey" but for the money, not bad - it is handy to have these inexpensive style bags for trinkettes on the boat. You cant beat the price!

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews   Console Padded Protection Sleeve

Reviewer: Lydia N. on 1/11/2014

padded protection sleeve - OMG..... I wish I had ordered this BEFORE my live aboard trip. Our dive equipment is keapt one beside each other to fill tanks and they are squished in beside each other so there is alot of bumping and banging against the BCDs. I tried to tuck my regs and computer inside the BCD for protection but if I had this sleeve I would have felt much better about protecting it. The sleeve is slightly padded with a pull string that will fit any dive computer and you can tuck it in your BCD or hang it on your station... its a small investment to prevent that nasty scratch mine got!!

Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack Reviews

Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack Reviews   Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack

Reviewer: William K. on 3/18/2014

Keeps it dry - They come in different sizes and the one I bought was to small to carry a lot. Mine was the 6x5x3/4, which was good for my passport, credit card and like items. If i had to do again, the only reason I would not buy is the cost. I would just use a heavy zip lock. It is well made and for what it does, I see where the cost had to go into it. It comes with a shoulder strap and if you must hit the water and cant leave your valuables on shore or boat, like your passport, its a option. "A ziplock wont do that".

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews   Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Ryan Yuen on 5/16/2010

A Bag that depends on the User. - first off: i have a sherwood magnum reg with 3 hoses, the primary reg, bc power-inflate hose for an integrated air, and a sherwood insight compact console. moving onto the bag: - back-outside pocket very tight (for papers only) - console sleeve/protector inside bag, stitched to the backside, one way opening oriented to bottom corner of bag - heavy duty-easy slide zipper (will not slide open) - thick protective outside material - dries easily when wet depending on how your reg is set up may make or break this bag. i had to reconfigure my hose placement to get the reg to fit. before, the first stage was oriented at too much of an angle and the hoses looked stressed. the console... View Full Review

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews   Weight Bag

Reviewer: R Diane Richards on 11/11/2011

I love this weight bag! - i bought one of these about five (or more) years ago and found it helpful for transporting my soft weight on and off boats. i did not do a lot of cold water diving over the last few years and stored this on a patio where it was exposed to the elementsthe bag looked a little faded, but after a good soak and some spider web removal, it really didnt seem any worse for wear (it had been on many a boat deck prior to spending hard time outdoors at my current apartment). point is, this is a very well made product, and when a friend from out of state booked a channel islands trip with me and i offered to loan her some of my weights, i picked up another bag to carry her stash. the price is also... View Full Review

H2O Bodyboard Backpack Bag Reviews

H2O Bodyboard Backpack Bag Reviews   Bodyboard Backpack Bag

Reviewer: Daniel Zapata on 2/13/2014

No era lo que esperaba - Me voy a basar en que un amigo mio tiene el mismo bolso para su bodyboard, a diferencia del que compré, el de mi amigo es acolchonado y la tela es de mejor calidad, es robusto y a simple vista se ve duradero. En cambio el que yo compré parece por decirlo así, una bolsa de plastico, no cumple otra función más que transportar el bosyboard. La tela es muy fina y a los pocos días de uso se comenzó a descoser. No era lo que esperaba.

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews   Weight Carry Bag.

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 12/6/2008

Best weight bag Ive ever seen or used - Its strong with straps that support the bottom of the bag and not just the sides. There are large brass grommets to drain water from the bag. Its large enough to carry weight for a number of people. When our dive club goes out for Open Water training, two bags are enough for 6 divers in fresh water. Tyhe handles are comfortable even when the bag is heavy. A couple of our instructors have used their bags for years and except for a little fading due to sun exposure, the bags are no worse for wear.

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews   Deluxe Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Michael D. on 2/22/2014

nice bag - when looking at outside, it looks small because top is rounded. I am able to fit my octo and some extras all in the bag with a little room left. Some people in earlier reviews, stated that the Velcro straps were nice but I dont see any way they could be used with my equipment. I really like the bag and it is made well with plenty of padding in my opinion.

Oceanic U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mesh Fin Carry Bag Reviews

Oceanic U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mesh Fin Carry Bag Reviews   U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mesh Fin Carry Bag

Reviewer: Timothy L. on 2/10/2014

Great transporting bag - This bag was great for transporting our gear. We walked about 2 miles one day with them on our backs. Only issue is that the strap is a little rough if you wear it without a shirt. Otherwise you can fit fins and all other snorkel gear in the bag. We carried fins, snorkel, mask, sunscreen, and camera in one bag and there was still tons of room.

