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Innovative Dry Bag Reviews

Innovative Dry Bag Reviews Dry Bag

Reviewer: Martin O.

A little "cheesey" but for the money, not bad - it is handy to have these inexpensive style bags for trinkettes on the boat. You cant beat the price!

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews Console Padded Protection Sleeve

Reviewer: Chris E.

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Whats to say. It was free, it came with the dive computer, its padded. Dont think its waterproof - not that thats an issue since the product it protects is designed to be UNDER water. Just wouldnt want it to be soggy when I pack. But since I dont know, I wont detract from it.

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews

Akona Weight Carry Bag. Reviews Weight Carry Bag.

Reviewer: Bonita Lee

Strong construction and designed well. - This Akona weight bag is rugged and smart looking. It has drain grommets in the bottom and the zipper is heavy duty plastic and pulls easily. The handles have a padded wraparound grip which makes a big difference. Akona designs good gear and this bag shows that.

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Weight Bag Reviews Weight Bag

Reviewer: Debra McCaleb

Finally, a beefy weight bag! - I received this weight bag as a gift and am glad I did. My wife and I dive together and remove our weight pockets after diving. The bag provides a convenient means of storing and transporting ourweight pockets and additional weights...about 45 lbs. total. The heavy duty handles and zipper are perfect and the size is just right for the individual weights AND the assembled pockets. The metal grommets at the bottom ensure good drainage. This item is the perfect solution to a "weighty" problem

Akona Dry Pouch Reviews

Akona Dry Pouch Reviews Dry Pouch

Reviewer: Don Morris

Dry Pouch on Carribean Cruise - i ordered the dry pouch thinking it might be something i could strap on my body if i snorkeled while on the cruise. i dont think that is how the product is intended to be usedhowever, it did it job very well of keeping important things dry while we were on small boats. was glad we had it. don morris from high, dry clay county texas

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag Reviews Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag

Reviewer: KAREN I.

Perfect Size - My husband and I have Scuba Pro regs - Mark IVs.......just loop them loosely in the bag and its perfect. There is enough padding to protect the regs in your dive bag.......would definitely recommend!

Trident Waterproof Alligator Wallet Reviews

Trident Waterproof Alligator Wallet Reviews Waterproof Alligator Wallet

Reviewer: Gary C.

Alligator Wallet - Love these things! Bought a new one for my wife. Small enough and hold my tip $, C Card, and hotel key.

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Ryan Yuen

A Bag that depends on the User. - first off: i have a sherwood magnum reg with 3 hoses, the primary reg, bc power-inflate hose for an integrated air, and a sherwood insight compact console. moving onto the bag: - back-outside pocket very tight (for papers only) - console sleeve/protector inside bag, stitched to the backside, one way opening oriented to bottom corner of bag - heavy duty-easy slide zipper (will not slide open) - thick protective outside material - dries easily when wet depending on how your reg is set up may make or break this bag. i had to reconfigure my hose placement to get the reg to fit. before, the first stage was oriented at too much of an angle and the hoses looked stressed. the console...View Full Review

XS Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

XS Scuba Mask Bag with Defog Reviews Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: Richard Harrison

Great mask - I really enjoyed this mask...the wide view made my diving experiance much more enjoyable.And I really like the mask bag...keeps my new mask from getting scuffed and scratched when its left to bounce around in my gear bag.

Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack Reviews

Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack Reviews Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack

Reviewer: William K.

Keeps it dry - They come in different sizes and the one I bought was to small to carry a lot. Mine was the 6x5x3/4, which was good for my passport, credit card and like items. If i had to do again, the only reason I would not buy is the cost. I would just use a heavy zip lock. It is well made and for what it does, I see where the cost had to go into it. It comes with a shoulder strap and if you must hit the water and cant leave your valuables on shore or boat, like your passport, its a option. "A ziplock wont do that".

H2O Bodyboard Backpack Bag Reviews

H2O Bodyboard Backpack Bag Reviews Bodyboard Backpack Bag


Not what I expected - The TOOBS body board does NOT fit this bag. I had to return the Bodyboard Backpack Bag H2O

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews

Akona Mask Bag with Defog Reviews Mask Bag with Defog

Reviewer: William Gore

Extra mask bag - Plenty of room mask with GoPro mount fits well.

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews

Akona Deluxe Regulator Bag Reviews Deluxe Regulator Bag

Reviewer: John B.

Octopus bag - Work great at protecting my computer and equipment

Innovative Divers Luggage Grip Reviews

Innovative Divers Luggage Grip Reviews Divers Luggage Grip

Reviewer: Tracey Harrington

Good - Received product, happy customer

Mares Cruise Regulator Bag Reviews

Mares Cruise Regulator Bag Reviews Cruise Regulator Bag

Reviewer: MAJ M.

Essential Gear - I had some dive friends say you do and some say you dont need a seperate Reg set bag, I am glad I puchased this bag to keep my reg set seperate from other gear in my dig bag. It is an inexpesive option to prevent damage to my reg set. This particular bag is well made, has a seperate mini bag inside for additional mouthpieces.

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