Deep Outdoors Accessory Organizer Deluxe Padded Protective Case Reviews

Deep Outdoors Accessory Organizer Deluxe Padded Protective Case Reviews   Accessory Organizer Deluxe Padded Protective Case

Reviewer: Nancy H. on 12/25/2012

Made a great stocking stuffer - Was a great present for when you just want something small and still something cool for the divers you know that can always use an extra bag. Id say this bag is big enough to carry some of the smaller tablets, like a mini ipad or samsung tablet. I dont have a regular ipad, but I dont think this will accommodate it. But the case has some padding, and appears to have enough room to carry other knick knacks you might bring with you that you want to keep dry and separate of other things in your dive bag. You can toss your wallet in it plus other stuff cuz its big enough, but its more intended for something mid-size and flat, like a tablet, or if youre trying to keep a standard daytimer dry.

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews   Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: Steven P. on 2/26/2014

Great mask bag - This is a generously sized mask bag so I am sure even the biggest mask will fit. The velcro closure was very well made and rugged. Never once did it come open unintentionally. Everyone aboard our boat loved the side pocket because everyone knew that is where they could find the defog solution. (No more looking around !)

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews   Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Jason G. on 2/19/2014

scuba.coms gift to me for my purchases - "never look a gift horse in the mouth" but had i known of the high quality and value of the scuba deluxe round protective regulator bag i would have gladly bought it. the round bag is sized to perfectly allow for hoses to roll without kinking. thank you, for going the extra fathom.

Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews   Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: Nancy H. on 12/25/2012

Perfect for my mask! - My mask is getting older and Ive been lucky that it hasnt shattered or gotten scratched. But I saw this deal and grabbed this case while I could for the extra protection. It has some padding, but not a lot. NOTE: It will protect it more from scratches than shattering. But the added plus in this case was it came with a small bottle of lens clear... and the case has a little pocket on the side that fits the bottle perfectly. The price was great for the product, and well worth it. even if I ever stop diving, itll be great to toss the snow goggles in too. So you can use it for more than your scuba gear.

XS Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

XS Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews   Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: GUILLERMO RHODIUS CTA 00177 on 7/27/2013

Building strong and practical in use - This bag is very well built, strong, protects well the diving mask, no place when not in use and by my experience is used to store any diving mask in standard sizes. I have a Hollis M1 which is a big mask you have left, it has a strong and secure closure side pocket to store the liquid fog or something small that you want, a good product that is not expensive.

Aqua Sphere Mesh Deck Bag Reviews

Aqua Sphere Mesh Deck Bag Reviews   Mesh Deck Bag

Reviewer: Dennis King on 4/15/2014

just what you need - My fear was the bag would force me to bend down but the handle expands so I was able to use it just fine (I am 6 foot 5 inches tall). Great bag for boat dives, Just throw the whole bag in the tank after the dive.

ScubaPro Compact Dry Bag Reviews

ScubaPro Compact Dry Bag Reviews   Compact Dry Bag

Reviewer: Michael R. on 3/31/2014

Great dry bag a a ridiculously inexpensive price - Wish that I had bought this bag a long time ago for all the times that things got wet while diving from boats. Everything has been kep dry so far. Just remember that this is a dry bag and not a bag that gets used to dive under water with.

Deep Outdoors 50 lbs Mesh Weight Carrier Reviews

Deep Outdoors 50 lbs Mesh Weight Carrier Reviews   50 lbs Mesh Weight Carrier

Reviewer: Mr. Nicholas HERBERT on 12/29/2013

Heavy-duty weights & whatever bag - This is one strong bag indeed. With comfy handles, thoughtful drain hole and generally robust construction, you just know that however many weights are stuffed into it, it wont break... And its ideal for when you have to make the annual coin run to your bank coin-counting office...!

Atomic Mesh Fin Bag Reviews

Atomic Mesh Fin Bag Reviews   Mesh Fin Bag

Reviewer: Jason Griffiths on 4/5/2014

Very good outing bag - I am impressed with the overall quality of this bag. Mesh looks like it may never break down from constant wet/dry conditions and it has a good sized handy pocket. Wheels are sturdy as are handles.

Deep Outdoors Wrist Computer/Watch Deluxe Padded Protective Case Reviews

Deep Outdoors Wrist Computer/Watch Deluxe Padded Protective Case Reviews   Wrist Computer/Watch Deluxe Padded Protective Case

Reviewer: Michael Dyer on 11/19/2013

Nice little bag - This small bag is perfect for my dive watch and usb cable for the watch in the little zippered pocket. Nice soft interior material and quality zippers. The zippers are covered with a silicone type material that I think helps keep it very water resistant. Great bag for a great price... Highly recommended.

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews

Innovative Luggage Tags Reviews   Luggage Tags

Reviewer: Dawn Phillips on 1/14/2009

Dawn - These are very nice tags and my family liked finding them in their stockings.

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